Monday, February 25, 2008

Watercoloring Pears

Well, it's Monday again. Back to the rat race. I didn't have any time to stamp this past week and it's wore me down!

Like most of you, I stamp to release tension and stress. Where is all of my tension and stress going if it's not getting released stamping? I think it's settled in my neck and head!!!! LOL. Today I have a quick dr. appt. and then I'm hoping to put some ink to paper...finally!

How was everyone's weekend? Did you get alot done? I didn't get anything done since we had basketball all weekend. I didn't even take any pictures over the weekend because on Saturday I forgot my battery at home, and on Sunday, I shot a few videos of the game instead.

Anyway, enough whining, right? You are thinking to yourself, 'girl, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and quit whining!' I was thinking that too, so no need for all of you gals to think it too. Enough is enough!

Onto to today's card. I absolutely love this new SU set! I love to watercolor, and this set is perfect for that. The elements all look great together, yet each stamp looks fabulous on it's own too. I loved how I used the berry branches right along with the pear on the main image. And I used the flower stamp in the set for the main background, which I stamped directly onto a piece of Old Olive cardstock. The edges of the card were distressed and darkened using more Old Olive ink.

I used watercolor crayons to color the main image. On the pear I used a combination of a few different shades of green and some gold too. I was trying to achieve making the pear look like it was well into the process of ripening. I'm not that great at watercoloring, but for this card, I thought I did ok. I love the dimension that shading brings to an image. If I ever hope to buy Copic markers, I had better practice up on my coloring!

This weekend we will be traveling to Rochester, MN for Youngest Son's basketball tournament. I know they have a Hobby Lobby there, so I am hoping they will have some Copics on hand that I can buy so I can give them a try finally. Does anyone reading my blog live in Rochester? If so, can you let me know if the HL there sells Copics? Also, are there any other scrapbook/stamp stores that are still open in that area that I need to go to? Please leave me a comment with names/locations if you know of something.

Also, can someone tell me where they buy cd cases to store their clear stamps? I have purchased them before at Target, but they are the ones designed to hold a cd. Is that what all of you use too? Please let me know!

Have a great day!



  1. I love your card design!! Great job!!!

  2. Hi Amy! Hope you have a great trip to HL! The closest one to us is far... they're building one a mere 291 miles from us that'll open in 2008. *sigh*

    The CD cases can be purchased at Sunday International ( ). They're the manufacturer's of EZ Mount.

    HTH & Best Wishes!

  3. Cindy H.10:15 AM

    Gorgeous card! I think you did great watercoloring!

    I can't help with your trip to Rochester but I buy the cd jewel cases (not the thin ones)and remove the black insert that hold the cd's then put my clear stamps inside on both sides. I've purchased mine at Staples office supply store. HTH

  4. Hi Amy, I'm not sure about the Hobby Lobby but I just got a case of CD boxes at Staples. Carful not to get the colored ones, the middle of those doesn't come out. Have fun on your trip. I only have 7 copic markers, from HL, I'm putting in an order for more later this week.

    Jannette D.

  5. This is beautiful!! I love it!
    Oh, and CD cases... I got a whole slew of the regular sized ones at Office Max or Depot or something like that, and yes, they have the CD insert. I just pull it out. :)

  6. This is wonderful! I love the colors and your watercoloring looks great! I think you have just sold me on that stamp set (I'd been eyeing it for a while)! Hope you make it to HL. I love my Copics and considered the colorless blender a great investment!

  7. Anonymous11:24 AM

    You can use the cases that CDs come in, just pop out the piece that makes it a CD holder and you'll have a stamp case. I used my paper piercer inserted in center where CD snaps down. I got mine at Walmart.

  8. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Great card.
    I pop in here from time to time. Anyway, someone told me they buy their CD's a big lots recently... fyi. I am not sure if you have a Big Lots up there, but just in case.

  9. Karolyn L.11:48 AM

    Hi Amy! Love the card. I get my CD cases at Walmart - I just pull that plastic insert out and throw it away (I know, Al Gore would cringe). I also use clear DVD cases for stamp storage, and they work great! I get them here: They provide wonderful service. Hope this helps!

  10. I purchase my original style cd cases at office max or office depot. I cant remember which. It might not be the cheapest price, but I didnt have to run around from store to store looking for them, or wait for them to be delivered from an online purchase.
    When you plan your trip to hobby lobby, keep in mind that they are closed on Sun. I didnt know that, and missed my opportunity to visit the store. (I was going to the mankato location, but their website says its all the stores)

  11. Julie Brooks7:31 PM

    I buy my CD cases at Walmart and just pop out the part that holds the CD. :) Hope this helps.
    I LOVE your card!!!

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  13. Oh my goodness! The colors in that pear are outstanding. And, yes, I just use the regular CD cases that I buy at Walmart.

  14. Gorgeous card, Amy. And that watercoloring isn't too shabby either. Am I just imagining it or is there no dp on this card? lol

  15. Laura9:28 PM

    Beautiful! Love your combining of the images...and gorgeous rich colours!

  16. Love your card Amy, so very pretty!

  17. This is gorgeous, and your coloring looks beautiful!!

  18. A very beautiful card - I love your blog; it's so inspirational. Thanks for sharing from your heart.

  19. I bet you could find a great deal on a bunch of jewel cases online!!!!!!!!

    Here are some GREAT prices!

    Even CHEAPER!!

  20. Holy cow this is an amazing card. It would be great for an upcoming Varks challenge.


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