Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Try Something New Tuesday

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Our BBQ went great yesterday with my folks. Hubby and sons gave me a new telephoto lens for my new camera (see flower pictures I've included today) and my parents gave me an Archiver's gift card. Woo-hoo!! So, even though today's the actual birthday, it sort of feels like yesterday was!

I've been seeing tent topper cards on everyone's blog lately, so thought I needed to jump on the bandwagon and give it a try for today's Try Something New Tuesdays! Plus, it's been so crazy around here lately, it was time I tried something a little simpler in nature!

From what I can gather, Michelle Wooderson is the "QUEEN" of tent topper cards! She's a tough act to follow, but I've seen some really fun cards out there inspired by her. They are really simple, yet so different. A nice change of pace, if I do say so myself. Be sure and visit Michelle at her blog, Mish Mash, to see some of the wonderful creations she shares with her readers.

My card started with a Rose Red cardstock base. I couldn't resist using my Scenic Route bird paper as the main paper on the card, its so fun! Around the edges of the bird paper I used my wavy scissors to make a narrow border along all for edges. The topper, which I love, is a scallop circle punched out of the opposite side of the Scenic Route bird paper. It's orange and pink stripes! Inside the circle punch, I used my Hero Arts doodle flower stamped on a piece of coordinating Scenic Route paper (the other bird paper I used yesterday) to paper piece the flower on top of the circle punch. A flower button is used for the center of the Hero Arts flower. The Cool Caribbean dots stamped around the flower is from my Paper Tray stamp set. A little ribbon loop completes the topper. The sentiment is from Edgy Eloquence. It was stamped on Whisper White and then matted on Cool Caribbean cardstock.

I really like how the card turned out. The colors are wonderful!

Now on to what many of you are waiting for....the bruchetta recipe! We had another batch of it yesterday for the BBQ, yummy. Unfortunately, I left hubby in charge of the bread in the oven while I went on a quick errand, and the bread got a tish overcooked. It was very crunchy!

My recipe is very unscientific, so if you like exact measurements, this recipe is not for you!

1 baguette loaf of bread, sliced very thin (1/2 in max)

butter and garlic both sides (I usually butter all one side, place pieces on cookie sheet, then sprinkle with garlic. Then I flip them all over and butter and garlic other side)

Bake in 250 degree oven for 30 minutes (or until starting to lightly brown), then flip pieces and bake another 30 minutes, or until slightly brown.

The goal is to have nice crunchy piece of bread!

lots of tomatoes!
lots of garlic cloves!
lots of fresh basil
Olive oil
little bit of salt

Cut up tomatoes into small pieces. Crush garlic gloves into tomatoes. I must have used 6 or 7 cloves in one batch of bruchetta this weekend! Chop up basil. You want lots of slivers of basil in the mixture. 10-15 good sized leaves, probably! Mix up ingredients. Sprinkle some salt to taste. Add at least a 1/3 of a cup of Olive Oil to mixture. Stir. Make at least 4-5 hours in advance so flavors can meld.

Feel free to alter the recipe somewhat depending on your tastes.

That's about it peeps. Really, really easy. Just a little time consuming on the bread. But I can honestly say, if you make this bruchetta, you will become famous for it amongst your friends and family. I often make two loaves of bread because people love it so much!

Let me know if you give the recipe a try. Here's a picture of the finished product to tempt your taste buds! Doesn't it look delish?

Well, I've got to run. Hope you all have a great day. We have a busy one on hand, so it's time for me to get moving.



  1. Okay, I'm in awe of your card, your recipe and your pictures! Love the colors in your tent topper card! Still gotta try that one.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I totally missed that! Sounds like you had a great time though. Your flower photos look wonderful and your dish delicious (if you like tomatoes that is. LOL).
    Love your tent topper card.

  3. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Amy. Hope you enjoy every min. of it! I love Bruchetta and made some over the weekend myself. It's so addicting.

  4. Wow Amy...your tent topper card is awesome!! I love the papers and all the special touches you've given it!

    Your flower pictures are very pretty and your Bruchetta looks so yummy!

  5. Awesome photo's & your Bruchetta looks so good. Belated Happy Birthday to you also.

  6. Once again Happy Happy Birthday. WOW the photos are great! Such gorgeous flowers and simply looking at the brushetta makes my mouth water - thanks for the recipe.

  7. I have been wanting to try one of these cards for a few weeks now...you beat me to it! Yours is beautiful! The pics are amazing and the bruchetta looks yummy! (I LOVE garlic)

  8. Ok, I am coming to your house next year for Memorial Day! And those flowers are so pretty...and the card as well. Enjoy your Archiver's shopping trip!

  9. The flowers are beautiful. The food looks simply yummy. And I love the card. I have seen lots of these cards lately too...I am thinkin' I am gonna have to try one too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. ematson2:47 PM

    Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Amy, Happy Birthday to you!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe for the Bruchetta. Looks yummy!

    I also love your flower photos. Great birthday gifts!

  11. Yummy card, yummy recipe and yummy photos. That camera must be awesome! Thanks for mentioning me today re: the tent topper cards! Beautiful stuff today!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anne Marie6:32 PM

    Happy Birthday Amy! :)

  13. that card is fantastic!

    happy belated birthday! have fun with the new camera toys

  14. Happy Birthday,(belated) what a great card, and thanks for sharing your recipe for bruchetta

  15. Happy Birthday Amy!!!! I absolutely love your card today - oddly enough my very favorite part is the little loop of ribbon at the top. :-) And the recipe (and photo of it!) looks soooo yummy, will definitely be giving it a try soon! TFS!

  16. Good Morning and Happy belated birthday! I can't wait to try your brushetta...It sounded so yummy...maybe for work next week.

  17. That flower looks so great on a scalloped circle for the tent topper card. Love it!

  18. Okay, I have to say that the card, flowers, and food all look gorgeous! Wow! That card is amazing!


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