Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am so busy and have nothing much to show you--isn't that sad? I hate that I haven't done any crafting, and I'm gettin' crabby because of it! Actually, I did make a little something today for my post on Verve Visual tomorrow, but, of course, I can't show you that today, now can I?

So, instead, I'm going to share this card that I don't think I've highlighted on my blog yet. It's nothing exciting, but it's cute none-the-less. I made it a few weeks ago when I stamped with my friend Lue. It's the last time I did any significant stamping, I think. Oh, that's bad. I want to stamp more! The good news is BSF is over until 1/9, so my M-W's won't be so hectic for a little while! Yippee! I love BSF, but it's alot of work, that is a fact. Now I can stamp the same hours I spent working on my lesson! Woot-woot!

Well, I've got to run. So sorry I don't have time for more. I'm sending you all a big cyber hug for being so special to me!


p.s.....since I don't have very much to share card wise, here's another picture of my son playing basketball last weekend. That's him jumping in the air trying to intercept the pass! He's a great little ball stealer!


  1. Great basketball pictures. How do you get such great shots?? My son is a basketball player too and for years I've been trying to get good shots and no luck. I have a great camera too. It looks like you have good lighting in the gym. Ours is bad. Any suggestions??

  2. hang in there, baby, stamping time will come! are you sure everything is something you HAVE to do? how's the tv buy coming along?

  3. Very cool cross !

  4. It's beautiful and peaceful, Amy! I can totally relate. . . Seems like the more I work, the less I actually accomplish that is truly important. Somehow when I look at your card, it adds persepctive tio tha situation. ;-)

  5. Your card is beautiful, and I love the sparkle you've added!

    Another great action photo!!


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