Friday, February 08, 2008

It's a Ghost Town Out There

Hel-loooooooooowwwwwwwww? Is anyone out there reading my blog this week? Yesterday was my lowest day for comments in eons! Only one person felt compelled to leave a comment, and that was my BOSS from Verve Visual! Julee HAD to leave a comment because I featured a card using her stamps!!!! LOL.

Where is everyone? Do you think maybe everybody is going to CHA, so blog reading will be scarce this weekend? I hope not! We CHA Chumps (those of us not going to CHA this year) have to stick together and support each other in our pain and sadness (because of the fact that we're not going to CHA this year)! Oh how I wish I could have gone, but our current financial situation put the kibosh on that. I'm cool with it though! We're not into charging stuff just cuz we want something, so I'll just have to go to CHA this summer in Chicago instead!

I wanted to share an Easter card with you today that I finished up yesterday. It's so simple, but man, it took me a few days to finish it! I never had the chance this week to sit down and stamp for an extended period of time, so that's why it took so long to get it done. Isn't it cute? The stamp is from Michael's $1 bin. And true to form, I found a way to paper piece it! I love the colors of the Basic Grey paper (Two Scoops) together; pink and pale yellow. My card base is So Saffron, and the little chicky was colored using my blender pen and my So Saffron ink pad. Don't ask me why I didn't use my So Saffron marker. Sometimes I think the markers are too bold, and the watercoloring with the ink pads produces more subtle colors. This card, with the image changed out, would make an adorable new baby card, wouldn't it? I'll have to give that a try!

This weekend is a busy one for us. We've got a basketball tournament in town (yeah!), and then Eldest Son will be taking the ACT College Entrance Exam for the first time. Most kids take it more than once to try and raise their scores. I have a feeling that will be happening with us as well. He's been taking some practice tests online and the questions are HARD! There is stuff on there that he's never learned! Any teachers reading this today that can give us some pointers? I would be so grateful for any and all helpful tips!

I am hoping to get some stamping done today, in fact, I'm going to sign off right now and get busy! Have a super day, TGIF!!!!! Woo-hoo!



  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I'm just a google reader lurker but I'll delurk to make you feel less ghostly :P

    Very cute card!

    I am not a teacher but I always recommend an educated guess over leaving a question blank - sorry I can't be more helpful

  2. Love the card....I love to check your blog to see all the are so bold with splashes of wild color, I love it!!! How is your Hubby's job search going? Been there, done that, more times than I care to count. God is faithful...ALWAYS!!!

  3. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I'm not going to CHA...don't you have to be member of the press or something...if not, then I'm THERE!!

    I don't comment every day..usually just popping in to peek and read what you have to say...then I'm off to some other business in my life (not stamping, sadly to say, there's been no time for that in MONTHS).

    So, rest assured, you are not alone, I'm here with you DAILY. (Several times a day, actually, because I pull you up a lot just to use your links).


    Mary L.

  4. hi Amy, very cute card today! love those pastel colors :)

    I'm also a google-reader lurker (like the 1st poster,) but I noticed blog-land has been a little quiet these days. I just didn't know why it was :p

  5. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Hi Amy,

    I love to check out your blog, don't usually leave a comment. You have inspired me to sew on my cards though....and it actually pretty darn fun!
    Tell your son to get a good nights rest. My son took the ACT Test twice and never completely finished each individual section of the test. It is definitely quality not quantity of answers!
    Wish him luck!

    Yvonne C.

  6. Amy - just love the card. I'm sure there's lots of us who will be home doing other things this weekend and hoping that our fellow bloggers who are there will let us in on what's going on through their blog postings. You inspired me to finally put ink to my little chick this morning for a thank you card to a friend. Paper piecing makes this little guy able to say anything we can fit on his sign! TFS ~chris

  7. Love this card!!! Hey, wanna meet up at CHA in Chicago this year? I'm there!!!!

  8. hi amy, i'm a CHA chump too, so we can be miserable together!! i do think we will see a little less activity in blogland and scs due to everyone being gone! i do have a couple of friends, jen and shannan, who have promised to bring me back some freebies, though!!! i hope your hubby's job situation changes soon. we are right there with you! eric has an interview today--keep your fingers crossed that they love him!! (in case you haven't talked to sara--she said blogrolling is down, so links are not showing up on our blogs right now! ack!!) talk to you soon!

  9. This is adorable, Amy! So cute! I'm so behind in my blog reading. . .so I'll leave my comment now! LOL

  10. Love, love this card (of course, it falls in the "bird" family, so you know I'm all over it.) My last few trips to Michael's have been run in, run out (having 4-year-old in tow) so I haven't had time to rummage through the $1 bins (our local Mike's is too small and quite disorganized and dollar bins can show up in various places throughout the store.) Yesterday was a meager posting day for me- life was just too chaotic. I did rush by and when I saw you only had 1 comment I thought "Amy's gonna feel lonesome, I need to drop her a line" but then got pulled away from the computer and never got back to it. Please know your loved!!!!!!! Both yesterday's and today's cards are AWESOME, as always! Wishing you a pleasant weekend!

