Thursday, June 12, 2008

I think my counting is off.... really should be 2 days and counting, not three! Two more days and we're out of here. I can't even express what it means to me to be leaving so soon. Trust me when I tell you that this trip will be very good for my battered soul.

Even if it's cold, rainy and miserable up there, I will be ecstatic. It isn't about perfect weather (cuz chances are good it will be cold and rainy), perfect accommodations (cuz sleeping in a wooden cabin with NO amenities is not what I can perfect), or perfect meals (actually, the food up at camp IS pretty near perfect). It's about getting in touch with God again. It's about having my spirit renewed again so that I am able to remember with fondness and joy why I chose this path as a Christian woman in the first place. There is no other path out there for me. It is NOT the easiest path I could have chosen. But it is the path with the greatest rewards, eternally speaking.

Today's card is one I made this past weekend. I tried something a little out of the ordinary for me as you can see. I used my rectangle Nestabilities to make a window in the front of the card. I colored and paper pieced Sassy Suzi and then mounted her INSIDE the card, so she shows through the window. I placed the first sentiment on the same panel as Sassy Suzi, and then placed the second sentiment inside the card, out of view of the window. Here's what it looks like inside....

I tied a few colorful ribbons around the side of the window and cut a scalloped frame using Nestabilities that I placed around the window opening.

I really like how the card turned out and I love the colors! It's so cheerful. And don'tcha just love her hippy striped pants? Groovy!

So, are you ready to see a few more camp pics? The first one is a picture of my hubby (in the middle), Mike (on the left, my hubby's best friend), and Pat (on the right). They are all complete jokesters. They are leading "calisthenics" after morning chapel service a few years ago. Right after chapel, we walk out the doors and up to the flag pole. It is here we sing "God Bless America", with our hands on our hearts and then a few warm up exercises to get the blood flowing for the day. When these three yahoos got picked to lead calisthenics, they stood up in front of us all, their arms stretched out wide....and promptly told us to make great big circles....with our fingers!!!! You can see their little fingers pointing at the end of their arms! That was it for morning calisthenics!!! LOL. After that, everyone races for the mess hall for breakfast!
This second picture is of my family on the night we play Family Fued! The camp staff leads the game show, and different families are called up to compete against each other. They ask us questions like "who is the most hard working family up here this week", and/or, "which family has the most trouble getting to chapel on time?", and "who keeps the messiest cabin?" Earlier in the week, we vote on these types of questions. The camp staff compiles all the information, and that's how the game is born. It is SOOOOOO much fun, we really have a blast watching and playing!

Well, I've got to run. This post has taken me HOURS to write because I've had so many interruptions!



  1. I love this card! Those pants are too cute and the layout is TDF!!! So glad your getting some much needed rejuvenation soon! You are so very deserving of this get-away!

  2. I notice you channeled your blog design when you made this card - didja notice??? I love that Doodlebug paper and love your card. I'm green with envy over your upcoming trip - I need some renewal these days. Hugs and prayers!

  3. love the card and its design with the little ribbons on the side, and love that you're going to be getting away...and soon! are you going to be posting while you're there? i'm guessing not, since camps aren't usually known for having great wi-fi hot spots! have a great great great time!

  4. I must admit, Amy, Susie is really stylin' in those striped pants! I love this card. I won't buy Sassy Susie, 'cause she's not up my alley, (and she's in a mini catty) but you almost convinced me with this card! Very, very cute.

    p.s. I agree. Retreat is so very important and refreshing for each and every one of us...if we'll just admit it and take time away from real life once and awhile!

  5. Very cute card Amy, I love the window!

  6. Hey Amy! Love this. Especially, of course, the opening with image inside.


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