Thursday, October 25, 2007

Steppin' Out of the Box

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been absent for a day and a half. Yesterday was a busy BSF day, and this morning has been busy too downloading pictures and helping hubby with his resume. I finally got around to posting just this very minute!

I had so much fun making the card I'm sharing with you today, and just so you know, it's COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone to stamp like this! That's right. I do not have a single, solitary "cowboy bone/country western bone" in my body, and that's a fact! Up until recently, I wasn't at all attracted to any of the new SU stamp sets like Wanted and Bronc Buster! That's not to say I didn't LOVE seeing all the beautiful cards YOU guys made with these sets. There were some beauties out there, that's for sure! But those stamps for my collection? Nadda, never, no way!

That is, until I had money burning a hole in my pocket to spend on SU stamps! I decided I would give Wanted a try, just to see what all the fuss was about. I was lucky enough to even have a few sheets of "countryish" paper in my stash to use along with my new stamps! I was set and ready to roll once my stamps were delivered by Mr. Brown!

Since my layout mojo is still suffering a serious setback, I drew on the help of Julee's Mojo Monday sketch to help me get started. I think this is her most recent sketch. I started off with my paper, I think it's by Crate. Can anyone tell for sure who makes it? I mounted a piece of the paper on a piece of metallic red cardstock. Then I sewed a straight stitch around the edges. For the horizontal piece that sits underneath the main image, I stamped on a piece of Very Vanilla cardstock with a bunch of the different stamps in the Wanted set I used three different colored inks, Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Chestnut Roan and Burnt Sienna, and Cool Caribbean ink. I distressed it with a sponge and Ranger Distress Ink in Tea Stain. I mounted this piece to some brown metallic cardstock. I also sewed a straight stitch around the edges of this piece as well.

For the main image, I first stamped a narrow piece of Very Vanilla cardstock with the horse from the Wanted set. I stamped it three times across the paper. Then, on top of the horse image, I stamped the sentiment "wanted" with a combination of two inks, Colorbox Fluid Chalk ink in Chestnut Roan and Dark Brown. It gave the sentiment great dimension! The sentiment was matted with the brown metallic cardstock, and the edges were sewed around with a straight stitch. Do you see the decorative edge on the right side of the "wanted" sentiment? That was actually a scrap piece of cardstock I had that fit the width of the sentiment perfectly, so I just left the decorative edge there! How's that for creative thinking?

The sentiment in the lower right corner was stamped on Very Vanilla cardstock with Chestnut Roan and adhered to the front of the card with dimensional tape. A brushed copper brad on each end finishes it off.

I guess I have to eat crow for saying I'd never get this set, uh? What's even worse is that I love this card AND the others I made using the set! I can't wait to show you the other cards I stamped, which I'll do later this week........ok?

For now, it's time for me to head out to a business lunch. I have a question for you. Would you like me to cut all the "card making" verbiage of my posts? Does it really matter that I explain what I do? I think it's just so much work to do it this way, and I'm thinking people are just looking at pictures, not really worrying about the intricate details like those I explain above. Your insight into this question would be very helpful to me! Maybe you just want products and any "SPECIAL" details about how I made the card, but not the full boring details like I provide above? Tell me, tell me, tell me. Inquiring minds want to know!

I'm off for lunch. Have a great day, peeps!



  1. What a wonderful card. The paper is from Cosmo Cricket, appropriately the "Wanted" collection! :) I love reading the details about the card, but definitely understand how much longer it takes to write.

  2. Beth M (ematson on SCS)12:37 PM

    Love the card! I believe the paper is "Wanted" by Cosmo Cricket.

    As for the details, I enjoyed reading them because I didn't notice the horses stamped under the wanted sentiment at first or that you used two colors of ink on the wanted sentiment or the decorative edge of the background paper. But I understand the time involved in recreating all your steps. Whatever you provide, I will read!

    Have a wonderful day! There is finally blue sky and sunshine here in Northern MN today (it's been a couple of weeks).

  3. barb hendrickson1:55 PM

    I'll be the first to post. I like how you describe your cardmaking, but....if it saves you time and you really want to reduce the description, I certainly understand. If there is something special that you do, or a tool or product that you use that you love, I'd still love to know about that. Life the Janome sewing machine. I am getting one for my birthday and I am so excited about it! thanks for all the effort you put into your craft and your blog,amy. It's a pleasure to visit each day.


  4. Amy it does seem like a lot of work for you and I confess I don't always read those parts of your posts - but there are times that it has been helpful - but I think if you cut them out - maybe I could email you if I had specific questions (or maybe that will get to be too much)? Sorry - not sure if I am any help or not.

  5. Fran M3:18 PM

    Gee, am I the first to comment? I like some instructions - not detailed, but I like to know what company the stamps come from and if there is anything unusual and maybe some of the colors used. But I like the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!) instructions. Maybe only a list of items unless there is something different that needs explaining. But you make it so interesting I don't really mind the way you write up your instructions.

  6. i think that a list of items used, and one highlight that you especially want to draw attention to would be completely sufficient. if you want to see how someone else does it, i'd suggest visiting charmaine's blog, oodabug alley. you're a dear to even solicit our opinion on this!

  7. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I'm with Beth; I didn't notice the horse either!! Sometimes details don't come out/show up in the photos. PLUS, if I want to recreate the piece, I LOVE knowing the paper manufacturer as well as the manufacturer/style/color of the inks used. Thanks!! Mary

  8. So so pretty! Sometimes I have time to read the details, which I love, but most times I am guilty of just looking at pictures. lol

  9. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I read your blog daily and can certainly understand that it's time consuming providing so many details. Why not give it a try, cutting out details and see how your readers respond?
    I also always like to know what stamp company the image is from.

  10. I like reading your details and looking at your pictures. I think you are a great story teller. You do what is best for you! Either way I will still visit.

  11. Amy,

    What about putting the details of the card as a button at the bottom where if you want to see them you click on it to read. I have seen this done on other blogs and it is nice. Just a thought as I don't mind it either way.


  12. Great card, and good for you to step out of the box! When I browse blogs, I often just look at the pics, but if I have a bit more time I do enjoy reading the details of projects. I would think that this is a great place for you to look back at the details of a specific card that you have made, especially if you have given that card away, or sold it. But your blog would be just as beautiful and visited if you weren't able to write so many details. Maybe just add less words, or just list the products, rather than full play-by-plays of your cards... and people can always ask you to clarify if they need to know more details of the process. If it is a specific or new technique, more details may be needed, but otherwise, save yourself some time!!!! People are still going to come by everyday!

  13. Amy,

    I love reading all the steps you take when you make your cards. I would miss many of the details if you didn't point them out. However, I understand how time-consuming it is to type them all out, and I will still continue to visit your blog if you stop including them!

    Thanks for a great blog!

  14. Doris8:33 AM

    I too enjoy your cards and descriptions. But I certainly understand the time it takes to do it. I will certainly be back each day no matter what. You are so talented and inspire me.


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