Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Goodbye 2 for 1 Tuesdays

Two for One Tuesdays never really got off the ground after I began the feature in the beginning of September. With everything that's happened over the past month, it was just too big of a comittment for me to take on. Especially now that I have my BSF leadership meetings on Tuesday mornings! So, unfortunately, I am saying goodbye permanently to the feature. For now, I will have only two during the week, Makeover Mondays and Scrap Stash Saturdays, ok? You live, you learn.....

On a side note, where the heck is everyone? Traffic to my blog has been down this week! Why? I'm startin' to get a complex...is my blog not meeting your needs anymore? (there's so much scuttlebutt on SCS about what makes a good blog/bad blog lately that it's givin' us ALL a complex!) Is my writing a little boring these days? (it's difficult to be witty all the time...), or, have my projects been really ugly (yesterday's football tin was a bust in a big way!)? Whatever it is, I want my peeps BACK! I miss you guys when you're quiet! I'm guessing everyone is just really, really busy these days. I am too, so I get that. Just don't stay quiet for too long, k?

Now onto today's card. It's getting to be that time of year, isn't it? It's time to start thinking about Christmas cards. Want to know a secret? I don't make my own Christmas cards! I went that route a few years ago and it was way too much work! I love sending a Christmas card filled with photos of our year, but that's just not possible when you make your own cards. Not to mention that because I'm a procrastintor, I usually leave myself very little time to get 50 plus cards made up in time to send before Christmas! Nope, I finally took the pressure off myself and now leave the hard work to Winkflash.com! Just because I make cards for a "living" doesn't mean I need to torture myself every Christmas. I want to enjoy the holidays, not add unneccessary stress to my life!

With that said, I DO like to make a few Christmas cards to sell or to send to very, very special friends. I'm not a complete Scrooge! I made today's card for the {Caardvarks} chipboard challenge a month or so ago. I thought I'd share it with you today to motivate you to start thinking about your own cards (I think I'm probably already behind the 8 ball on this one, most of you are already featuring Christmas cards on your blogs!).

I love the non-traditional colors of my card, pink and green together is one of my favorite color combinations of all time! The designer paper is from Scenic Route, as is the matching chipboard frame. The pink polka dot paper is from My Minds Eye, their Tres Jolie line.

The little mouse is Max The Mouse from Stampendous. Isn't he utterly adorable? I stamped him using brown Stazon, and then colored him using my Prisma colored pencils. The sentiment is from Hero Arts and is new this season!

Well, I've got to get moving now. This morning is my leadership meeting. Then I'm having a quick bagel lunch with my neighbor. We've barely seen each other the past few weeks. She lost her father this summer, so she's in the same boat we are as far as grieving goes. It will be fun to connect for awhile.

The reality of unemployment hit hard yesterday. We are having to make some serious decisions these days about what stays and what goes as far as necessities. We got our first severance check this week and we're netting LESS than we did when hubby had his job because of pre-tax deductions. Combine that fact with the fact that we have $900 MORE in bills due to COBRA benefits, and you can smell disaster from a mile away. We are seriously considering selling my husband's car to get rid of the $400 monthly payment and using his mom's car instead, which we inherited after her passing. Don't get excited. It's not a great car. It got totalled in 98 from a hail storm, so it has dings all over it. But it's free and "free" does wonders for the family budget! We questioned whether or not we shouldeven go to Bemidji this weekend for a few days, but in the end decided we really, really need a getaway after the events of the past month. It will do our minds good to go back to place that will fill us with wonderful memories of our beginning. You can't put a dollar tag on that. It's invaluable, and we need it. End of story.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Susan7:24 AM

    I'm still here reading your blog every day. I just don't comment often. Have a great weekend, you all deserve it.

  2. I have been a lurker on your blog for a while now. I love your cards. You have such an amazing creative energy - even when times are tough.

    I appreciate the way you share your life - good and bad - but always seem to focus more on the good. That's an even better inspiration for me than your cards! :O)

  3. Debbi7:38 AM

    Hi Amy, I love your blog and read it every day. I haven't commented until now, but maybe I should have said thank you earlier. Reading your blog is how I take time for myself, it's my chocolate! You are a huge inspiration and I appreciate the effort you put in each day to share with us. Thank you!

    PS. Your football can is super cool, sorry it didn't go over as good as you hoped it would. I hate when that happens!

  4. I think I may know what you're feeling... on the cutting back topic. Hubby wants to cut the cable internet and go back to dial-up. I am screaming NO! But, some things have to change to save money. LOL I still cehcek in here from time to time. Your cards are always fabulous and inspiring! And your writing is far from boring and dreary. Keep up the great work, Amy!

  5. Anonymous7:55 AM

    No worries Amy! I still read your blog everyday.....but I'm busy! I don't always have time to comment! Please keep up the good work!

