Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Can you believe that when I was teasing Allison yesterday of being the Spelling Police, just one sentence before I wrote that I actually misspelled a word and didn't catch my mistake?????? That's what I get for teasing someone, I suppose. Actually, I said it in fun, but in reality, I'm completely on the same page with Allison. I am a FIERCE advocate for correct spelling (my hubby is a terrible speller), I can't stand seeing misspelled words on my children's papers or in memos from my husband. I catch them all the time on blogs, Allison's right. But on my own blog, I'm usually in such a hurry to hit the publish button and get to the next task at hand that I fail to run a spell check on my work! Serves me right. Allison, thanks for being a sport and not pointing out my misspelling yesterday! Ladies--run spell check before you hit publish!!!!!

The last few days have been so stressful around here. We all seem to be on edge about something. Eldest Son and I are butting heads big time and it's bothering me. It's not typical behavior for us, and when we do argue, both our tempers get the best of us. It makes me sad to be angry with my boys. I know butting heads is normal at this age. He hasn't quite learned yet to not bite the hand that feeds him. Life isn't so tough around at our house, like it is in some of his other friends homes. He just loves contradicting everything I say. I'm never right, he always is. Gosh, he knows everything for such a young age.....if I didn't know better, he's a closet genius! Really, he's a great kid. And so far, his teen years have been relatively painfree. We're just experiencing some growing pains right now, I think. It's time for me to get on my knees and give it up to God.

Here's a card I made last weekend. I just love how it turned out. I'm going to be submitting something very similar for an upcoming pub call. I used the fun designer paper from Heidi Grace Designs (Harvest Flowers). I started with a base of So Saffron. I cut off a small portion of the bottom of the card and in it's place I put a scallop border using Cranberry Crisp. I placed the reverse scallop from this piece at the top of the card. The flowers on the center sentimate image is from Hero Arts. I stamped the flower in ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink in Creamy Brown. I painted the center of the flower with my aqua painter and So Saffron ink. The sentiment is stamped in Cranberry Crisp ink. A little piece of bronze hardward holds a So Saffron ribbon.

It's a busy day today! My BSF bible study class starts this morning. I do not have my own discussion group as of yet. The plan is for me to take all the intro class women that register either this week or next! I am so very excited to begin. We study Matthew this year and I am eager to begin this new journey with other women just joining BSF for the first time. This will be my 6th year in BSF, I can hardly believe it! I hope I do a good job sheparding these woman to lead a Christ centered life!

Have a wonderful day. For those of you interested, Muriel's staph infection is back, in her blood this time. We are hoping they caught it relatively early before it had time to really start wrecking havock on her body. She ate well today. Let's just hope the cocktail of antibiotics they've got her on do the trick.

One last thing.....I must have had a zillion people sign up to receive my blog updates via Feedblitz yesterday! More than ever before in any one day. Does anyone have a clue why? I mean, yippee--I LOVE that more of you are visiting my blog, I'm just wondering why yesterday was such a big day. Do you read about me at Craft Critique? (By the way, I have stepped down as a writer there. There is just too much happening in my life right now to continue on with that responsibility). Someone else's blog? If you signed up yesterday and read this far into today's post, will you leave a comment? Thanks! You guys rock!



  1. Allison8:11 AM

    LOL -- yes, I got here via the Craft Critique and enjoy both your art and your writing!!

  2. love the card, esp. the dp!! Rich and my fav colors! BTW, there's a misused word in your column today. It's stand for it is, while what you meant to use is its. love ya for your honesty!

  3. Carol8:33 AM

    I didn't sign up, but I check your blog on a daily basis ever since I found it. I love your beautiful work and the heartwarming and inspirational stories you share about your life. TFS :)

  4. Too funny about Allison! Love your card! I just got this stamp yesterday! Last one too...it was meant to be! I'm still looking for this paper though!

  5. I too dislike it when things are spelled wrong, but even more so, I ABHOR incorrect grammar. I have been know to "correct" letters home from my son's teachers, and call local newspapers to point out gross errors that make me cringe.
    When I was a child I would write to book publishers listing the spelling/typo errors and which pages they were on!

    Most recently, I have been seeing "a lot" spelled wrong on crafting blogs. Drives me crazy! There is a space there folks!

    Anyway, I'm sad you are butting heads with your teen. Always hard, I'm sure. My thoughts are still with Murial also.

    Oh, and GREAT card Amy!

  6. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I have you linked on my blog and read your blog everyday - I love all of your art and seeing a little of your life. Di

  7. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I might have missed it, but could you tell me where the sentiment stamp (fabulous) came from? I love that font and the whole card! Thanks, Lisa K

  8. I am so happy that I have found your blog. Your cards are beautiful and I especially love your blogging and how you share your life with us. Keep up the good work!

    I am so glad I got to meet you last week at our dinner and I hope that we can get together again real soon.

    Big hugs.


