Wednesday, January 02, 2008

To The Moon and Back!

I do love my boys to the moon and back!

Youngest Son and I actually have a "game" we play nearly every day regarding our love for each other. He'll say to me. "I love you Mom", and I'll say, "not nearly as much as I love you, son!". And I'll throw my arm around his neck (in head lock fashion) and knock gently on his head with my knuckles, saying "When are you gonna get that through this thick skull of yours??", and he'll say "Jeez mom, I thought you were smarter than this, are you ever gonna realize you can never love me more than I love you?" and so on, and so forth. We do this nearly every day in some way or another, but always teasing like this. It's so much fun. Kids just don't understand how much a mother loves their child, do they?

Anyways, that's why I got these two new stamps from A Muse...the rocket and the sentiment. The sentiment reminded me of my son. I thought both together would make a great Valentine for a child! I'm sure I'm not the only Mom who plays this kind of game with their children!

Do you want to know what else is so special about this card? I'm giving you a TINY sneak peek of one of Verve Visual's newest stamp sets, which is slated to be released January 10th, that's what! Lordy, lordy, you are going to L-U-U-U-V Verve's FIVE new sets! Yes, I said FIVE!!! Each one is better than the next, I swear. Can you guess which stamps on this card are from Verve? Did you guess the moon? Nope, that wouldn't be right, since it's not a stamp (tee-hee). Did you guess the stars on the main rocket panel? Nope, those are from the Starlight Starbright collection that Verve released a few months ago. If you guessed the polka dot stars, you guessed RIGHT! Mmmm-mmm, you are gonna love what Julee's got in the works for you this month, ladies! Be sure and head on over to the Verve Visual blog today and each day this week to see what the design team has been cooking up with the new sets!

I got the idea for the rocket exhaust from Julie over at Paper Trufflez, she was the inspiration for this whole card actually. The other thing that's imporant to note about this card is that, if you can tell, I made the stamps fit my style, instead of forcing myself to adapt to the style of the stamp. I'm adamant about doing this sort of thing. While I adore A Muse stamps, I would have to be fair and say they aren't really "ME". You know, I love designer paper and paper piecing, but A Muse is all about simplicity. I really don't think I'm a simple stamper in the least! But, again, I made the stamps work with my style. I paper pieced the rocket, and used lots of fun designer paper! I love the end result. So the lesson for today? Don't shy away from a certain stamp line because it's not your style. Make the stamps your style! That's what I did here and it worked. It will work for you too.

In case you're wondering whether or not my friend Sue liked her birthday present on New Year's Eve, I'm happy to report she did! Here's a shot of her holding her new gift.
It gives you a good idea of how big the letter actually is! And look closely at the artwork on the wall behind her....those prints match the letter almost perfectly! Did I nail that, or what? The one thing I did to the letter AFTER I posted the picture of it on my blog this weekend was to add vintage buttons all the way around the outside edge of the letter. It was the perfect touch, it really brought some whimsy to the piece! I'm just sad to say I forgot to take a picture of the buttons, dang!

Well, today I've got to finish up my final radio buy. That's right, I'm still not done with it. Today's the day, though, I promise. And I have a few errands to run too. The boys go back to school tomorrow, and the hubster starts the job hunt in earnest again today. I pray something comes up that's perfect for him and gets him back into the workforce soon.

Have a great day, everyone!



  1. This might be my most favorite card of yours to date! I love everything about it...great Blush papers, great rocket details....LOVE IT!

  2. This could possibly be my favorite of yours too! I just love it! I'm now on the prowl for those stamps! Thanks a lot, Amy!

  3. Love this card and the sentiment especially! We use that saying in our house all the time and my mom writes it in every card or note she gives my kids - I will definitely NEED this set. TFS!

  4. great great card! i thought you'd hand-drawn the sentiment. i really liked the exhaust from the rocket too...great touch. too bad you don't have a little girl, because that card just screams "girly"! i know a few little beauties who would love it!

  5. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Cute, cute card!


  6. This card is the story son and I do the whole nutbrown hare thing before bed...."love you to the moon and back" each trying to outdo cute!

    Love that letter--what a special gift!

  7. Oh Amy, I always enjoy your posts, but this one is one of my all time favorites! Not only the adorable card, but the heart-warming story behind it. Sweet!

  8. I just got this stamp set for Christmas! Haven't used it yet! I absolutely LOVE your card!!!!

  9. I love this card! The colors are beautiful and I love the clever use of the A Muse stamps to make it your own style! Since hubby works for NASA and we've read "Guess How Much I Love You" a million times to our DDs, I will have to go searching for those stamps!!!!

  10. sw guru ;)12:10 PM

    I have to agree with Janet...that card is a doozie!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! And I loved the story about your son.

  11. Great post today Amy...I love the rocket card...and you are really do make the stamps...YOU

  12. What a great card, Amy! Love the little game you and your son play. Too sweet! And that G is huge! Looks awesome!

  13. "GEE"...i love your altered letter! (sorry, but it had to be done!) :)

    and AMY!!! omg--that fabulous amazin' card!!! you are TOO COOL!

  14. I love your rocket card!! It turned out awesome!

    Thanks for sharing the photo of Sue when she received your wonderful gift!

  15. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I LOVE this card Amy! I play a similar game with my kids based on the book "I LOve you forever". At random moments(usually when I'm frustrated with them) I will say, "I Love you forever" or "as long as I'm living my baby you'll be"

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous card and a bit of your life with us.


  16. Hallo,
    hadn't stopped in in awhile - way swamped for the holidays ect.... I too played the I LOVE YOU MORE game with my kids when they were little (now they think they are too old for it :( ) - Mine was always - I love you more than the stars in the sky, fish in the sea, trees in the forest, and more than any other little boy/girl in the world (I have one of each :). Love your blog - hope to have time to stop in more often!!!!


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