Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Blogrolling Info

I am in awe of Sara Williams, aka "my blog designer"! She wrote up a whole bunch of information about and put it on a blog! Now, click on this link and it will take you to a special blog Sara just "happened" to create this morning (the girl's a computer genius), and it will give you the run down on how to create your own Blogrolling list. She'll even do it for you for a small fee if you don't want to mess with it yourself! So cool!


  1. Thanks for this awesome information! Will definitely check it out when I have time to concentrate (being the opposite of computer genius) after the holidays. I see this as being a super helpful time saver!

  2. Very cool, I do mine all manually still. I have been living under a rock.

  3. Hello Amy, can you please email me at
    I have some paper to clean out and wanted to send some to you. I look at the paper and think there is no way I will use it, but with your Saturday Stash, maybe you can make something of it!
    Thanks Amy

  4. thanks for the rave about my sis, amy! i love her! i have that blogrolling feature now, too, but i just need to sit down and figure it out! i love your Christmas theme! she added some snowflakes and a little santa hat to mine the other day as a little surprise for me! genius, pure genius!!


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