  9. Kudos for stepping down from Craft Critique. Not because I have any problem with them, but sometimes it's hard for us to say no to an opportunity and focus on family, life, etc. I'm thinking of you, your son, and your MIL. Best wishes on all fronts. Gorgeous card, too. I just love a sentiment stamped over top of a soft background pic.

  10. Good for you to keep trying with the pub thing. I have a hard time with rejection too, although I am starting to grow a thicker skin. I had one item picked up for Jan08, seems so far away! You do beautiful work and I love the cohesiveness of this card!

  11. I've received info from your blog through Feedblitz for some time now and also love your articles on Craft Critique...you are so talented and are a great inspiration to me....AND...Muriel's road keeps be focused on what is REALLY a priority/important...LIFE. I'm sorry she took another "bad" turn but I'm sure she will fight it off!! I hope to grow up and be just as strong as Muriel!! :) Hugs and prayers to you and your family.

    In Peace & Laughter,
    Tina Suzan

  12. This card is fab, Amy! Love everything about it. Hopefully the growing pains with your son are over soon. I still feel guilty about some of the things I said to my mom when I was his age! YIKES!

  13. This spelling thing has me in a tizzy! I confess...I am an English teacher who can NOT spell...never was any good at it. While I can catch just about every error in other people's writing, I can't spot my own for the life of me...I spell check every day, but it is not the end-all-be-all for catching errors...especially mine for some reason...so I also read my posts aloud. (Still have errors!)

    I hope you will forgive me...purty (purposely misspelled) please???

    I love your card today...you are really getting use out of those scallops. Great job!

    I hope life with your son gets a bit easier. Hugs!

  14. Gorgeous card! I love it!

  15. Anonymous2:15 PM

    As I was reading your post, I remembered a book I bought recently on the advice of a good friend. Its called "For Instruction in Righteousness - A Topical Reference Guide for Biblical Child-Training". I was thinking that I need to use it with my kids (who are much younger) in situations like what you're dealing with. It is, as it says, a topical guide including subjects like Pride, Self-Righteousness, Shifting Blame/Making Excuses, Laziness, Impatience, Arguing/Contention, and many more. It provides scripture references for each topic so you can immediately go to the book, look up the scriptures for a specific topic, and see what God has to say about any one particular issue, attitude, or problem. Although I hope it proves helpful for my young children, I think that it might prove even more effective for older children who are purposing to serve God and seek his will for their lives. Anyway, I didn't mean for this to turn into a novel, but thought I'd mention it in case it might be something helpful for you and your son. God Bless!
    Britiney (Britiney on SCS)

  16. I love your blog and your faithfulness to sheparding. Your blog is a must read for me everyday. Thanks for your inspiration.

  17. gorgoeus colours, very autumnal, or as you might say fall like?

  18. Love the card, The scalloped border looks perfect on it! just lovely!

  19. Hi from a fellow BSFer! I'm a Discussion Leader & have 14 women so far, but with all those in the Intro will probably get one more to make it a full group. There is such satisfaction in shepherding women, especially when they have a moment where the "lights go on" & they finally understand a formerly obscure (to them) passage. I totally sympathize with you & your son. I went through the same thing with our daughter for all her teenage years! It was amazing how her dad & I knew absolutely Nothing! Funny how she saw us as smart again when she moved away - my goodness - all those calls home for advice! I'll think of & pray for you this week!

  20. lacyquilter6:04 PM

    Is your son 16? When mine was that age, yes, he was ALWAYS right. Didn't matter how many years of experience mom had, he was still always right and had to have the last word. I learned really fast to stop arguing and just look at him and say, "I love you!" It really does take 2 to argue. And we lived thru it. He's 19 now.

  21. I got to you via Dana at Kismet Art & Life...my best friend and my main support for this new creative venture of mine!!
    Your art is beautiful and I like that you share so much of your life with others. I can't wait to see what comes next!

  22. I can't remember whose blog I connect with you from and I don't know which night it was in the last week. But I found your creations to be amazingly beautiful and I knew I had to sign up immediately. You are wonderfully talented.
    As for your son-- mine just turned twelve and he is driving me insane. What ever I say he say the opposite. And surely I remeber saying what he says I never said, especially when it was " no computer tomorrow!" Why he thinks I immagined that I just can't understand!
    Can't wait to see what is in your next post! Leslie

  23. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Oh my gosh... I'm totaly a SPELLING & GRAMMER bad-girl. I never spell check & I have poor grammer. OPSIE! I'll have to pay more attention.

    Sorry to hear about Muriel.. she's in my prayers... along w/you & your son. I think it's just a teenage thing.

    We gotta meet up at Lifetime... I email you.

  24. This card is so beautiful, Amy! Good luck with your card that you will be submitting. Your work is so lovely...something it sure to be picked up soon!

  25. This is so pretty! I love the colors and the scallops are such a wonderful added touch. Ida

  26. I adore this one too. You just keep impressing me, girl!


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