Friday, November 16, 2007

Whole Lotta Holly


How's everyone doing? Thanks for your help yesterday regarding my email issues. I ended up doing a virus scan on my computer. It found one virus, "disinfected" it, and now my emails can get through to Hotmail recipients. Yeah! I'm glad it was a simple fix. You guys had me really scared with some of your comments! Yikes, I hate computer viruses! So, thanks for those of you who came to my rescue.

Let's see, what else is going on in my little life? It has been a really rough week for us. I'm not sure why. I think both the hubster and I were a little down, a little short, a little tired. It's been a long road since June. And with the holidays coming up, it's bound to be rough sometimes I guess. We are both nervous about finances. COBRA costs stink. Making ends meet is hard. We called a family meeting Wednesday night and laid it on the line with the boys about how we were feeling. They needed to know we personally, their parents, were finding it a little difficult to cope lately, and that we needed to come together as a team and be there for each other, watch our words a little closer, etc. We just wanted them to know why we might be a little crabbier than usual lately. I of course cried (what else is new?). We told them we felt bad we couldn't give them everything they wanted right now (we don't give them everything they want whenever they want, but we do like to make sure they don't want for much, within reason). They were totally cool. Eldest son is totally cool with not being able to go on the band trip to Philly next week to march in their Thanksgiving Day Parade with his school marching band.

Anyways, here's a card I want to share with you today. I bought this new stamp the other day (with my card money, not with the family checkbook:)). It's from Impression Obsession. I really think it's so different from anything I've ever seen out there. Holly in a vase. The paper is Basic Grey Figgy Pudding, of course! Hope you like!

Have a great weekend. Tonight we have my son's Indoor Marching Band concert. Tomorrow I'm going to a craft fair right down the street from my house. And on Sunday, we're having Doug's Dad to our home for an early Thanksgiving dinner, since he's leaving for Washington, DC on Tuesday to go to my SIL's home for the holidays. I plan on getting some more stamping done too!



  1. Love that stamp! It is really different! I see we've been paper piecing again! The card looks great!

  2. Beautiful card....that is a really neat stamp.

  3. i am glad you and hubby are on the same page about telling the boys about how you're feeling. being open and honest during grief and stress keeps kids from wondering what's going on. being forthright about finances never hurts either. your family has something way more valuable than cash--genuine love and intimacy. some people would give their right arm for that!

    the card is lovely!

  4. Amy, this stamp is gorgeous - and so's your card! You are definitely NOT in a layout funk; your work is beautiful! :D

  5. Amy -
    I felt impressed to comment on your post tonight. I know first hand how challenging financial problems can be.
    Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey? Check out his newest book "Total Money Makeover" from your local library (no need to purchase it when you can borrow it) and read through his ideas. His ideas are not necessarily new, but definitely said in a different way. Very motivating!
    And they work. Step by step you can save, get out of debt, increase your income (sometimes creatively) and also there's a plan for saving for college (for your kids) and saving/investing for retirement.
    It shows there is hope no matter what your financial situation is.
    Blessings to you - don't give up!
    (BTW, I'm not endorsed by Dave Ramsey in any way... just a fan. My husband and I are working toward financial peace).

  6. Hey, let me first say that I love your card, as always. Secondly, I'm praying that God will grant you with some relief to your financial situation. The perfect job is out there in His timing. It's hard to understand the suffering we have to go thru. He knows and is in control. Trusting is our only option. I'm praying....

  7. I just had a "team" talk with my girls this evening. If we don't have each other, than who do we have? Love your card and thanks for the encouraging words. Bless you and your family!

  8. Wow...another beautiful Christmas card!! I love the popped vase, and pretty papers!

    I'm glad you were able to figure out your e-mail issues. ;)

  9. Carol8:05 AM

    This is such a great card! That stamp is unique and beautiful and that figgy pudding paper - well one just can't say enough about that DP! It works with everything! Don't look too far into the future - just find inspiration and happiness one day at a time. Things will work out for you in time. Keep the faith! TFS

  10. Amy...i just found your blog through a comment on mine (wow!)--wow...what a thoughtful and very helpful post. I am sure you are touching lots of people in the same position right now.
    Thanks for your honesty and for sharing your talent!!!
    Do you mind if i link you on my blog?

    Hugs! Things will work out-
    Carolyn King

  11. Your sons are becoming wonderful young men. You are providing for them in ways that go way beyond money, and will be much longer lasting!

  12. What a cool stamp and a great card. Just beautiful.


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