Sunday, December 02, 2007

Digging Out From Under

Well, the snow storm hit yesterday, almost exactly how they predicted (for a change!). I don't know what the "official" snowfall was yet, but I would say we had at LEAST 6 inches by the time we got home from the basketball tournament last night at 6p. Youngest Son, bless his heart, jumped into his snow pants right away when we got home and helped hubby shovel (or snowblow) the driveway. Here are a few shots I managed to take while the "boys" were outside playing!

This is how deep the snow was on the driveway....

This was the view looking out my front door. Like I've said before, there really is nothing more beautiful than Christmas lights shining through a brand new layer of fluffy snow!

This is Youngest Son reveling in the new snow! I LOVE THIS SHOT!

And I couldn't resist taking this shot of Youngest Son, who's 13 years old, cavorting in the snow! Proves you're never too old to have fun playing in the snow!

Back to son ended up playing 3 games and we stayed at the school where the tournament was at ALL DAY. Ugh. I was so exhausted by the time we got home I could hardly move (I moved just enough to take the snow pictures and then it was couch time for me). Hanging around a basketball gym for 9 hours is NOT my idea of a great time, that's for darn sure. We couldn't leave because of the storm. It was very treacherous driving, so we stayed put. There is one more game today, but I plan on staying home and baking cookies and stamping. I am basketball'd out.

Yesterday marked the first day Caardvarks and PageMaps teamed up to bring you one solid week of brand new PageMap sketches. Each day, we'll reveal a new PM December sketch and the cards the design team came up with based on each sketch! Oh my goodness, the cards this team turned out are A-MAZ-ING! I'm not kidding--everyone kicked it up a notch for this party! There won't be a gallery this week for you to upload your cards to, but you can leave a link of your card in the comment section of each day so everyone can visit your blog to take a look at it, OK?

So, here's the sketch from yesterday....

And here's my interpretation of the sketch! I love my shiny bell!

And here's the sketch for today....

And how my card turned out.....I loved this sketch, and I love how the card turned out. I used my favorite Webster's Pages paper, I've been on a roll with this stuff, I tell you. Aren't the colors and patterns magnificent?

Well, I hope you enjoy todays photos and cards! Have a great day!



  1. I love your shiny bell too! Very cute card!

  2. colleen10:28 AM

    Oh, how I DON'T miss that stuff!!! I was supposed to be on my way home today for a funeral (for my grandmother who finally passed) but with the snowfall, driving would be too I am going to be flying in on Tuesday. I am going to have to dig out my jacket...we don't use them here!!!

    Your cards are sooooo cute!

  3. You lucky duck! Ok, I really don't want THAT much snow, but some would be nice. It's 72 degrees here. :(
    Love these cards and your shiny bell is awesome!

  4. Love your snow pics. Looks like fun. Great cards too. I don't think I've seen those Webster's patterns. Very cool.

  5. I love your bell card. It's so cute and vintage.

  6. I love your cards Amy and I love the snow pictures. We rarely get snow in London anymore and if we do it doesn't last very long. Oh well.

  7. Wow...lots of snow! Great photos too!

    Your cards are beautiful, as always!! Eye candy delight! ;)

  8. beautiful! love that sketch! Love seeing the snow pics too (not snowing here in TX!)

  9. I love both of these!!!

  10. Here's my #1 and #2 entries:


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