Saturday, October 13, 2007

Scrap Stash Saturday

It's that time again, your favorite day of the week here at Heartfelt Greetings! Today is the day I show you a card I made using 4 NON-MATCHING pieces of designer paper from my scrap drawer. Remember, my eyes are closed when I pull the papers!

Today is all about the color GREEN. Not one of my favorite colors, I might add (ok, I DO love lime green though). Three of the four papers I pulled are GREEN! One is pastel/baby pink. Yuck. I just didn't feel the mojo running through my veins when I looked at all the papers together. Quite frankly, I was not inspired in the least! Oh well. Tough cookies, right? I promised a card, and a card is what you'll get! Regardless if it's not one of my better masterpieces....

I have to be honest and tell you that my mojo has seriously been in the dumps this week. I can't figure out why. And it's mainly my layout mojo. I can't put together a "visually pleasing" card for the life of me lately. I feel complete and utter layout "block" when I sit down to make something. Everything I do manage to make seems naked and undone. What in the world is goin' on? I'm slightly panicking, as I've got some deadlines that need to get completed soon! Even using other people's sketches isn't helping me. Ugh. I'm in desperate need of help!
I think the layout for this card was actually inspired by this week's SCS sketch challenge. However, at the last minute I changed it up a bit. Instead, I cut two panels 2 1/4 x 2 1/4, placed one right above the other and stamped one main image on the two panels. Does that make sense? Then I mounted them separately on the front of the card. On the top panel, I stamped the sentiment.

Want to know where all four papers ended up on the card? The big green and white floral paper is on the front of the card, the pink baby paper is on the inside panel and was used to mat the main images, the multi colored harvest paper is actually the scalloped border on the front panel, and the small floral green and cream paper was used to mat the main images as well (the main images then, are matted with two papers). The card stays closed with the two brown gingham ribbons tied around the card. It isn't very functional at this point, but it was all I could come up with yesterday....remember, my layout mojo is seriously lacking? I'll have to re-think this ribbon closure more carefully later on today!

Well, the sun is finally out today! Yippee! It's been days since it's shined down on us. I plan on getting some work done around the house today, and then tonight we've got Youngest Son's final football game under the big lights of the high school football field! Baked Potato soup is on the menu for dinner, mmm-mmmm good!

Something really exciting happened yesterday afternoon that I can't wait to share with you. It has to do with me, not my hubby, so don't get too excited. No new job yet! A few things in the works that might be promising, but nothing concrete yet. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and get lots of stamping done!



  1. Ya know, you do pretty good stuff for a gal with missing mojo.

  2. Your card turned out very pretty! I really like the ribbon closure!

    Can't wait to hear your news!

  3. Beautiful card Amy :) Can't wait to hear the good news.

  4. lacyquilter11:19 AM

    Beautiful! I think your mojo is doing just fine!

  5. Your Scrap Stash Saturday creations are always fabulous! Thank you!

  6. You pulled it out once again, Amy! Love love love this card!


  7. Amy,

    Love the card. As a suggestion for the ribbon closure you could glue the ribbon down on the inside flap and attach a piece of velcro to it. Then tie a know in the end of the front ribbon and attach another piece of velcro to the back of the knot. The velcro would be easy to open and close. Can't wait to hear your news!


  8. wow, great job! It's amazing that you came up with something as fabulous as your card by pulling designer papers randomly. Great job!


  9. I would not have been able to pull it off with those papers - YOU never fail to inspire. Seems to me your mojo isn't as lacking as you think. Oh and by the way I would love your recipe for the Soup {please}.

  10. I love the colors, it's so unexpected!

  11. Sure doesn't look like you have lost your mojo to me! This is beautiful!

  12. ICK! I would have never been able to pull this off. You did a fabulous job! It looks fantastic!

    I haven't seen anything to make me suspect that you've lost your mojo!
    Love your cards!

  13. Hey darlin'

    I love all the scallopped elements in your work. I just found some nested chip board tiles from Technique Tuesday with scallops that I put to use in a "top secret" project. What scissors, or cutter are you using for the fine scallopped edge on your card?

    I want to raid your stamp collection! Can you come to my house to play? Bring stamps!

  14. I love the card. The baby pink would have put me thinking too. You were so clever to put it inside the card. And I also like the ribbon closure. I think it is interesting to have to untie some ribbons to open a card.


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