Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Card and an Easter Update

Here's a simple one for you if you are short on time or energy!  I made this at the retreat I was at in March and I loved it--I need to make some more of these!The heart stamp comes from the new SU! set, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it's called and I borrowed it from my girlfriend so I don't have it here.  The squares were punched with a 1x1 inch punch.  I used a bunch of Bo Bunny polka dot scraps.  I told you I use this paper alot;0)!  
So, what's up with all of you?  Is there anyone out there anymore?  I am wondering if anyone reads this blog or have you moved on to bigger and better things?  I know that my readership of blogs has changed...and the types I read vary with what my interests are at the moment.  I think I read less card blogs and more photography, decorating and quilting blogs now.  So I get that, if that's the case.  Maybe I've scared you all away because I share too many photos.  I have another blog I plan on starting up again that will be strictly photography based.  I love to share my photos but often wonder if this is the best avenue to do that.  I think the card makers get bored with my photos, and if I invite people interested in photos only to come here they'd be bored with the cards.  Oh, what's a girl supposed to do?

As far as life around the Westerman household, all is well.  We are in the process of waiting to hear if Doug will be offered a job he interviewed for on Monday.  The job would be PERFECT for him, but it would require a move from our home of 17 years.  It would be tough, but we would be so thankful for the opportunity.  It sounds like we won't hear for 2-3 weeks, ack!  Why do employers do that????  Hurry up and wait.

Easter was wonderful!  Here are a few photos (ok, LOTS) of the special day, which was held at our house.  I think in total there was 20 people.  But it was GORGEOUS, so we got to spend the day outside.   Yay!!

These are my three guys while they were tossing the football around in the backyard before our guests arrived.  Are they not the most handsome guys you've ever seen?

This is my nephew Daniel and his new wife Laura.  I used a 70's PSE action on this photo to make it look retro.  Love how it turned out!

This is me and my SIL Diane.  Don't we look like a couple of Easter eggs with our colorful sweaters, LOL?

This is my adorable mom.  When we all get together, we do a lot of this.  Laughing.

This was one of the first attempts to corral the troops.  By troops I mean cousins!  We were missing one on Easter, but they were still in fine form without him. I'm sure you recognize my two!

Not surpisingly, this is the best picture I was able to capture where whey were mostly all looking at the camera and in a straight line.  All the others were variations of the shot above this one!  Usually we take one picture of the kids in chronological order, which is what they were probably trying to accomplish in the shot above this one.  For this one, however, we had them line up from tallest to shortest.  

This is my niece Rachel.  The only way I could get a picture of myself to prove that I was actually present this day was to take a picture of my reflection in her shades, LOL!

This was a shot I took of the gang that was watching the festivities below from a safe spot up on the deck!  From the left is:  Liz (SIL), Laura (nephew's wife), Diane (SIL), Chris (brother), Doug (my hubby), and then my mom and dad.

After the group shots, I broke them off into boys and girls.  I absolutely ADORE this picture of the 5 boys! They are, in order from left:  Daniel, Eric (mine), Luke, Scott (mine), and Jacob.

It was finally the girls turn, and just let me say, I love having the chance to take pictures of girls!  They love the camera (unlike my boybarians) and make my job fun!  Here they were trying to be bad ass girls, even though they are the sweetest girls on the face of the earth.

Some more PSE 70's action!  They are, from front to back:  Rachel, Mary, and Jessica.  Thanks girls, for playing along with your Auntie Amy!

Well, if you're still hanging around, that's it for now. Have a great day.  Get out there and take some pictures. They tell a story that someday you're not going to be able to!!!



  1. But Amy...if you didn't post your pictures I would never have recognized you in Birmingham! I've got my fingers crossed for Doug on the job interview!


  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

    i hardly ever post on blogs, but i check yours every day! love hearing about your family and am anxiously waiting to hear if Doug gets that job! so even if i don't comment, i am still here reading!
    Sharon Bader

  3. I'm still here! Actually, I've had computer troubles for the last couple of weeks.....but it is fixed and now I can go "visiting!" Love the card with the strip of bright colors!!! Your photos are great...they certainly don't scare me away! : )

  4. AMY! I had no idea you were back in blogland! It's so nice to see your smiling face again and all those yummy photos of your family. I read back though a bunch of posts, and saw that your mom had surgery. Glad to hear (read?) that it was a success.
    Now I need to add you to my reader so I don't miss you again!

  5. I regularly check bye so please keep going. Love the mix you give us. Love the simple card and your fun family photos.

  6. Hi there! Still here! Fun card and wonderful family pics!

  7. I still read you Amy, but I don't comment too often. Love your "70's" photos.

  8. Amy - lovin' the card and the colors, and the family pix also :)

  9. Hey Amy - I just randomly typed in your blog today to see if you had resurfaced yet and was surprised to see your comeback in January! I had no idea but welcome back! I have browsed through & I'm now up to date :) As for your blog, do whatever you want to do - cards, pictures, family stories, whatever - it's YOUR blog! Pictures are great, cards are great... just have fun!
    Hope you have a blessed day!
    PS: enjoyed your Easter pics with all the cousins etc. Looks like great memories were made :)

  10. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Amy, Keep your photos on this blog. I enjoy looking at them. Hope Doug gets the job. Mari P.

  11. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I enjoy reading your blog and am so glad you decided to continue sharing your creativity and yourself in the blogosphere. I hope that your husband gets the job and will be crossing my fingers for you all. As for moving, I know it's hard to do, especially after living there for 17 years. But if you have to move, the key is said perfectly by Mary Englebreit (sp?), and that is to "bloom where you're planted". I'm a military wife and mother of four. Our oldest child is only 8 years old and the home we're in now is her 6th house. Hope to hear good news soon!

    ---Marica G.

  12. Just wondering if your hubby got the job and how you all are doin up there in the North!

    Hope you are all blessed.

  13. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Hey there! Where'd ya go??? Hope you haven't given up again! Miss you!

  14. oh i remember that bo bunny polka dot paper - it's the BEST! and such a great way to use so many colors!

    i love your photos too. i think looking at beautiful photos is inspiring. and i read lots of different types of blogs --- which may be why i don't get them all read every day but check in and catch up on them all! the photo with your reflection in the sunglasses lenses - so cooL!

  15. Hi again Amy,

    I think I was so excited by the post announcing Doug's new job that I never scrolled done any further! Then today, since you haven't posted in awhile, I decided to look back. I love your card and will case it when I get home to my stamps. Also love all of the photos.


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