Thursday, October 25, 2007

I've been tagged!

I'm finally getting around to responding to the tag I recieved from my good friend Terri! Apparently, Terri wants me to tell you 7 silly/random/weird things about myself that my blog readers don't know. Mmmmm, I've played this before, so I'm not sure I can dig up 7 more things about myself that might prove even somewhat interesting to any of you.....I'm so not interesting! Let me give it a shot though, cuz I'm such a team player!

1. Lately, when I'm driving in my Tahoe, I crank up "You Can't Stop the Beat" (the awesome song from this summer's hit movie "Hairspray") on my stereo and sing at the top of my lungs, completely oblivious to the stares I'm getting from passing vehicles!

2. While obliviously singing along to "You Can't Stop the Beat", I pretend that I'm right there dancing on the Corny Collins Show along with all the rest of those silly teenage dancers! I'm a serious broadway musical wanna-be! You have GOT to see this movie if you haven't already....I've seen it THREE times. I have never, ever, EVER seen any other movie more than I've seen this one! LOVE IT!

3. I have a serious aversion to vegetables. Yucky. It comes from my early days when my parents forced me to eat them every night for dinner. The worst offenders? Stewed tomatoes and beets. I wish I did like them. Dieting would be a whole lot easier!

4. I nearly died in '96 from Strep pneumonia. Not a very fun time in my life. I was in the hospital for a total of 6 days. When I finally got to the hospital, I barely had a blood pressure, and it took them 3 hours to tap a vein to start an iv. They finally had to bring in a pediatric anthesiologist to try and get the iv started since they work on tiny veins all the time. I was so dehydrated, which caused the collapsed veins......they were going to put the iv in my SKULL if they couldn't get a vein in my arm. Thank God they finally succeeded......

5. My dad has two missing siblings that he never knew about. When he and my mom were at the courthouse getting my dad's birth certificate for a trip out of the country, they saw a notation on the birth certificate that said that my dad was the 4th of 4 children. However, my dad grew up with only one older sister! His sister never remembered her mother ever being pregnant before my dad was finally born. Strange......he's too scared to go do some research on it so we haven't figured anything out yet!

6. I am the youngest child in my family. I have three older brothers. And no, I wasn't spoiled. They tortured me constantly!

I'm stretching it here. Like I said, I'm not that exciting to write about.........

7. Every night I go to bed laying on the heating pad! It calms me down and takes the stress of the day away. And here in MN, the heating pad comes works wonders to take the constant chill of winter away!

Wow. That was rough. I'm not going to tag anyone else since I think I was one of the last ones tagged for this game. But if you haven't done this and would like too, consider yourself tagged!



  1. I sing "You can't stop the beat" every morning too!!! What a happy song!!!!!! And Good Morning Baltimore. lol

  2. So intriguing with your dad....makes ya wonder....
    Love that song from Hairspray too!!!

  3. Jolene10:06 AM

    I'm a musical junkie too but haven't seen that movie yet if you can believe it!?!?!? My favorite musical of all time has got to be "Wicked". LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that one!!! In fact, I'm going to pop in the CD right now!!! :o) "Mamma Mia" is a VERY close 2nd on my list - talk about happy songs!!!!! That one will get ya going on any morning. THANK GOODNESS FOR ABBA!!! LOL!!!!

    I hear ya on the heating pad. I have an electric blanket on my bed from November to April... Ahhhhh Minnesota........

  4. Loved reading these! I must see Hairspray now. ;)


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