Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Triumph Tuesday Back Next Week!

I am getting low on cards that I can share with you because I've hardly stamped!!! I did manage to get one card made today (it took me all day because I never sat still for more than 30 minutes at any time), but it's for the upcoming new Verve stamp release so I can't show you! Boo-hoo! But the good news is, sneak peeks start this weekend on the Verve blog, I think, so you don't have to wait very long to see what Julee's cooked up for you this month! I assure you, you are gonna love them! I am having lots and lots of fun coming up with samples!

In the meantime, here is a SUPERDUPEREASYPEAZY card that I made a few weeks ago, using the new SU scallops set. I don't even remember the name of it, and I'm too lazy to get up out of my chair and walk over to my stamps to find out the name. I'm sure all of you guys know which one I'm talking about!

This is about all the eye candy and chit chattin' I can do right now because it's my BSF day, so I'm off to get ready for the morning. The hubby is heading out for a freelance engineering trip for men's Gopher basketball later today. He'll only be gone for a day, so I'm cool with that. It will be nice to have some silence around here for a change!

I know today was supposed to be Triumph Tuesday, but I'm not triumphing over much these days. I need to get my thoughts together soon on my 2008 goals and come up with something to share next Tuesday. Cuz I'm struggling. That much I'll tell you.

Guess what book I bought today and found myself so totally NOT into? The new Oprah Book Club selection, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. There are too many big, over dramatic words used in this baby, and I found myself lost many times in the first chapter. I was not impressed. And as a Christian, I found myself conflicted with many things he writes about. Did anyone else give this book a try and found themselves unimpressed? Maybe it's just me, maybe I just have a hard time thinking that deeply about life. About consciousness. Maybe that's my problem!

I also picked up a new Max Lucado book called Cure for the Common Life. It's about searching your own unique abilities and talents and finding the purpose for which God created you. Truthfully, I think this book is more up my alley, and more in tune with the Christ-centered life I have chosen to follow, and more in line with the struggles I've been facing lately. I think A New Earth is too "out there" for me. I know many, many people have found A New Earth to be life-changing, so please don't slam me being honest and telling you I don't like it!!!!! To each his own, right?

It's time for me to run! Have a great day!




  1. amy, your cards surely convey that you live life out LOUD!! that card is comin' at me through the computer, girl! love it though, because it's so YOU.

    i didn't understand the whole a new earth thing, but oprah's always been one to be on the search for something. too bad she can't see the claims of Christ for what they are: TRUTH!

    we all have ups and downs as we seek to triumph, so don't abandon your goals. persevere...it'll be worth it.

  2. Wow, that's one bright & beautiful card. Looks so happy! You've chosen the right book to read - new earth/new age folks are their own god, whereas Christ lives in & through us. There's a BIG difference there. Sorry I'm going to miss Leaders' Meeting this morning - my back is out & I'm on 3 meds that make me woozy, sleepy & unable to do anything. Not much fun.

  3. I'm so with you on your comments about this book. I get such a sick feeling about it. I've actually decided not to read any other christian/spiritual books and spend more time reading my Bible. There are too many out-there ideas, I want to fill my mind with true words right from the source.
    I'm sorry that you are not feeling like you are triumphing over much these days. Hang in there. One thing I like to do is use the alphabet- the start of each letter is a word describing God, or each letter is something that I am thankful for. usually before I get to the end I'm feeling better already. I do this all the time and it's so comforting, especially on those tough days. adelle

  4. Your card is so bright and cheery!! Perfect for a birthday!!

  5. I've been struggling this week too, and it's only Tuesday. (wink) Actually today was a triumphant Tuesday for me, because I chose to step aside and let God handle things for me...and He did. It's not all better yet, but I'm back on track and I'll be praying for you.
    I love Max Lucado. I'll have to get that book one day soon.

  6. I have the book and it requires deep thinking and sometimes re-reading but I get it. I did like the fact that he does quote the bible many times and ties it to the message he is trying to convey. I am sure there are many people that won't be fans because it is sort of a hard read but I am a self help book junkie.....I like reading that kind of stuff.

  7. Amy, I so get what you are saying about the book. I didn't buy it myself, I kinda knew it would be a "making yourself SELF sufficient" instead of God reliant. YKWIM? I personally think Oprah is one of the most spiritually searching souls out there. I ache for her and hope that one day she will realize there is only ONE way to God....Jesus. There is my "preachiness" for the day. I wanted to pop over here and encourage you with the new PT set. You have a fabulous creative mind, I know you will think of something....you always do! Big hugs.....

  8. jennibell11:26 PM

    Great card Amy!
    The Cure For A Common Life is great!!!! I find myself referencing it all the time. . .ML is an excellent writer. Good choice.
    I just re-read this. . .the Bible is our BEST reference, I just like the way Max explains certain things. . .look up how he explains "train up a child in the way he should go" in this book. I like the perspective on proverbs.
    And I'm sure you triumphed over something today -- you're probably just setting a high bar for yourself. Celebrate your little triumphs too (I said "no" to the cookie at lunch today!) b/c they are the building blocks. We need to build our mansions one brick at a time.
    'Night Amy! Again, thanks for sharing your creations with us!

  9. What a great card...i have that set and love how it can make adorable cards so quickly!

    I totally agree about the book too. And yes, you have every right to your opinion on your blog. Hugs!

  10. Can you believe it...I haven't even placed a SAB order yet. At this point, I figure I'll do it the first thing in March, so I can order from the mini. This is a really great card. I love the colors and your signature mix of papers.

  11. Gorgeous bright card. Thanks for the info sharing re your new box. I followed your link, like what I read and now I'm going to buy it. Life has me all over the map in the last three years.

  12. Beautiful, eye-popping card amy! Enjoy your new books!

  13. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Thank you for your positive Christian example FOR Jesus and the Bible and AGAINST New Age-y, worldly books. I say AMEN to that! I am praying that Oprah will find the ULTIMATE TRUTH in God's Word - she has so much influence she could encourage people to find the Truth instead of Satan's lies.


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