Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Card and a Cat

You'd be right if you thought life around here has been crazy since we accepted the new job offer!  I'm happy to tell you that we found an apartment for Doug on the very first try--it's an efficiency, so it's small, but for now, it will do.  Once he's had some time to live in it and see how he does, we'll know if he needs to move up to a one bedroom.  The apartment is directly across from Lake Winona and the bluffs, oh my, is it a gorgeous view!  And the caretakers of the apartment have been in their job for 18 years....their names are Cliff and Betty, and I have a feeling they'll take good care of the apartment AND of Doug, LOL!  The good Lord was definitely watching out for us.  It's clean and affordable.

The next few weeks will be crazy as well, trying to get supplies gathered to set up a second household (can you say garage sale???), and wrapping up the end of the school year for my oldest.  He moves back home the same weekend we ship Doug out!  It looks like he'll be starting his new job on May 17th.  So excited for him!

Well, a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go up to my friend Lue's cabin for a girls weekend (that's Lue in the middle and Teeny on the right) of stamping and scrapping.  I got quite a few cards made, although not as many as I typically get done when we go away.  Todays card is one of those I managed to get done.  I love the colors of the paper and how I tied in the chair in to work with the paper.  I don't worry about "perfect" matches, and I hope you don't either.  As long as they are in the same color "family",  you should be ok.  You can see that the blues in the background paper and the blue I used for the chair are not exact matches, but close enough to work.

On a funny note, we had a great time at the cabin.  However, let me tell you that Lue is a cat lover.  Me, not so much, but only because I am horribly allergic to them.  Teeny isn't a cat lover either.  Well, there was this cat that would come up to the cabin sliding glass door all day long and meow, meow, meow to come in.  Lue didn't know whose cat it was, but being that she is a cat lover, she would feed it warm milk and some turkey meat.  By Sunday, we were so sick of the darn cat, so we tried to ignore it.  But cats are persistent!  This fella wouldn't leave us alone.  From my stamping spot at the table, this is the shot I got of the annoying cat sitting on the deck railing (which is on the side of the house) and leaning WAYYYYYY over so he could get our attention through the window (at the front of the house) and meow some more!!!!  Doesn't he look possessed????  Just looking at his little face makes me laugh all over again.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for all the well wishes for the new job.  Please keep us in your prayers that all will go well in the transition.



  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Cute, cute card! And I love the story about the cat. Congratulations on your hubby's new job. I'm so happy for your family!

  2. Glad all is going well for the family... finally, you can breathe a sigh of relief! Looks like you had a great time & that cat is hilarious!!!

  3. Your card is fabulous!!! And me? Not a cat person either....but that photo IS pretty funny!

  4. I like the card. Such bright colors. I am glad that everything is now starting to fall in place. It gives me hope that prayers are answered even if it is not in our time frame but when it is the right time. Good luck with the move.

    Chantell - South Africa

  5. love the paper in this card! great job!


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