Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hunkering Down for some SNOW

We are hunkering down here in the Twin Cities for the storm of the century! I'll believe it when I see it. It should start by noon and drop anywhere from 6-10 inches by tonight, with a top coating of ice on top. Makes for great driving conditions.

The bad news is we have a basketball tournament across town, so I hope we don't get stuck there! That would NOT be fun. I'm bringing along some Christmas cookie magazines to look at just in case.

So, since I'm just about to leave, I'm sorry to say there is no card today! But I do need some help planning my holiday festivites. We are having everyone here for Christmas Day and I'm trying to decide what to serve. Do I go all out and serve the turkey/ham/taters/etc, or, should I do an appetizer buffet? Or, better yet, I was thinking shredded BBQ pork sandwiches. Not glamourous but easy. What do all of you serve when you have company on Christmas Day? I would love to hear your traditions. If I have lots of comments when I get back from the tournament, I'll share my recipe for some AMAZING carmel corn that I made this week (which was snarfed up by my family in a matter of a day). You don't want to miss it, it's sure to become one of your family favorites!

Hugs to all,


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Oooh, Amy! I'll be praying for you today. I live in Florida and don't have to worry about snow storms.

    We don't do the usual turkey for Christmas. We do a formal sit down but we change the menu each year. Beef Wellington is a favorite for Christmas. Last year we did a Turducken.

    Appetizers sounds GREAT especially if you are having a large crowd. Everyone can try a little big of everything. (You can even make mini beef wellingtons, mini quiches, etc). Shoot, you could even put one of those small turkey breasts on the buffet for those who associate turkey with Christmas.

    Hugs and thoughts of you. Mary L.

  2. Amy, Good luck with the weather and the game. I host our family every Christmas Day and I've done lots of varieties-brunch, desserts but the most popular is the traditional Turkey and Fixings. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I vote for the easiest meal to prepare and clean up after. I hate being stuck in the kitchen for HOURS when everyone else gets to visit and enjoy the day!

    Shredded bbq sandwiches sound like a delicious choice!

  4. Carol8:52 AM

    we went to a Thanksgiving dinner where the hostess roasted the turkey, and each of her guests brought a covered dish to add to the meal. It was easy for everyone! I made desserts, one made stuffing, one made 2 vegetable dishes, etc. There was plenty of food and nobody had to work too hard to plan a huge meal! I'll do this from now on! Gather your cookie-baking supplies! You may be baking cookies this weekend while it snows outside:) Have fun and stay warm!

  5. Well, we always have the turkey and fixins with my parents and my sisters family aththe noon meal on Christmas day and then in the evening we have the whole extended family for finger foods. It is potluck and it is probably my favorite meal of the season. Would love to see your recipe. Thanks

  6. Anonymous12:32 PM

    It wouldn't be Christmas without a ham!!! We do lots of appetizers too, and you can get the little rolls to make ham sandwiches! ;)

  7. Drive safe and bundle up, girl! BBQ pork sounds YUM, YUM, YUMMY! It's easy and it makes the house smell so fantastic and warm. We've done the holiday shuffle with three big dinners (Christmas Eve with grandparents and then dinners with both sets of parents on Christmas Day) for the past 10 years, so we've never had company. Can't wait to see your caramel corn recipe! I LOVE caramel corn, and it's such an easy and pretty gift to give to neighbors and co-workers in a mason jar with a little tag and a Christmas bell.

  8. Anonymous3:36 PM

    We always do the traditional...Ham, potato casserole, homemade rolls,etc... but I don't know why you couldn't do whatever you wanted! I don't ever have a super big group, but if I did I would probably keep it simple. I think you BBQ sandwiches sound great!

  9. Oh gosh, I think for Christmas day, not matter how many people, I'd have to stick to traditional fare like turkey. Even though I am not the biggest turkey lover, (I like it, just don't love it)I don't think Christmas day would be Christmas day without the turkey and fixins'!! This is probably not what you want to hear. haha, good luck with your decision.

  10. pinkerdeb5:25 PM

    Amy-An appetizer buffet sounds great. We do the same thing but on Christmas eve. You can go all out or casual and simple. I think it is kinda nice not having to set up the big long table to sit everyone down. I have a few favorites if you want the recipes!
    Deb Comerford

  11. Go to
    She has fabulous recipes and even has step by step instructions!!
    I cooked her mashed potatoes (you can make them the day before!), her sweet potatoes, and her green beans and tomatoes for Thanksgiving and everything turned out delicious!!! Maybe you can find something yummy to fix for your guests!
    By the way.... I LOVE your blog!
    I'm originally from Minn-e-snow-ta (Crookston).

  12. Hope you made it home safe and sound and the tournament was victorious for your family:) I would definitely go for the easiest Christmas dinner! That way you get to totally enjoy your day too.


  13. Doris9:00 PM

    I used to make the big hot, sit down dinner, but realized I was missing most of the fun being in the kitchen, so for the past 20 years I've made a buffet of everything that can be made a day or two before Christmas. I make a small turkey, a small ham, some salads (green tossed, potato and macaroni or mac and cheese). I put out the food and everyone can eat when they want, warm up what they want in the micro, and I get to spend time with everyone and not be stuck in the kitchen!

  14. Its always just a snack and nibble day at my house. I usually make some rolls a few days ahead and bake a ham. Everyone makes little ham sandwiches at their leisure. I also have veggie and fruit trays.
    I would love the carmel corn recipe! I love it and have never found a GREAT recipe!

  15. Our family has the whole turkey/dressing extravaganza again. Super yummy stuff. I have to admit that if I was cooking though I would ponder a different approach. So much work with that mean.

    Hope the storm of the century skips you all. Sending warm thoughts.

  16. I'm planning an appetizer buffet for our Christmas. Often the "appees" are the favorites (at least in my family), so we're just going to make a meal of them :) Hope you survived your winter blast

  17. we always have a traditional meal--ham, flank steak, prime rib--but i don't cook it. i'm still in the stage where i'm still just one bringing something to add to the meal .

    we just had 12 for dinner last night and we did beef tenderloin. easy peasy, and it can be sliced and served on a buffet at room temp. it was divine, and i don't really like beef! i have a great rice and pasta dish that can also be made ahead.

    i agree that making it simple is the best option. use disposable dishes so that you're not in the kitchen for long.

    let us know what you decide...

  18. Jenni8:07 AM

    I vote for the easy buffet-style meal. Either appetizers or a sliced ham and sandwich fixings. . .it's so much work to set a table, co-ordinate the food coming out, etc. ENJOY the day yourself by setting food out and leaving it. And as someone else also suggested, use (nice) throw-away utensils and plates. If your boys are going to "miss" the traditional fare, have it the following day!


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