Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shadow Box Card

Hey, have I already shown you this card? I can't remember. I know I uploaded it to the Verve blog a while back, but I'm blanking on whether or not I've written about it here. Oh well, forgive me if you've seen this peeps! You might just have to look at it again.....

Cammie got me started making these shadowbox cards a month or so ago....I love them! This was actually the very first shadowbox I ever made, and I have to say, it was pretty easy. I used K & Co designer paper (Berry Sweet Collection) for the box, and the butterfly stamps are from Fluttering By, one of Verve's newest stamp sets, released a week ago tomorrow.

Nestabilites make cutting out the window part of the box so easy. Just lay your die down on top of the paper, roll it through the Cuttlebug and you have yourself a window! The scallop frame was made but using a scallop Nestability die and then putting a smalling regular rectangle die inside the scallop to cut out the middle. Don't know if I explained that very well....directions aren't my strong suit!

The sentiment is from Verve as well, from the new set called Petals & Stems. I cut it out using my oval punch and then matted it on a scrap of coordinating designer paper and cut it out using decorative scissors.

So yesterday was my last BSF class for the year! What an 8 months it's been. I was invited into leadership on 8/31 of last year, on 9/17 Doug lost his job, and on 9/26 my MIL passed away. Almost from our very first leadership meeting, we have been dealing with heartache in some way, shape and form. We had our final leaders meeting this past Tuesday morning. It was a breakfast at the home of one of the other leaders. We gathered for food and fellowship and it really was wonderful. I had prayed in the few weeks prior to our breakfast that God would bless Doug with a job so I could close out the BSF year telling my fellow Discussion Leaders at this breakfast that God had answered our prayers and blessed Doug with a new job! Well, you've heard it before I'm sure, that if you want to see God laugh, tell him your plans! I'm sure he was having a big ol' belly laugh at this little plan I had hatched up in my mind!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sit at this breakfast Tuesday and tell my fellow DL's that God had blessed Doug with a job, but I was able to tell them what God HAS done for me through the study of Matthew this year....

  • I have learned what it means to be utterly dependant on God. I would not be here today, in as good of spirits as I'm in and with as much hope as I have without the strength and grace of Jesus Christ. He has truely equipped me through the study of Matthew to trust in Him and in his sovereign plan for our lives. We don't know what those plans are, He hasn't fully revealed them to us yet, but we are trusting His plan is the best plan.
  • I have learned that obedience to His will is never easy or convienent. I'd be fooling you if I told you this walk has been easy, that I've had 100% trust every step of the way. But I haven't. I've tried to hijack the wheel so many times over these past 8 months only to find myself lost and alone and overwhelmed. Because of this, I have learned that it is only in my weakness that God is fully able to show me his strength and power in my life. He has lifted me up and carried me each and every time I tried to carry myself. Allowing myself to be weak was key to becoming strong through Christ.
  • Through Matthew 6:24-35, I have learned that if I seek the Kingdom of God and live righteously through Him, He will give me everything I need. Worry does not add a single day to my life. And if God so cared for the birds and wildflowers, how much more will He care for me? In my obedience to Him, He has blessed me more than words here can convey. Through the prayers, encouragement of love of my BSF leadership group, and also through all of YOU, God has shown His love for me. He is ever faithful. He has held me up through the dark days. He has provided for our every need. And I give Him all the thanks.

On the cancer front, we found out yesterday that there has been some shrinkage in the tumor in Ken's skull, and that it hasn't penetrated the brain yet! Praise God. These were the test results from the MRI he had a week ago Thursday. Tomorrow, they meet with their oncologist to go over the test results from the CT scan. Pray for more good news. Ken is actually feeling good and is experiencing less pain. The meds are kicking in and are being managed well. It's nice to have good news for a change!

Well, I think I've talked your ear off long enough today. Sorry for rambling, but I really felt moved to share with you about what I've learned in BSF this year. It really has been a blessing in my life!




  1. wow amy! this is gorgeous! my 1 year old was on my lap looking with me and when this popped up he pointed and said "oooohhhhh" as a deep inhale. it's pretty hilarious when he does it but it always means "oh my gosh - that is soooo coool mom!!"

    and i agree! love the bright colors!!

  2. Hallelujah!!!
    What a testimony of the faithfulness of God. Your TRUSTING will touch your boys and friends around you. God may not have given a job to your Husband but He has given you a job of testimony of His Mercy

  3. Having read on Lauren Meader's blog what a tough time she is having with her daughter ahving just got through chemo I was wondering what news from you guys. I arrived on your blog and there was the news - it is good to hear your prayers are being answered for health for your brother even if the job situ isn't too grand. Hang in there! Love Janine

  4. the card is great and no, we haven't seen it before! i love shadow box cards too, but don't make them enough.

    i'm glad you responded to the urging to share what you've learned. now you have it in writing and can go back to it when you need to and we got to hear of God's goodness to you through all this. life certainly is a journey...

    good to hear about ken too.

  5. This is also a testimony of how important regular group Bible study is in a woman's life, too, Amy. I don't know where I would be today without my Bible study groups and my prayer partners. My relationships with them and study of His Word is how God has largely developed my faith and trust in Him. Amazing testimony and such good news about Ken, too. Doug's job is on it's way, too. We're trusting in God's character and He is our abundant Provider!

    Bless You,

  6. Thanks for sharing about your Bible Study this year. I miss BSF. I'm going to try to go next year. I need to figure out where the closest one is to me. I was a DL in Michigan.
    Your cards are aways so bright and cheerful! ...and beautiful!

  7. I haven't seen this card yet! Beautiful!!!
    You are an inspiration Amy....I wish I had half of your glad you have gotten some good news....more to come I am sure!

  8. Three cheers for shrinkage! Hip, hip, HOORAY!

  9. Three cheers for shrinkage! Hip, hip, HOORAY!

  10. Amy, thanks so much for sharing what you've gotten from the Matthew study this year! You've inspired me to gather my thoughts and post them to my blog this weekend. It'll be a great way to distill it so it "sticks" in my mind when I'm off on other studies.

    PS God is planning the PERFECT place for Doug, and I can't wait to rejoice when you guys find out what it is!!

  11. i'm so glad to hear that ken's tumor is reacting favorably to treatment! these pictures are gorgeous and i hope your camera makes it safely home from the "horse-pistol" (Texan for hospital)!!! hugs!

  12. Your card is new to me. It looks great. I'm glad to hear that your family has some good news.

  13. Amy, this card is so delightful. I love shadowbox cards. So glad to hear the news about Ken. I'm so inspired by how honest and faithful you are in your walk with God. Tough lessons to learn, but your words speak to many hearts. HUGS!

  14. Love the shadowbox, Amy--beautiful! I'm glad to hear that the tumor is shrinking as well.


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