Monday, June 23, 2008

So I Lied....

I couldn't get anything posted yesterday! Ack!!!! I don't like being so busy, do you? I can't imagine many people like being too busy. I'm sure there are some of you out there that LOOOOOVE being so busy, but I for one do not:)!

Anyways, Sunday was somewhat mellow later in the day, but we did have a baseball game and I did have to bring Oldest Son to church to get on the bus to go BACK up to COP! This week is High League Summer Starter, where all the high school kids from church head up to camp for a fun week. When we got to church Sunday afternoon, we saw many of the same kids/parents we just spent Family Work Week with! All of us parents wanted to sneak on the buses so we could go back too, LOL!

Anyways, as promised, here's a little something to show you! The layout on the card started out as Taylor's most recent sketch, but I quickly derailed that idea--I just couldn't make it work. So, I went with what felt good, and this is what I ended up with! Don't you love the colors? Purple and pink! Yummy!

Well, you all probably know that I'm not a very "cutesy" stamper....I can't say why I'm not a cutesy stamper, it's just the way it is. When I get cutesy stamps in my hands it's like my brain freezes up and I'm not able to come up with any ideas how to use them! But when I received this "Bubbly" clear stamp set from Penny Black (you can get a set for yourself at Stamper's Dream) I was up for the challenge. Remember, if you're not uncomfortable, you're not growing. Stamping something cutsey definitely made me uncomfortable, LOL!!!

But, oh, isn't this little orange tabby the cutest thing in the world? I just had to color the little guy orange because that's the kind of cats we had growing up (my Mom still LOVES orange tabby's!) The paper was my inspiration (Fisker's Royal Dots), so I chose my Copic markers based on the colors in the paper. I could just squeal with delight on how this card turned out! I'm so thankful Michelle (Stamper's Dream) challenged me (not intentionally) to step out of my comfort zone for a minute or two and be uncomfortable. All the images in the set are uber adorable, and I can't wait to give another one of them a try. These images are great to practice coloring with your Copics too!

Well, it's time to sign off for the day. I hope all of you are still hanging with me even though I've been gone for so long and haven't posted many cards. I am actually having such a hard time creating cards these days. Like I said before, the mojo is gone and I am having trouble doing anything easily. I sure hope it finds its way back to me soon otherwise eye candy on this blog will cease to exist! I feel like nothing I am doing is original, and honestly, it's like my brain really does freeze up every time I sit in front of my stamping desk. What's a girl to do? Pray like the dickens, I think!



  1. LOVE the card, colors and stamp!! You did a GREAT job!!!You do great 'cutesy'!!!

  2. I love your cutesy card!! LOL It's awesome!!

  3. I don't know WHY you think you don't do cute! This card is simply adorable! And I'm loving those gorgeous colors you chose!

  4. You did a fabulous job with you cutesy card- the colors make it! By the way I have enjoyed you posts about your retreat. How fun, thanks for sharing.

  5. asela6:28 AM

    Amy, are you kidding? You do the cutest cutesy card I've ever seen...Love it!

  6. It's a very cute "cutesy" card, and I really like the colors. Welcome back, and good luck finding your mojo! (Although, after seeing this card, who could believe it's gone!)

  7. This is absolutely adorable! You do cutesy very well! I love the colors, the layout and your coloring is just fabulous. I LOVE this card!!!


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