Saturday, May 05, 2007

Scrap Stash Saturday!

I woke up this morning and came down to the stamp room realizing I would have to whip up today's Scrap Stash Saturday card pronto! Do you remember last week when I put out a call to those of you who were interested in sending me some of your scraps? The plan was for me to make a card using the scraps you sent me!

Well, I'm excited to say that Melissa Wohlers of Rochester, MN was the first one to send me some scraps this week! Thanks Melissa! They were wonderful scraps, although I did have a few moments of panic wondering how the heck I was going to put them all together. Here they are....pretty, aren't they? The purple though, is what threw me for a loop. How could I work the purple into the peachy floral papers, whose main colors were peach, olive green, burgandy and blue? Mmmmmm....put on the ol' thinking cap.

Well, despite my panic, I have to say, this card came together in a snap! I think I had it completed in less than a 1/2 hour! It just worked like a charm. Stamping Karma is with me this morning, I must say!

I started the card by cutting off about an inch off the bottom of the front panel. Then I glued on a strip of the pretty purple paper at the bottom of the short panel and cut it with my decorative scissors so it was even with the back panel. Then I glued on the main floral patterned paper. The final piece was the BACK of one of the floral papers, just a small piece glued to the top of the card. These three pieces made up the basic layout of the card.

Next, I dug through my ribbon drawer for a ribbon that would bring more purple to the card. This purple polka dot ribbon was was wonderful! The only problem now was bringing more purple to the upper half of the card to balance it out. I took my window punch and punched out two strips and laid them on top of the peach paper at the top, one on each side. Then I thought the card needed more green, so I used my new Martha Stewart flower punch and punched a flower out of Old Olive cardstock. See the center of the flower? That is actually from the other floral designer paper Melissa sent (it's got the big peach flower on it in the photo above). I punched a small circle right out of the center of the big flower and glued it onto my Martha flower.

Since the whole layout is pretty busy, I figured whatever stamping I did on the card needed to be pretty minimal. I just took the back of one of the floral papers and stamped my sentiment on it and then punched it out with my oval punch. I matted it with more of the purple paper and then cut it out using my tiny scallop scissors. It is attached to the card using foam tape.

That cute little butterfly? He's new from Hero Arts. I decided to paper piece him to use up the rest of the patterned paper Melissa sent me. The big polka dot patterned paper was the most difficult to incorporate into the card, until I decided I could use it to make Mr. Butterfly! I Smart and sneaky, aren't I?

First, I stamped Mr. Butterfly on the purple paper. Then I stamped him again on the big floral patterned paper and again on the big polka dot paper. I cut out two wings from both the big floral paper and the big polka dot paper and paper pieced them on top of the butterfly I stamped on the purple paper. So, what resulted was a butterfly with a purple midsection, and beautiful patterned wings! I love him! I especially love his upper right wing and lower left wing, which have portions of a burgundy dot showing, which ties in with the burgundy flowers in the main paper! His antennas are made with a small curled piece of wire.

There you have it! My first "interactive" scrap challenge! I am really pleased with how the card turned out! A big thanks to Melissa for sending me her scraps. I hope I did them justice!

One last thing.....I so enjoyed everyone's comments yesterday on my new Flashback Fridays feature! They were hysterical! I think I struck a chord with many of you! Here's one comment that really made me chuckle out loud...."

This is so funny! I think we all have our stash of first cards we made that when you look at them now, really give you a sense of progress. One month into stamping, I made cards and gave them as gifts at Christmas. I colored in all of the images using COLORED BALL POINT PENS! I was using my daughter's glue stick as adhesive, so I am sure they have fallen apart (in the landfill, which is where they belonged) by now. I need to make my gift recipients a new card that says, "Sorry for the horrid gift two years ago." We have all been there! Thanks for sharing and for the laugh! "

Oh my gosh, the COLORED ball point pen comment is HYSTERICAL! Thanks to Teresa at Honeycomb for that great story! All of them were so touching, so again, THANK YOU!


  1. Those look like some tough scraps to use...but you put them together beautifully! You got SKILLS!

  2. Amy - you did it and the card looks fabulous too!!! Your talent is amazing - thanks for sharing your gift.

  3. Hi Amy! That is funny, I should have sent you a little explantion of why I chose the scraps I chose. I thought that the chatterbox scraps would all go together for sure, but then I thought if you didn't particularly care for those scraps you could fall back on the purple and the animal print one. So, really I thought there were two different directions you could go in. Sorry that you had to try to fit them all together, but you did an AWESOME job! I love it!

  4. I think that you are amazing. I look at scraps and I see only scraps. You look at scraps and you see something beautiful! Amazing card.


  5. I'd be happy to send you some scraps. Send me your address!

  6. OMGoshhhhhhhhh!!! LOVE this card and what a cool idea too. I have so many scraps calling me right now.


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