Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome, Little One and More

There's a group of cards I have the most difficult time making, and that's baby cards. When I sit down to make one, I am absolutely inspired-less, don't ask me why. Maybe it's because I don't like the papers out there for babies???? Maybe it's because I don't have any "baby" type stamps? Maybe it's because I don't have any babies in my life right now and don't have anyone specific in mind when I make one???? Who the heck knows. But I was thrilled when I managed to squeak this card out last weekend! I even broke out an oldie-but-goodie stamp set from SU too. Just doing my part to help the "green" movement that's so popular these days.....using a "must-must-must-must have stamp set more than once...!

The stamped image in the lower right corner is actually mounted on the inside of the card on the pink polka dot paper. I used a square punch to punch out a square (novel idea, I know) and then mounted the stamped image right in the middle of it on the inside. I'm gettin' fancy in my old age, aren't I?

I also wanted to share a little photoshop'd image I created earlier this week for my youngest son....remember how I shared in my last post about how he has been having a rough summer???? I finally uploaded this photo that I took a few weeks ago when we were ALL having a rough day, and decided that it would look great with an inspirational quote on it, one that lifts him up. He was actually sitting on the rocks next to the St. Croix River in Hastings, MN watching a train cross a bridge.
But he looks so solitary and a little lonely, doesn't he? I think it's a powerful picture, very emotional. It definitely tugs the heart strings, at least for me. I am hoping if you click your mouse on top of the picture it will enlarge for you so you can see it better. The quote says, "Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is STRENGTH."

Two more days til D-day. Departure Day. We are all experiencing such a range of emotions here that if one of us looks at the other wrong, we snap. I think each of us just wants the day HERE. NOW. Let's get the ball rolling. Nothing is holding us back but time now. We're ready. Well, I don't think we're "ready" in the "everything's packed" sense of the word, but we're ready emotionally, at least for the actual move. But for the thought of having my first born actually leave home? I'm not sure I'll get my head around that emotionally for a while. I have to be honest and tell you I am sooooooo worried. About everything. Worried that College-Freshman Son is not going to be able to get by without his mom telling him what to do at every juncture. Worried that he won't be able to handle the workload. Worried that his roommate is going to be a crazy druggie who doesn't do anything but party. Worried that College-Freshman Son is going to party. Worried that he won't have any friends. Worried that he is secretly thrilled to be getting out of the house and leaving us. Worried that he'll never come back home.

I know, all irrational fears. I realize we've laid the best foundation for him that we could, and now it's his turn to draw on that foundation to build his new life. We've controlled his life long enough. Now it's his turn to control his own life. And I know he thinks he can do a better job of it than we can (don't they all at this age?). But can he really? I can only pray that what we've given him is enough. He now has to draw on his inner strength and do it himself, with us on the outside ready and willing to help him if he needs it. It's that crazy loss of control that is driving me batty. How did the rest of you moms with college kids give up that control that you've had on their lives for so long? I guess I was more of a control freak than I ever thought I was. Although I secretly think ALL moms are control freaks, because nothing would ever get done if we weren't!
My tummy is in a constant state of upset just thinking about it all the time. I just want the day to be HERE. I want this new chapter in our lives to begin so I can stop worrying. I guess I need to reread the chapter in Matthew (6:25-34) that talks about the fruitlessness of worrying. Verse :34 sums up the chapter the best.....So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.




  1. Amy
    I like the card. Good luck for the next few days and I hope that everything goes smoothly.
    Chantell - South Africa

  2. Amy, I have to send you hugs! My son just left yesterday for his soph. year, he goes to school in LA and we live in Portland. It's hard, I won't deny it. Last year it took me quite a while to get used to having him *away* (he's an 'only' so now we're empty nesters), and hopefully this year will be a bit easier, tho it wasn't last night.
    Loss of control. 3 very powerful words, don't you think? They want us to from such an early age. Every worry you mention in your blogpost resonates with me, and the way I got through it last year, and will again this year is to Trust. Just let it go. I know, easier said than done. Trust your son, and Trust the Lord, and Trust yourself. It will get easier bit by bit.

  3. Hi Amy, I like you, have two sons. Mine are four years apart. My oldest son just started his 3rd year of college this year and he transferred to a school 3 hrs away. (He was at a college only 1 hr away). It is hard the first year to see them go. To trust they will be the 'adult' we hope they are. It gets better (the worry and fear for them), you just have to trust in God and let him watch over your son. It is definitely quieter around the house again with just one kid...but I think he is actually enjoying being the only kid in the house again. Have fun bringing your son to college. Move in day is CRAZY! It will get better! :o)

  4. I can tell that you're really struggling... keep trusting the Lord, praying... & then remembering how faithful He has always been & will be! Hugs!

  5. i too have trouble with baby cards. my problem is not having inspiration--several peeps in my life right now with new babies. my trouble is not having a good "go-to" set. i think you did admirably!

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the photoshopped picture of #2 son!!! it says just the right words and i think it's a powerful shot that should spur him on. it'll be a good memory of that day too.

    hang in there with the Dday stuff. once you get going it'll get better, i think. what do i know though...mine's only a freshman in HS! all the other comments have been good suggestions. i know from other moms that you're not alone in how you feel and i hope that's a comfort.

  6. Hi Amy,

    Love the photocard of your son. Awesome picture and perfect quote.

    My kids are still pretty little. My youngest starts kindergarten this year and I am giddy with joy at the prospect of quiet time, stamping time, no-interruption time. But you and several others I know remind me that they will be grown up before I know it. I cry each time I read about you or another friend letting go of their children. I cannot imagine that day. I'll pray it goes well for you.


  7. Oh Amy...huge hugs to you!!
    I've been through D-Day with my two precious children...and lived to tell about it! After graduation, our son actually left for South Africa (with our blessing!)...when I was still in the hospital following surgery, and they weren't sure if I would live. Talk about trust! 'Just remember that God loves your boys...even more than you do. And they may slip and fall occasionally (not a bad thing!)...because they will pick themselves up and be stronger and they'll learn and grow from every experience. And always remember, our God is faithful and He'll carry them (and you) through this!
    For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    'Just know that I'm holding you and your family in my prayers,

  8. Amen!
    Beautiful photo and message! thank you!

  9. I am sending you a ton of (((((HUGS))))!!!
    LOVE what you did to the photo and as always, I LOVE your pattern and color combos on your cards!!!

  10. Amy,
    Just catching up with you after a couple weeks just getting my life together. . .kids (still little!) to school, etc. Anyway, after reading these posts I thought you would like to know that my attitude has changed (at least for today). . .I was groaning to myself about making dinner, "stuff" I need to get done before heading to work tonight and then read these. What would it be like to NOT have kids to cook for? What would it be like if they weren't coming home tonight (not anything bad. . .just grown up and gone). . .so my heart is singing now, realizing that I do still have 8-12 years left with kids at home, to take care of, and enjoy every day. Thank you. I know your eldest is now appreciating all you did for him while he was under your roof :)

  11. Amy: Sending you some hugs as I'm on the opposite end of you with young ones but still have those same fears with them.

    I love your cards, I converted one of the ATC cards from you and have it posting to my blog tomorrow, I've linked up to your blog so that everyone knows who created it.


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