Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Julee's Sketch Challenge

I think this card was made using Julee's sketch challenge from last week, but I never got a chance to post it then. So, since I'm short on time this morning, I'll just post the picture and leave it at that. No time for details, but it's pretty self explanatory anyways! You can figure out what I did easily!

Her sketch was based on a square, mine was done standard size, so it was more difficult to make the sketch look right in this format. I feel it's a little heavy on the left. The colors are very summery, but I love this paper from daisy d's and couldn't resist using it up. If I was a brave girl, I'd decorate a room in my house using these colors. I have lots of coral in my house, so orange isn't that big of a jump! The turquoise, however, would be a HUGE leap of faith! When I was a youngster, my Mom had a turquoise/aqua colored kitchen.

Her phone, stove, oven, fridge, etc, were turquoise/aqua!!! It was the IN color back then, I guess! I can still picture the color vividly in my mind, all these years later! Can you imagine replacing your stainless steel appliances (or white, or black) with AQUA?????? Yikesarooni!

Have a great day, stay warm!




  1. Kathi9:44 AM

    I still have a phone just like this one only in pink!!!! I got it for my 16th birthday 50 years ago!!! OHHHH the memories!

  2. Julie Brooks3:30 PM

    Oh my!!! My parents had the same phone!!! SAME COLOR!!! LOL! Memories!!

  3. love the card and the phone!

  4. What a gorgeous card!! I love it!

  5. Your showing how young you are or am I showing how old I am?!?!?! ROTFLOL!!

  6. My eyes are screaming with delight at that phone - it's calling my name! I would LOVE to have an all aqua ktichen! :) Sure beats the pea green, muddy brown and squash orange I grew up with! Love your card. Smiles!

  7. This is very pretty, and I love the image and papers you've used!

  8. love the color combo!


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