Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Coolest Feature

Have you secretly dreamed about an easier way to manage your blogroll? Well, the time has come. My fabulous blog designer, Sara Williams, turned me on to a service that makes it SOOOOOOOO easy to add new blogs to your blogroll and manage the ones you've already got there! Don't believe me? Check this out.....Blogrolling.com!

Once you sign up for the FREE service, you will be able to drag a BlogRollIt link button to your browser links bar. When you want to add a site to your blogroll, you just click your mouse on the BlogRollIt button and it pops up a box and you click on "Add Link". It automatically adds the new site to your blogroll! It really is the coolest deal. Keeping my blogroll current was always a difficult thing to do, so this new service was a godsend! Now I can easily share all my favorite blogs with you! Once you've built your blogroll at Blogrolling.com, you can edit/delete blogs easily, and you can sort alphabetically or randomly. There really is so much you can do using this service.

Now, I'm not that computer literate, so please go check Blogrolling.com out for yourself and see if it's something that appeals to you. I highly recommend it, it's uber cool and easy. I know that you can somehow upload your current blogroll into this service, but Sara did it for me, so I'm not positive how it's done. She DID say it was super easy though. Since my blog roll was so outdated, after I was all set up with their service, I just went through my Google Reader list and started adding blogs that I had on my Google list into my new Blogrolling list. Does that make sense?

I sent an email to Sara to see if she can help me explain this deal a little better than me, so when I hear from her, I'll post again, ok?

Have a great day. I haven't been able to stamp yet this week, thus the cardless post.



  1. I am anxious to hear about this. I checked it out and can't see where you can "star" or save a favorite post like I do with Blogger. I have so much saved in my favorites that it is a feature I use lots. If it did this, I would love to try it. Can't wait to hear more about it. Thanks for keeping us up to date with the greatest and latest.

  2. Very cool! Thanks, Amy!

  3. I signed up for it a while ago but I didn't follow through with it until your raves about how great it was! I LOVE it! Thanks for the nudge.


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