  11. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Although not your usual color combo this is a very, very nice card. Everything you do is so "put together" with the sewing and ribbons, etc. Great use of embellishments. I wish your son good luck with his ATC and also your husband with his job search.It can be so frustrating!Thinking of you always. Lynn

  12. Hi Amy,
    I'm here....wish I were going somewhere's going to be cold on Sunday.
    You created a very cute card! Love it!
    Good luck to your son on his exam...I'll keep him in my prayers.
    Have fun at the tournament....we're also in one this weekend.

  13. I always check the blogs in the morning and you posted at 3 pm. So sorry. I go to your blog everyday for inspiration both in card making and every day life situations. Your spiritual advice hits right at home lots of time. You are one in a million and I do appreciate you and your blog.


  14. Well, here's another reader who's not going to CHA! I read your blog yesterday, but was one of the non-commenters due to feeling like a truck has run over me! The ol' back has gone out again! I had forgotten how painful that is, but reading blogs helps ease the pain! HA!

  15. wow you got a whole comment?! I'm jealous! lol!
    Yah it has been pretty quiet on the blogs.
    I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your easter card! It's beautiful, I love pink and yellow together. That little chicky is so sweet!
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Well Hello!!!!

    Love this card - it is so sweet! The colors are so Springy - love it!

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Very cute card, i love those colors {isn't basicgrey the best}
    The ACT & SAT tests are hard & long. My best advice is to just have him breathe and shake the jitters. If you havn't gone, go to and they have tons of tips for taking the test. Have him eat a solid oatmeal a banana & juice...something that will nourish him for a few hours.

  18. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Love this card very cute!!!!Kim

  19. Hey Amy! You crack me up! We'll just have to dream of Chicago together. ;) This card is so adorable. What a darling chickie - just like you! :)

  20. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Another lurking coming out of the closet to show some love for your blog :-)

  21. asela2:44 PM

    Awwwwww Amy, big big hugs to you. I'm here. Lot of folks did get to go to CHA. Not me. I just couldn't justify the cost. You're card is adorable. You're soooooooooooo awesomely talented.

  22. Sometimes I check the blog feeds right before bed and I just wiz through them without leaving comments. Shame on me. But, I have great dreams.

    I always love your cards, even when you hate them.

  23. i was just too tired to comment yestetrday, but i'm still out here. why don't i ever seem to find the $1 bin at MY michael's? that little chick is too cute! love the color combo too...hope you were able to stamp the day away.

    i'll be commenting because i'm also a non-CHA going chump...:-)

  24. making sure you have another post. I really like the card. I need to make some easter cards and this one is super cute.


  25. Mary K4:42 PM

    What cute little chickie! You've just enabled me to revist the $1 bin at Michael's. Thanks! ;)

  26. I'm here too. Picked up a part time job and it's cutting into my computer time. I wont cut down on subscriptions so I have to cut out something. Thanks for sharing your work and inspiring thoughts. Blessings!

  27. cute cute card!!! lovely work, I love all your beautiful cards here!! :)

  28. Jennifer Bradley6:38 PM

    I don't leave too many comments on bloge - but I decided that tonight I would leave a comment in all the blogs I have marked in my favorites.

    You are one of these blogs - your cards are just awesome and I enjoy looking at them!

  29. Hiya! I lurk... I admit it! I've always admired your beautiful style. I'm in awe, to be honest!

    I'm joining you in the CHA-less club. I wish I could have joined my DT out there, but not to be.

    Have a good weekend,

  30. I'm here!! Just supah busy, but I'm here and I love ya!

  31. lol Amy, I'm here! I've just been busy, so only blurfing every coupla days---man I feel so "behind" when I do that though!! Who'd have guessed I love to keep up on the lives and happenings of near-total-strangers?? heehee...Anyway, I'm here, love your work, I put stars on LOTS of your cards (in reader) for days I need a lil inspiration!!! Today's little chickie is no exception, really cute. I was just at Ms and saw that one but didn't get it, and am thinking I should have! :P

  32. On weekdays I read and leave for work. I will try to do better. As far as the ACT's go, I believe there are books out there to use as a study guide just for ACT's and SAT's. Good luck to him


  33. I love this card. It's adorable.

  34. I dont know why, but for some reason, the last few days, I haven't been able to see anything on your blog but the title... maybe that had something to do with it? I visit you almost everyday!

  35. A lot of us missed it this time...but we will just have to plan on attending in Chicago...right?

    Hugs girlfriend. I LOVE your blog!

  36. Awe...your chick is soooo cute!! I love him!!


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