Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just one more day....

If you can hold on one more day, I'll have something to share "card-wise" with you guys again tomorrow, I promise!

Yesterday was a busy day (laundry, grocery shopping, baseball tournament game, putting "vacation stuff" away) and today is as well (design team commitments, baseball game, niece's graduation party), so I don't have any time to take photos of the few cards I have managed to make in-between all these obligations! But the good news is, tomorrow is stacking up to be a day I can play in my stamp room!! Woo-hoo!

In the meantime, here are just a few more pictures of our trip up to Cathedral of the Pines. I know you're probably sick of seeing them, but it's all I got, bear with me!

This is a picture of the cabin we stayed in this year. The name of the cabin is Hickory (all the cabins are named after trees). There are two cabins in each building, so we were next to Elder.

Each cabin has 6 bunks and one counselor bed. There's electricity and that's about it! We love the little decks on the cabin....we bring our little baseball chairs and sit out there after we were done working each day. Hubby and buddies sat out there before chapel everyday having a cup of coffee!

This is a picture of the cross at the chapel. A perennial garden sits at the base of it, but it's just huge! I had never taken a picture of it from this angle before, so this shot was an experiment!

And finally, the last picture is just a shot overlooking the main area of camp. The big building in the back of the picture is the lodge, where we eat and gather in the evenings to play games and eat snacks. It's a beautiful building!

Well, I've got to run now to the baseball game. Have a great day, and I promise, I'll be back with something stamp-related tomorrow!



  1. Gods Light sure does shine down on this beautful place.

  2. i really feel as though your blogging about COP wouldn't be the same if there WEREN'T pictures, so i'm glad you post them!

    sounds like this place would be best enjoyed with friends. still, i think it would be a fun place to visit.

  3. Welcome home. I lvoe seeing the photos so I can get a real feel for the place you so beautifully and cheerfully talk about. It looks as peaceful as it sounds. I would love to do something like that! What a blessing for you and your family Amy!!!


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