Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scrap Stash Saturday!

Oh, how I love rifling through my scrap drawer! It's becoming more and more fun to grab papers that don't seem to "go together" and see what I can magically create with them! Seriously though, I need to be reaching into the scrap drawer way more than I have been lately because it's nearly overflowing! (I'm NOT exaggerating)!

Here are the papers I started out with this morning. I bet you're looking at this combination right about now saying to yourself "why the heck did she throw black and white polka dots into the mix?" My answer would be, "I don't know....isn't black considered a neutral?" I just like the impact of black with bright colors! And you know me, I want to challenge myself to see if it can be done!

So, this is what I managed to come up with! I love all the happy colors together! I have been a scallop dervish this week, haven't I? My slit punch has seen lots of action. I knew when I first started making the card this morning that I wanted the black to be some sort of scalloped border instead of it being front and center. This way, it just peeks out enough to catch your attention, but not overpower the card. I used the waste from the scallop at the bottom of the card, which I first showed you how to do a few days ago. I ended up using only a little bit of the pink and white polka dot paper, to compliment the Rose Red cardstock and pick up the pink in the Basic Grey paper. Actually, there is one more piece of scrap paper that got included on the card but that wasn't in the picture above. I needed more flowers than were available in the Basic Grey scrap I did photograph, so I found a coordinating Basic Grey scrap in my drawer that I used for the flower cutouts. Once again, I found myself curious how I was going to get some stamping into the card. I need to be a little more careful that I don't keep making cards where the layout is the primary focus. It makes stamping a bit harder!I figured I would stamp something on the teal paper, but wasn't sure what and how big. Thank heavens I got my new PaperTrey stamps in the mail yesterday (my very first ones:)). They are understated enough to compliment the card, but not take away from it! A few paper piercing holes and the card was finished! I'm tickled with how it turned out. Don't you love when that happens?

I thought I'd leave you with a picture that was taken last night at my oldest brother's 50th birthday party. It was just our family, minus the kids! Every once in a while we get together without the stress of the kids around hollering and carrying on all the time. There are 9 grandkids, so when they get together, things get busy! All of us adults just sat out on the back patio and ate and laughed together all night! This is a picture of me and my brothers; they are Guy (the birthday boy), Chris is on the right side (second oldest), Paul is on the left (third oldest brother), and then there's me, the baby of the family. There are 6 years between me and the birthday boy!

It's time to get rolling for the day. Lots to accomplish if I want to be able to stamp later!



  1. I am TOTALLY in awe of this card. I would have posted that comment yesterday but there was no comment button! That's probably the reason you had no comments!

    But surprise, it's there today!

  2. You fixed it!!! We can comment! Loved your card when you posted it yesterday! The scallop border, the stitching, the paper....wonderful!!!!
    Looks like you all had a blast with the birthday boy! Hugs and smiles

  3. Looks super...nice and vivid! I did visit yesterday...promise!

  4. Oh wow! I love the black polka dots you threw into the mix. I LOVE your colorful bold style.

  5. Apparently there was something wrong with your mind reading yesterday as I read your blog and studied the picture and thought: "ah...that's nice....I'm the youngest of three brothers too...although my oldest brother was 12 years older than me..." I suppose I should have typed it and not relied on my powers of suggestion. ;)

    I have to come read your blog every day. I like to know what's going on in your life and to get my creative juices flowing.


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