Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wheels are spining....

I've tried typing this post twice now and both times, what I wrote went away, so that's my clue I just need to post my cards and get the heck out of here!!!! No time to be blogging this close to graduation!!!!

Since we know lots of kids graduating this year, I've been making a bunch of cards for graduation. And since I'm short on time, I've consciously tried to make them super duper easy and uncomplicated. I used primarily scraps and a flower here and there. These are two of my favorites so far.....

The sentiments are non "graduation" type sentiments, but instead are geared toward dreaming of a brighter future and what is a better message for a graduate than that?

Hope these cards inspire you to make some of your own grad cards today! I probably won't be back until after Eldest Son graduates, so......until we meet again, adios! I can guarantee my eyes won't be dry for days!




  1. Amy, these are gorgeous! LOVE the colors, the layouts and the sentiments are perfect!

  2. Nice Amy! Love the notebook paper bg and those bits of fun patterns.

  3. beautiful!! LOVE the red against the notebook style paper!!!

    ((((HUGS)))) and some Kleenex are headed your way!!!

  4. Those are beautiful cards. Great job!!! Enjoy every minute of graduation.

  5. Beautiful card, Amy!!!

  6. Great cards, Amy!! I don't know anyone graduating from high school, but I do have a granddaughter graduation from 8th grade and I need to get a card made up for her. Thanks for some inspiration.

  7. Have fun, Amy. We'll miss you in the meantime.


  8. These cards are gorgeous Amy and the sentiments are perfect!! Good luck with all the graduation stuff :)


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