Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sending Love

Here is a card I made back in March when I went away to a cabin for a girls getaway. The cabin is just outside of Danbury, WI, and it is the cabin of our friends Joe and Lue. It's a sweet little cabin that I love going up to when it's time for an escape (Hi to Lue if you're reading this, are you ready for another "escape" yet????).

Since I can't take any pictures this week of my new cards, the next best thing is "old" cards, right? Let's keep our fingers crossed my camera is back either tomorrow or Thursday. I dropped it off on Friday, and they said it comes back pretty quick, within 3-5 days. With the holiday thrown in for good measure, I think Friday is the more likely scenario as opposed to tomorrow or Thursday. Oh well.

So, what did all of you do this holiday weekend? Did many of you road trip somewhere? With gas prices where they are, I'm sure some of you opted to stay home instead of travel. I have to say, it was a wonderful weekend! For the most part, it was a lazy, stay-at-home weekend, and I love that!

Saturday was spent at my FIL's, Sunday was spent with friends (thanks Sue, we had a great time with you guys on Sunday....great food, great friendship!), and yesterday was spent doing NOTHING! Woo-hoo! I love nothing days!

The only thing I did was meet Kathie (my SIL's friend from VA), who was in town for the holiday weekend. Kathie actually lives in Fairfax, VA, but is originally from this area and has a daughter that lives here and has a cabin here in Park Rapids, MN. They recently remodeled their cabin. Kathie and her husband are do-it-yourselfers and had a boatload of stuff stored up in Fairfax that they needed to get to the cabin. So they rented a 27 foot truck, stuffed it to the gills, and drove to MN to bring the stuff to the cabin! They first stopped at their daughter's house (Amanda) to drop some fun stuff off for her too. ANYWAYS, when I was there a few weeks ago, we went junkin', cuz Kathie is an amazing junker', and I bought some really cheap stuff. She offered to throw my stuff in their truck and bring it back to MN for me! So yesterday was delivery day!!!!! Seriously, I wish Ihad my camera so you could see what I bought. The most exciting thing I bought in VA is a chest of drawers that I plan on turning into a potting bench. It is a JUNKY chest of drawers (please don't panic thinking that I'm taking a nice dresser and turning it into a potting bench!) that I am going to paint and put on my deck so I can pot my plants at it! Seriously, if it rots in the rain in 1o years, I will still have gotten my money's worth....it was only 10 bucks! I will take a picture of it after I paint it ok? Another amazing find was a little antique foot rest....it is carved mahogony with a needle point covering...in the colors of my family room! Get this, I snagged it for only $5!!!!! I will get a shot of that too once my camera is home from the hospital.....

Well, today I've got some freelance stuff I need to work on. I got some cards stamped this weekend, but not much. I seriously am lacking mojo, does anyone have some to spare? I need to get my stash built up, I have NOTHING! So, I am hoping today to get some stamping done toward that goal. I hope you have a great day today peeps!



  1. Can't wait to see your new potting bench creation, Amy!

    I've been kind of out of the stamping loop (lost ALL of my mojo for awhile), but I feel like it's coming back, so have some of mine! lol

    I see there are new Cuttlebug embossing folders. Need to update my collection!

  2. Beautiful card, Amy! Hope your camera gets better soon. I'm with you on needing to find some stamping time.

  3. Gorgeous card, Amy! I want that Cuttlebug template soooooo bad, but it's back ordered. Your cards are so pretty. I love your blog. CHEERS! :)

  4. First, thanks for sending me to Anna's blog for picture/typepad issues! Second, love the card. Love all your stuff!

  5. this is so pretty and really has a vintage feel to it! i love it!!
    can't wait to see the chest of drawers! i love repurposed items!!

  6. What a sweet card Amy! I am still waiting on the Swiss Dot embossing folder! I have a few panels that my friend embossed for me and I love it! It is so fresh and pretty! And it is perfect on this card too!


  7. Amy what a gorgeous card, i love lilac and lime, the combination is so beautiful, and here on your card it has worked so well, it's beautiful... Crafty hugs Tina x


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