  6. Carol8:30 AM

    I still read your blog, and I apologize for not commenting every day but sometimes I feel like I say the same things over and over and don't want to bore you. I've lived through the same misfortune as you. DH & I have both been unemployed for over 2 years now, struggling to pay those hefty Cobra fees every month that have all but eaten up what we saved all our lives. Its discouraging, but I'm not throwing in the towel. Somehow we'll manage and you will too! The middle class in America is slowly dying and it's really sad, but I refuse to throw in the towel. life is just too short to waste it feeling bad. You do what you have to do to survive and things will eventually fall into place for all of us.
    I get inspired just seeing that great smile of yours every day I come here:)

  7. Lisa JOhnson9:33 AM

    You have one more new reader here Amy! ;)
    So glad we get to work together! You do fantastic work!

  8. Cathy Whiteman10:16 AM

    I love reading your blog (almost every day) though I don't always comment. I don't know why the football tin was a bust, it's very cute! I really love "scrapstash Saturday" as it's amazing what you come up with and how gorgeous those cards turn out to be. The way you share your life and your faith is very inspiring to me! I hope you all have a great weekend.

  9. Your Christmas card is so pretty and colorful! I really love it, Amy! Wonderful card!

  10. Amy never fear, I'm always here!!! It's been crazy busy and time just seems to get away from me. I promise from now on, I will at least try to say hello when I stop by. Your blog has touched my heart and soul more times then I can count, and I wouldn't miss it for the world!! {{{{HUGS}}}}}}

  11. I was remindwed while reading your blog (as I do MOST days) Joel Osteen the other day was teaching on sometimes we go through times of seed and planting and then we get ro ride the tide of harvest.
    All are moments of blessing because it's through planting that we gain growth.

    Your writing is good. Your heart certainly shines, and it's clear your creativity sparkles at all times.

    Trust and know the GOD is preparing you and yours for His harvest! Blessings.

  12. I do read your blog everyday - I don't comment - but have sent you a personal email - enjoy the time away - time is precious and once it is gone - it is gone.

  13. Love this card, Amy! The colors are wonderful!

  14. Adorable, bright card, Amy -- love that little mouse!

    As for blog traffic -- I think maybe with all the influx of new blogs, people are getting spread thinner on what they look at, maybe? As long as you enjoy what YOU are doing, then that's all that matters!

  15. mnhyrkas10:54 AM

    I think I've been reading so many blogs that it is cutting into my commenting time. Just keep blogging for yourself and dont worry about the readership. We're here :)

  16. I am still around, just trying to help my mom and dad out alot...my dad had a heart attack Thanksgiving weekend. He is ok, one of his arteries behind his heart was 99% blocked. He is on the road to recovery, and is seriously considering retiring now which is a blessing.
    Hope all is well with you, and keep on blogging...if you write they will come :p!


  17. I'm hear Amy...every time you post, I see it. I use Google Reader so I don't always click through to your site, but I'm always checking out what you are up to! I'm like many others who peruse blogs all the time, but I'm not as good at commenting as I should be.

  18. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I read your blog faithfully but usually don't comment Amy. I simply love your work and upbeat attitude!
    Enjoy a fun weekend with your family.
    Shelly M

  19. I've noticed it too...it's not just you *wink* I still read your blog EVERY day Amy.

  20. I am new to all this bloging stuff but I love your cards. I also love now you share you life with us everyday. Feels like a true sister.

  21. I'm still reading!! I hear ya on the financial crunch that your DH's layoff is putting on you! Yesterday we just let go of our financial burden, a second home. We moved from TN to GA and had not sold our house in TN (we were paying two mortgages for 7mo). So now that it is off of our hands, we can get back on our feet financially!!! Woohoo! We definitely had to watch our pennies!!!

  22. I'm here!!! Been out of town, but I still love ya!

  23. Hi Amy,
    Don't worry, your blog is the same, I'm checking it daily (at least)but it seems everyone is becoming busy and/or depressed. Talking about unemployment? I have 4 job interviews tomorrow. They will try to make me work for almost free, so I'll have to refuse. It's been going like this since July when I finished university. See you later and may The Lord be with you.

  24. I'm here. I even left a comment about your football tin yesterday. My blog traffic has been evern slower than usual lately. Maybe it's universal. There are more and more blogs on the scene and maybe a lot of peeps aren't leaving comments. (shame on them :) )

  25. Hi Amy - Life is always busy so I'm only able to check your blog once every 4-10 days. Sorry! Traffic is probably slowing down because there are SO MANY NEW blogs. Your blog was probably one of the only blogs out there for a long time, so you had TONS of traffic. Most of your readers probably now have their own blog & have less time to visit yours...bummer I know. But, Blogging is the Trend ya know.
    Hopefully things will pick up again for ya.

    Hope to see ya round town!!!

  26. Yep me too, real busy, I do make my Christmas cards so I’m stressing as I’ve over 100 to make this year (I do cheat & make them all the same) but it’s putting them together that takes the time! Keep up the good work & fingers crossed about a new job for hubby soon!

    Seeya hugya


  27. You dont know me...but I am out here! I stop by your blog daily to check out the great work you have done.

  28. I am out here! I pass by your blog daily to see whats happening with you. Your work is amazing and definitely blogmark worthy!

    Hang in there financially. Youll make it.

