Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Prayer Journal

By the time you read this it will be after 8am Wednedsay morning, but right now, as I type it, it's only 2:50am. My nose is SO plugged from what appears to be allergies, that I couldn't sleep laying down anymore. So, I'm trying the standing-up version of sleeping, only my sinuses still aren't draining. My eyes are overflowing with water, and my nose/skin hurts from blowing. After I did the nasal rinse last night, I decided to go to bed because it hurt too much to stay away and sneeze all the time. I would have thought the nasal rinse would have cleared things up, but instead, I think it made things WORSE, although I don't know how that could be. After I did the nasal rinse both nostrils plugged up. I am hoping and praying these sinuses get better before I have to head to BSF this morning.

I just thought I'd share a quick prayer book that I made for someone who requested two. This is one of them I made. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and I'm hoping the person I made it for likes it too (that would be you Ann L.!!!!). Of course, I love the papers I used on the journal (My Minds Eye/Confetti Collection) and want to keep it for myself! These little journals are so much work, don't you think? They're putzy. And as I'm typing this, I just realized I forgot to put ribbon on the coils, but I don't think it really needs any ribbon. What do you think? I'll have to think about it. I certainly have the time to think about it while since I'm up at 3am, don't I? I'm hoping to head back to bed soon, but these darn sinuses will just not drain!

Well, since I've got the time, I just wanted to give you the heads up about a few things happening at Verve this week! On Wednesday (that's today I guess), the sneak peeks are starting for the new Verve sets that will be released this coming Friday! Woo-hoo! And guess what? Julee's giving you the chance to win one of the new sets (there are two). The deets on how you can win will be on the Verve blog this morning!

On a separate Verve note, if you are looking to add Anniversary Birds and Thankful Blossoms to your Verve stamp collection, they are back in stock! Head over to the Verve store and buy yours today!


  1. The prayer journal is beautiful just the way it is. Great job Amy! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Wow! I love this. The colors are great. My work mate and I listen to Christian radio and are always trying to keep track of name on the prayer list. Maybe I should make us one of these.

  3. What a beautiful prayer journal. Your work is just wonderful. Iknow how you are feeling with the spring allergies. I really don't do to well when everthing is blooming and blowing. I love spring and all the beauty, but my nose and lungs do not. I hope you are feeling better.


  4. beautiful prayer journal...very uplifting. Great job! Hope your nose gets unstuffy soon!

  5. Here's another vote for leaving the journal as is! So pretty! I'm sorry you're so sick with the sinus problems - my daughter missed BSF today for the same reason (she's a Childrens' Leader) - sounds like you two have the same thing! I've been taking my grandson to school for the past two days so she can try to rest, but the medication she's taking won't let her sleep. Hopefully she'll be so tired tonight, she'll zonk out anyway! Get well soon!!!

  6. The prayer journal is gorgeous!

    I use the Neti pot with good success, but can't use it right before I go to bed at night. It seems like some of the saline gets backed up in my sinuses if I lay down right after using it. It may just be me though as I've had several sinus surgeries over the years.

    Feel better soon. : )

  7. Your prayer journal is just GORGEOUS, Amy!!

  8. Such a beautiful journal, Amy! I hope that you are feeling better by now.


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