Thursday, March 06, 2008

Listen Honey.....

I love this stamp! I am CLINGING to the truth of this sentiment with every last ounce of my being!

It's true, He didn't ever promise it would be easy. And I'm living proof of that at this stage of my life. So are many of you. Struggles abound amongst us, don't they? Everyone has them, some worse than others. We each experience troubles in different seasons of our lives, and this just happens to be my season (or seasons). Maybe it's yours too.

The good news is in the end, our troubles will have been worth it. We will emerge from them stronger, wiser, and hopefully, closer to God. The one thing I am 100% sure of is that I have grown immensely in my faith over the past year. I am stronger, at least for today. And that's all we need to ask from God. Strength for today. And today only!

For those of you who asked about my Mom, she is ok!!!! She ended up having 2 more stents put in. The bad news is, the surgeon is not 100% sure the stents are going to do the trick. He was rather puzzled by the whole thing for some reason. The damage or blockage in her arteries wasn't TERRIBLE, and he's not convinced these moderate blockages are what's causing her problems (tired, difficulty breathing). He is ordering a CAT scan for her lungs to see if there might be some clots causing her breathing problems. The good news is that he's not going to make her wait a full year to have her hip replaced. Last August when she had the first stents put in, he said NO SURGERY for one year. She is in AGONY from the hip pain, and this seriously depressed her due to the chronic pain she would have to endure for a year. We were afraid when she had these new stents put in that he'd make her wait another year for surgery, but he's NOT! Yippee! She can have her hip replaced in August, which is when her original year wait is up. Praise God!

As far as this little card is concerned, it was SO fun to make! I found the stamp at Hobby Lobby last weekend. I paper pieced the dress, and then colored the rest of her in using Copics. The designer paper is Basic Grey/Two Scoops. I outlined her whole body with a Stardust gel pen. She's a sparklin' beauty!

Today I have a meeting in the offices of the man I do freelancing buying for. That's at 1030am and will only last a few hours. Hubby is on the road engineering some NCAA basketball games for the MN Gophers. He won't be back until Saturday evening. The boys and I will just be hangin' out chillin' until he gets back.



  1. Amy, I can see the strength you've gained this year! When I read your post, I immediately thought of question 4 on our BSF lesson this week! The verses we were asked to look up fit perfectly: "It is commendable if man bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because he is conscious of God". & "Don't be surprised by painful trials you suffer as if something strange were happening to you - rejoice instead - you'll be overjoyed when Christ's glory is revealed!" (notice that these are Peggy's Paraphrases - Ha!) You've learned to "bear up" under those sufferings & have begun to see the benefits of "rejoicing instead". Have a blessed day my Sister in Christ!!!

  2. What a fabulous stamp - and ALL too true. Love the card and the fun cheery colors. Glad your mom is doing better. It's so unsettling to sense uncertainty in doctors, but good news that they can still operate in August and releave some of her pain.

  3. barb hendrickson7:40 PM

    Very good news for your mom. Praise God. My hubby's grandma had her hip replaced about 20 years ago and has never looked back! Those bionic hips are really worth it! ;)

    I love this card. I have never picked up one of those types of stamps from HL because I just never knew what to do with them, but I do now, sister! Thanks for the never-ending inspiration.


  4. Have you heard that Rita Springer song "It's gonna be Worth it" ?? If not, get it!! NOW!

  5. Cute card, Amy! I'm also glad to hear your Mom is going to be ok! Hugs & prayers!

  6. Cute. Love the polka dotted dress and her perfect shadow.

  7. I love this card! I adore those gym shoes! Glad to hear there was good news!

  8. Amy, you so inspire me. You are a true optimist and it's clear that your faith sustains you. I am so on the same path as you with trials in my life right now. Thank you for your post "today". I too have this stamp and plan to use it this week. Bless you always and my thanks to you, today. P.S. I'm happy about the good news for your mom.

  9. Anonymous8:03 AM

    I just had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago and my sister fixed a basket of goodies and this framed print was on top. I took it to the hospital with me and had loads of compliments. It sure helped the recovery.


  10. Anonymous2:42 PM

    This is a perfect stamp and I love this card. I went through a few years of absolute despair with a daughter who was heavily into drugs and alcohol. I went through counselling sessions with her, detox programs (more than once) with her and many many many sleepless nights wondering where she was and if she was still alive. I had panic attacks over her, my marriage was almost destroyed and I felt as though she had literally pulled me into a black hole. If it weren't for the power of prayer, and the faithful people who daily held her up to God, I would be a nutcase today!!! But there it was, the light at the end of the tunnel, it was faint, but halleluia it was a light!! Today, my daughter holds down a full time job, she has a beautiful 3 bedroom duplex, she is off the heavy drugs and alcohol and I see her step by step getting stronger and more healthier and more beautiful. I look at the growth in my own life because of it and know I would not be this woman today if it weren't for all that sandpapering. Amy when you are going through it, its hard to see past it. But it will pass! Because of Gods unfailing grace, it will pass!

  11. I LOVE this card and stamp! Could you please email me with the company that makes this stamp?? I don't have a HL anywhere near THANKS A BUNCH!!

  12. Hugs and prayers for your mom and you and your family. I know you have had a very trying year--you will overcome all of these difficulties and be so much stronger--in spirit, and in faith.

    Hugs girl!

    Love this card....the coloring is perfect and i love the sewing and fun accents!

  13. I love, love, love your blog! This is so fabulous! This stamp is adorable and your card is so beautiful! I can't wait to come back and see more! Thanks for sharing!


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