  29. Oh I'm here all right! just been lazy not to comment. Regular to your blog like my daily cup of tea..And you do know that your cards rock, right? and your heartfelt writing is what makes me come back every single day!

    Keep writing and sharing, I might be lurking in the shadows, but always there...Tejal

  30. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I'm still with ya! Still love your blog and still read every word faithfully every day!

  31. Hi Amy -
    I have been reading your blog for a while now. I chose to comment today just to tell you that you have a way of touching my life each day. I'm going through a pretty tough time right now as well, but you give me strength. I'm here to tell you that you never know how or when you will touch someone's life. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and your daily life with us. I for one am a better person because of your courage, persistance and faith! Thanks!

  32. lacyquilter7:25 PM

    I sure try to read your blog everyday, but some days I'm sorta speed reading and don't have time to comments. Also, seems lately feedblitz notifications have been rather sporadic - rather than every morning, they come any ol' time of day, so some days I'm actually reading posts for 2 days at the same time. So don't feel neglected. Love your blog.

  33. Jolene10:48 PM

    Hi Amy! I'm new to your blog but I'm glad I stopped by! I have you added as one of my favorites now! :o)

    I'm not sure why the football can was a bust... I thought it was ADORABLE!!! Some people just don't appreciate a heartfelt gift that had a lot of time and effort put into it - even if it whacked them upside the head! With that said, "WE UNDEFEATED!!!" Don't let that, or the fact that your blog has slowed, get you down and defeated.

    Financial aspects or life? Hmmm... well, are you living inside my head and paralleling (is that even a word? LOL!) my life right now? I'm with ya... just gotta keep pushing forward and put our faith where it should always be... in God.

    OK... it's late, I'm tired and I'm rambling. :o)

    From a Wisconsinite-living-in-Minnesota (Sorry... I'll never call myself a Minnesotan LOL!),
    ~ Jolene

  34. I come by when I can but am guilty of checking in and then not leaving a comment usually. Just wanted to let you know I check out your blog regularly and appreciate your effort!

  35. You know I am STILL here! So is everyone else....33 comments today! I just bought this Christmas paper....can't wait to use it. This card turned soooooo dang cute!!!

  36. asela6:44 AM

    Poo Poo on SCS. Don't get me wrong, I visit to get inspiration. But I just don't follow any of the threads anymore. Too negative! I love visiting your blog, reading and getting inspired by your gorgeous creations. Just do what you love for you. We love ya! Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  37. What a fun card - bright, cheery and unexpected!!

  38. I agree with what Asela said...SCS can drive a person batty if you let it. (I too LOVE the site and all the great info, but the threads are so negative lately...) I figure that I can't make everyone happy, so I am going to do what makes ME happy on my blog...and not worry about who is reading or commenting. (I know, easier said than done.)

    BUT...know I am ALWAYS here for you...whether I say something every day or not.

    Love ya babe!

  39. Pat S.7:52 PM

    Hi Amy!
    I do read your blog every day, but I don't visit your site to do it.

    I am a subscriber, so I get all of your posts in e-mail.

    Is there any way that you know when people are subscribed?

    Looks like that would surely make your counter lower.

  40. 38 comments??????????!!!!!!!!!!???
    You have "peeps" girl! And you know I'm one of them.

    How funny, cuz I just wrote about (sorta) the same thing on my blog. Looking for 411 on what draws people to a blog, and what keeps them coming back.

    I've been told (by a reliable source) that a lot of us are lookie loos, few post. Oh well, I'm always up for the opportunity to add my 2 cents (hey ther's no cents key).

    Your card is tres chic, bella bellisima - as always.

    Enjoy you travels dear.


  41. Hey Amy! I'm here reading! Sorry it's a bit late this week. I love your Christmas card. I always struggle with whether to make Christmas cards or not. I've come down to a hybrid approach. I make about 40 for close friends and family and if I feel up to it, the other people on the list get store bought cards. I can't stand mass production, so usually all 40 homemade cards are different. Good luck with your decisions on what to cut. Those are never the fun ones. Even though it seems like a want, vacation is a NEED for the soul! Hugs! :)

  42. Terri D.1:36 PM

    Hi Amy, I'm still here too! Still lovin' your creativity and your honest talk about what goes on in your life. I haven't had too much time to browse lately with Bible study, church obligations and club stuff. I check in when ever time permits. But, I am here to stay. Have a super weekend. Terri

  43. Amy, every time I visit, your blog is just more fabulous! (I got to borrow a high speed connection today, and I'm reveling in checking out your past posts!) Don't worry about the traffic, and forget the self-doubt: there is nothing here that should make you doubt!

  44. I'm here. You jump into my mailbox every day. Guess I'm lazy to comment some days because I subscribe to over 60 blogs. Traffic to my blog is down this week as well. Something must be happening that you and I don't know about. Love all your creations, Amy!

  45. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Been through the job loss thing, cutting back, etc. Your attitude is right and a car is just a car, right? The Lord will continue to provide and you will all come out stronger in the end, I promise!
    I do read you (almost) daily and enjoy hearing so much about your family -- kind of feel like I know you, y'know? Please keep it up -- I look to you for inspiration!
    ~ Jenni


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