Friday, August 14, 2009

A Change of Plans...Slightly

I've abandoned the Lemonade Collection today.
Only because I made this cute card with Crate Paper a few days ago and I love how it turned out. I figured if I loved it, you might too. Very presumptious, I realize, but a girls gotta try, right?
Isn't it cute? Look at that adorable polka dot chair from Lisa Johnson's On My Couch (Additions) set from Papertrey Ink! Ack--now I want a blue polka dot chair in my house too!

Well, the paper was the catalyst for all the funky colors in this living room. The blue chair, the red rug, and the multi colored heart frames on the wall....can you stand it? Actually, I created these particular wall hangings myself with a few different punches (square and heart). I outlined them all with a brand new gold Uni-ball gel pen (be still my aching heart...I *love* Uni-ball gel pens, especially my white gel pen!!!!)!
I could live in a room that looked like this, couldn't you? My guess is that the majority of you are shaking your head "no" at this very moment, aren't you? Actually, I don't think I could either. Ya wanna know why? Because the walls are WHITE, and I don't like white walls, LOL!!! Color all the way, baby! Bring it on!
Hope you loved seeing all the different cards this week that you can make using Lisa Johnson's new On My Couch stamp set by Papertrey Ink. I had a ball making them, and I hope you had a ball seeing all of them!


  1. I'm glad your back in full swings and making your beautiful cards! I love the bright colors that you use! I have loved all your COUCH cards, thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Another fabulous card Amy!!! Love the "pictures" hanging on the wall!

  3. i'm sitting in a chair that looks really similar to that one in your card, but it's not blue polka dotted! GREAT card, girl! nice to have you back in blogland. happy weekend.

  4. I love this card too, Amy. It just makes me feel happy when I look at it.

  5. Hey girl, didn't I leave a comment for this card earlier? Was it erased or somethin?! LOL! I know what ya mean about traffic and such.....slow and slower! I chalk it up to it being summer and the fact that school is starting soon! You know I check on ya everyday! I try to leave a comment for you......yep, I'm loyal like that! : )

  6. so many cute cards lately, Amy. Great work!

  7. Wow you have been busy Amy!! I'm definitely loving all the cards that you have created, beautiful colors!! I must admit that I wasn't too keen on that particular stamp set but I think that you have changed my mind. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I too would like this chair. Perhaps in three different colours...


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