Saturday, September 22, 2007

An Apple A Day....

is DELICIOUS! Oh my, the hubster and I went to the apple orchard yesterday and bought some apples (let me just say, apples are expensive!!!!). I'm not sure how many pounds we bought, but 2 bags worth plus some apple wood (for grilling, $2), was $33!!!! Yikes. But OMgoodness, they were HEAVENLY!!!! We bought 1 bag of Honeycrisp, and 1 bag of Sweet 16. The Honeycrisp apples were amazing. Crisp and sweet like honey, I am NOT kidding you! Best apple I've had in ages!!! Well worth the money. I made a big bowl of applesauce for today (we're having porkchops with the applesauce. Did any of you eat porkchops and applesauce when you were little? I always dipped each bite into my applesauce....), and I just took the apple pie out of the oven. I can't wait to bite into, mmm, good!

We have a busy day today. Church at the crack of dawn. You see, we live about 20 miles from our church. Eldest son has to be at church for choir rehearsal by 8am and then he sings at the 9a & 10am services. Since we live so far away, that means we have to leave our house at 730am. Ugh. I hate that part of Sundays. Sometimes I just wish we went to the little church right down the street! After church, we'll go see Muriel in the hospital. She is set to leave the hospital again and go to the new rehab facility. She's not been tolerating a few antibiotics very well lately, so I hope she's feeling better by Monday or Tuesday, when they plan to move her. We'll visit with her a bit, then come home for a few hours. Then were having Doug's dad out for dinner (pork chops and applesauce:)))!!!!).

Here's a card I made earlier this week. Don't remember if it was before job loss or after, but I love how it turned out! The colors and patterns are so bold and fun. I haven't used In Full Bloom in eons, so it was fun getting it out again to make this card. The paper is from American Craft (the black floral), and I'm clueless who the other paper is from (the scallop floral). The base cardstock is More Mustard. The ribbon is some Martha Stewart self adhesive ribbon I've had laying around for months but never got around to opening up. I painted the flower image with my aqua painter and classic ink. Bold and bright....gotta love it!

A few housekeeping things I need to follow up on. Many of you keep asking where I got that sentiment from the card I made a few days ago. The poem is by Anatole France and is called To Accomplish....

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe."

It is a Wordsworth stamp by Rubber Soul. I think I bought it in a store around here somewhere. I know I didn't order it online. Every time I make a card with this verse people go crazy for it! I hope you can all find one for yourselves!

Reader Robbie asked me if I would do a tutorial on the Ranger Distress Ink I am ALWAYS talking about. I suppose that's a good idea Robbie! Since I talk about it all the time, it would only make sense. It's not complicated, but at least you'd know what I was talking about when I said I used it, uh? Robbie, I'll try and squeeze that on in for you this week, ok? Thanks for speaking up!

Well, I've got to sign off for now. Time to get ready for church.



  1. Evelyn9:52 AM

    Oh My GOSH! I just LOVE HoneyCrisp Apples. I had my first one about 6 years ago ... they were very hard to find back then. You describe the taste exactly! We bought 3 big bags yesterday. Everyone should try a Honey Crisp at least 1 time!

  2. We just bought some honey crisp apples yesterday! You gotta love local farmers with fresh produce! Love your post Amy!

  3. Your apples sound delish! I use local apples too, and since it's just the two of us these days (really only 1 1/2 until I lose the weight...) I make apple guallettes (?) like a tart--easier than pie for me.

    Doris Smith

  4. P.S. I meant to say also that we have to leave for church at 7:10 for our early service (27 miles away, to be exact!) It's a nice country ride, though, and worth every minute of it to attend a Christ-centered service.

    Doris Smith

  5. msfitzieok@sbcglobal.net7:08 PM

    Amy...just wanted to let you and your HB know that we are praying for you. We're going through the same thing....sure is a time of trusting in the LORD for everything!
    Hangeth thou in there.

  6. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I love your card! I have this paper and never can figure out what to do with it! I have the "to Accomplish" stamp. but I was wondering who makes the stamp that you used on the bag that starts with "I want to live...."

  7. Great card! I love apples. I love going to get fresh picked apples and then going home and making homemade apple crisp. Yummy!!! :-)


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