Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Peace On Earth

Here's a quick Christmas card for you to look at. I finally got my hands on some new Basic Grey Figgy Pudding paper and was inspired to pair it with the Winter Wonder set Verve Visual released LAST month (Julee just recieved a new shipment of these sets, so go order one right now!!!)

I made the Christmas tree using one of the stars included in the set. There are a total of 3 different sizes. To make it, I just drew a tall triangle shape on a piece of Very Vanilla cardstock, and then filled in the shape with the star stamp. I cut each of the trees out and then sewed a straight stitch around the tree for some fun detail. I used one of the small snowflakes in the set as "ornaments" for the tree!

The strip of cranberry crisp cardstock underneath the trees was first stamped with different sized snowflakes in the same color. The star on top of the trees is one of the larger star stamps in the Winter Wonder set. I stamped it in More Mustard and then cut around it as closely as I could. It's adhered to the top of the trees with glue.

It's so much fun getting into the Christmas spirit! I'm going to have to grab me some more of the Figgy Pudding paper so I can make some more of these soon!

Hope all is well with all of you. I am finally done with my meetings. Yesterday was a long day. Six TV stations over 7 hours. Whew! Now I've got a few days of peace and then it will be time to get busy on negotiating my annual radio and tv buys for my client, Comcast Cable. The boys are doing well. I think the girlfriend thing is over. They have decided to step back and just be friends for now. They jumped into it too quickly, IMHO. But he seems cool. He finallly talked to me about it last night after moping around for a day. I gave him a bit of advice I will give all of you as well........I read this quote a few years ago after the breakup of a close friendship, and I haven't forgotten the power of it since....

"Don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened". It puts a different spin on something that might otherwise make you so sad. I told my son this, and it really sunk in with him, I think. He texted it to this girl, so I know he liked it. I also told him that something good can be found in everything that happens to us, no matter how sad. I hope he wakes up a little happier today. I can't stand it when he's withdrawn and moody! I can sense instantly when something's not right, and I told him that. Call it a mother's instinct, right? When my kids are off a bit, I worry. There's no ifs, ands or buts about it. If they're sad, I'm sad. It's the price we pay to be Mother's!



  1. Anonymous8:02 AM

    I LOVE FIGGY PUDDING! Just got it and can't wait to use it! Love it!

  2. well, i came along to leave a comment for your hand-sewn challenge cards (which are gorgeous), but i got distracted by this little beauty! wow! i looooooove it.

    (ps: that is a FAB philosophy...& the fact that the lad has TEXTED it to the young lady...that *is* the ultimate teen compliment, i b'lieve...well done, mum!) :)

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Spectacular job!! That paper is wonderful....I believe I need some.
    Great philosophy....thanks for sharing.
    Have a fantastic day!!
    Debbie J.

  4. Beautiful card, wow all the detail and sewing is fabulous.

    I have a seventeen year old son and I will remember that little tid bit you shared. It's so appropriate too. Thanks for sharing that, I am writing it down so I don't forget.

  5. How do you do it? Your cards are so discourageingly beautiful!!!!!

  6. Jolene4:39 PM

    I have to ask this... How do you sew on your cards? I have a sewing machine - have had it for over a year now! - and am scared to death to use it! LOL!

    BTW... This card is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  7. beautiful card! love the choice of DP *smiles*
    I must say that was good momma advice--I will keep that one in my bag of tricks. I really hope my kids don't grow up too fast--I'm not ready for that yet. *lol*

  8. Gorgeous! I love your use of the patterned paper. Pure genius.

  9. Ohhhh it's beautiful! I just bought some Figgy Pudding!

  10. Love your card. Love those papers and your LO.

  11. I Love Love Love this Christmas Card - you have such a great style.


  12. I'm sooooo lovin this!! You must do more, more, more with Figgy Pudding!

  13. this is a really really beautiful card Amy. I love it.

    Great advice for your son. Those young breakups are SO hard.

  14. I love this paper, and I love your card!! The trees turned out so pretty!

  15. Amy, I love Figgy pudding, and I LOVE what you've done with it here!


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