Monday, April 07, 2008

Precious Bunny

I'm not much for stamping animals, but these new stamps by Asela Hopkins (for CHF) have converted me! Is this little bunny not the most adorable thing ever?

I colored him with my Copics, but I'm tellin ya, I need lots of help learning how to color properly with these things. It's hard to make grey exciting, KWIM? But, I think I managed to get a little shading/dimension on the bunny, so I'm happy overall with how this card turned out.

Again, the paper is some I borrowed from my friend when we went to her cabin. I have no idea who makes it, sorry. Grey and yellow are two colors I don't use very much (I take that back, I do use So Saffron quite a bit, which is the yellow I used on this card), so it was a stretch for me creatively, especially working with the grey. The layout was super fun and I plan on using it again sometime soon!

I want to share a few pics that I took of Youngest Son and Only Dog this weekend--it's been so long since I snapped pictures of someting other than a card! I miss it. If it ever gets nice again here (it was 60 on Saturday but this morning I saw a few dreaded snowflakes falling from the sky), I want to get outside and start snapping away. I love taking pictures of my family and of God's beautiful earth, but it's a little hard this time of year in MN. Either the scenery is dull, dirty and grey, or your camera freezes up from extreme cold!

For some reason, Youngest Son got into posing for me for a change. When I first started snapping away at him, he was reluctant and uncooperative....sound familiar? Then he did a complete 180 and started posing for me, naturally!It was like he turned into a model! Very strange indeed! I bet that won't happen again for a long time!

Only Dog usually turns his head when I'm shoving the camera in his face. He definitely knows what I'm doing and most of the time, he wants no part of my escapades. But, as luck may have it, he wasn't quite at the top of his avoidance game Saturday and I was able to get this precious shot of him looking at me! Ah-ha! Gotcha Copper!!! Isn't he sweet? I love this dog!!! He's such a good boy......

Well, it's time for me to get busy with my day. I've got to make some more allergy shot appointments for myself, I've got a business lunch at 12 with some of my radio reps, and then I've got to work on my BSF homiletics for leaders meeting tomorrow morning. Tonight I plan on going to a seminar at my son's high school about navigating college (admissions, entrance requirements, scholarships, financial aid, etc). Should be very interesting!

Have a great day!


  1. Very sweet card. I love hanging tag sentiments. And speaking of sweet...LOOK AT THOSE FACES.

  2. Your card is so cute. And, awwww. What a handsome some and adorable doggy.

  3. What cute dog Amy! What breed is it?

  4. This is so sweet! I love this image, as I do so many of CHFs (my budget requires that I pace myself)! The biggest thing about Copics I have found is practice, practice, practice (still do not consider myself as having master them) but the good thing is- the practice is loads of fun! Wishing you a blessed week, Amy! I get to go to a stamping retreat this weekend!!!!!!

  5. Amy, I love your card--such a sweet bunny! But I have to say that the picture of your son is even sweeter--what a great moment to capture!

  6. Very cute card and wonderful photos. If my 19 year old ever posed for me I think I would drop my camera. He usually hides under his hat. LOL Joan

  7. Cute card - and I love the layout. Copper is so adorable. Makes me ALMOST think I could be a dog lover, too. ;)

  8. Cute card!!! Your son is such a handsome boy! And your dog has the cutest puppy face!

  9. What a sweet card! Fantastic photo of your son, and your doggie is very cute!


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