Friday, July 09, 2010

I'm Not Dead!

I know many of you have been just to set your mind at ease let me be the first to tell you that I'm still alive!!!  Woo-hoo!  I know, shame on me for celebrating Mother's Day with you and then bolting.

I have to honestly tell you that crafting for me has gone by the wayside.  Work has taken it's toll on me creatively speaking.  It makes me sad, truly.  I've got a room full of fabulous stuff and no desire to work it {insert sad face}.

To be perfectly honest there has been one other thing taking a bite out of my crafting time, and that's my Nikon D90.  I'm sure a lot of you know that I have loved photography for a number of years now.  It's my "other" love.  And it has only been in the last 6 months or so that this love has taken on more meaning in my life.  I have decided I want to try and take this hobby, or love of mine, even further.  Now, instead of perusing card blogs, I have a million photography blogs in my Google Reader.  I am constantly gathering as much information as I can about taking better photographs.  I've bought wonderful books that I can immerse myself in even deeper.

I want to take this thing professional.  I know, shocker.  But that is a long way off.  My first plan of action is to start booking some portfolio building sessions with friends to practice my shooting.  My vision is to take bold, colorful images of children/families and seniors (the high school kind).  You know me, color speaks to me in a way not many other things can.  And I want to take that love of color and transition it into my photographs.  And the more natural the poses, the better.  No stuffy traditional poses for me.  I want to capture the emotion, energy and love of everyone I am priviledged to take photos of.

So, what do you think?  Are you surprised?  Is there anyone still reading this blog (I know there are a few of you still left!)?  I am also happy to share with you that I am starting another blog called Captured in Color, which is the name I chose for my new business.  I think it captures what I'm about better than any other name I came up with.  Bold, colorful images of beautiful people (not beautiful people in a stuck up way).  I think I like it.

If you'd like to check out my new blog, I have my first post up.  You can find me at  Captured In Color.  Stop by and visit me and leave me some love!


  1. i was just about to ping you and inquire about what life had been bringing your way!

    so excited for you about the new venture!! i have a neighbor here in GA who is a professional photographer who only photographs children and dogs. she says that other subjects just don't interest her. i think it's good that you know what you want to shoot and what you don't.

    thanks for sharing with us! i'm off to see the new site...

  2. Go for it Amy - life is given as a gift to use - I am sure if you can take some great photos you will bring joy to many people. Don't exclude senior seniors - their faces can tell some marvellous tales!

  3. Halo Amy
    You must do what make you happy and if taking photos makes you happy do it. Enjoy your new hobby and good luck

    Chantell - South Africa

  4. Way to go Amy! Love the new blog. I'm still learning my P90. One of these days I'll graduate up to the D90. Thanks for the inspiration. ~chris

  5. Adele9:36 AM

    So happy for you! And yes, I was wondering where your life was taking you recently. Happy to know it's all good news!

  6. Congrats on your new endeavor! I'm sure you will do wonderfully

  7. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Go for what makes you happy - life is too short to not reach for the stars that you want. I still check in to see what you are up to - and I totally get how work sort of interferes with art.

  8. Hi Amy,
    Just checking in with your blog to see what has been up with you and your photog endeavors. I am really rooting for you in this, Amy. You are very good and have a natural "eye" for the art. I hope you are building your portfolio and that it is going well. I have a friend here doing the same thing and it has really just taken off in a BIG way. Keep going and much success to you!

    12:37 AM

  9. Oh, no, I just bought a D90 while in vacation in Germany!!!
    I only bought it because I had the excuse of our first baby coming so I could spend a little fortune.
    I'll go see your other blog but I hope it won't take away my crafting :P

  10. Awesome!!! I just bought my very first Cannon Rebel T2i! So excited to learn all of its functions...kinda scared but I am sure it will all be fine! Off to see your other blog.


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