Saturday, May 12, 2007

Scrap Stash Saturday!

One of the best days of the week is Scrap Stash Saturday! Unfortunately, my scrap pile is growing faster than I can use them up. Literally, I think the drawer will be full in less than a month flat. Not kidding in the least. I think I need to reconsider using the entire sheet of paper up before I move on to another piece of designer paper. Its so hard though, because I get bored easily. What do most of you do?

Well, before we move on to today's card, I'll share a few pictures of last nights big birthday bash....all went really well, and I'm not that cranky today, so that's a plus! There were a total of 9 boys that went to the game, plus my oldest son and his friend. Then my hubby and I went, plus a girlfriend of mine, one of the other boy's mom.

I had told a few parents about the limo beforehand so that they could kind of "hang around" chatting with my husband and I as they dropped their kids off. I had told them to bring their cameras. It was funny that not one boy asked why his parents were still hanging around after dropping them off! Other parents I caught as they dropped their son off and told them about it. Some went back to their houses and got cameras and came back. None of the boys asked why!

While we were hanging around the yard, waiting for all the kids to arrive, the boys that were there escaped across the street to the school park without us really noticing! Ackkkkkkk! I had to have my oldest son run over there to get them. As I'm standing at the corner screaming for the boys to come back, the limo drives by. I had to discreetly wave him past, to keep going since the boys were at the park. They got back with about a minute or two to spare before the limo came by.

It was funny because the boys were in the driveway playing basketball when the limo slowly drives by the house. They all go running down to see it thinking it's for them, but it kept going!!!! They were bummed, and we're all like "oh, it must be prom night and they're picking people up somewhere down the street!". The look on Scott's face when he thought it was for him was priceless. Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera ready. The limo turned around in the culdesac and came back. They were all so excited it was for them!!!! Here they are outside the limo before they left. Isn't it a great picture? Everyone is looking at the camera and is smiling!!! That alone makes the night worth it!!!!

The rest of the night went without incidence. They were of course rowdy in the sweet, flirting with the young girls in the suite next to us and annoying the fans in the seats below the suite! The Twins lost 7-3, and can I just tell you it was the most BORING game ever? It was after 8pm and they were still in the 2nd inning (game started at 715p). Ugh. We ended up leaving the game an inning and a half early. I always like to get a jump on the game traffic!

So, that's a quick summary of the night. Scott had a great time and is now rolling in the dough after he opened all his gifts. Gift cards from Target are a hot item among this age group, so Scottie's got money burning a hole in his pocket. He wants to buy a second guitar controller for the Guitar Hero II PS2 game he's getting from us next week on his real birthday! He was even nice enough to give his older brother a $10 gift card since "he had so much money"! I thought that was so sweet!

Ok, on to today's card! This is my interpretation of Beate's sketch challenge she's having because she's reached the 200,000 mark on her blog! She's giving away great blog candy! I want to win it!!!!! The card is made with all scraps (obviously since it IS Scrap Stash Saturday!!!!). This is the first card I've made with my new Bella's I got about a month ago. Just haven't had the chance to ink her up yet. I bought the Glamour sentiment this week on clearance specifically with the PMS Bella in mind. I thought it suited her sitting in her sweats munching away! Glamour isn't about how you look, it's about how you feel inside!! I'm not quite sure I believe that, but it makes for a cute card!

I started out with a scrap piece of pink polka dot paper. It's matted on a piece of Whisper White. Then I took another scrap piece of paper and sewed it on horizontally across the card with a zig zag stitch. Ms. PMS Bella is colored using Prisma Colored Pencils. I paper pieced her sweat pants with the same pink polka dot paper I used for the background. I sewed around Ms. PMS Bella with a straight stitch, as well as on a piece of Bashful Blue cardstock stamped with a polka dot stamp in Bashful Blue. The sentiment is stamped on Whisper White with VersaMagic in Aegean Blue. The letter "g" is from a pack called Sticky Alpha Stax by Colorbok. They are self adhesive and come with 15 sheets per letter for a total of 390 letters! Wow! I bought the Sparkle collection. They are all bright, fun colored patterns! I think I'm going to have fun with these!

So, what do you think? Do you think I followed Beate's sketch pretty well? I managed to take a few liberties with it, but not much! I hope you are inspired to try Beate's sketch too today!

This weekend is going to be a busy one. My youngest son has a baseball tournament, so I'm afraid Mother's Day will be spent sitting in a sports chair cheering him on. That's ok, I love watching him play. His dad is the coach this season, which is something new. We had our first game Thursday night and got clobbered. I hope we can manage a few wins this weekend! I'll leave you with a photo of Thursday night's game. I am the "official" team photographer....I have so much fun trying to capture the "great" shot. I did pretty well Thursday night with my new camera, so I'll leave you with the one I like the best. Have a great day friends!!!!


p.s. Be sure and visit Craft Critique today. I wrote an article comparing different watercolor papers! Let me know what you think!


  1. Hi Amy,
    I am glad to hear the sleepover went well! Great shot of the boys in front of the limo!!!
    I LOVE your card. LOVE it! Thanks so much for playing. May the machine pick you! LOL

  2. Looks like your son and friends had a blast! Good for them. I love your card for Beate's contest. The sentiment really is perfect.

  3. Great card Amy! It's bright, cheery and just plain cute!

  4. I can just imagine the boys in the limo! How fun! With three boys of my own and maybe a fourth on the way... I'll have to bank some of these b-day ideas! My 5 1/2 yr old just started baseball so we too had our first game on Thursday! Cute card - I've got lotsa scraps too...

  5. What an excellent idea to have a limo. The boys will remember that for a long time!

  6. Oh what fun for your son and friends!!

  7. GORGEOUS card, Amy! I love it! Thanks for sharing the pics too! Looks like a great time!

  8. Sounds like the kids had a blast! What fun parents you both are! I think the card is adorable and I'll cross my fingers for you to win the prize!

  9. I absolutely LOVE you card!!! Love the colors you chose as well, so bright and happy looking!

  10. Beautiful card!! I'm so happy I bought that bella!


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