Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Graduation for a Guy

It's my goal this graduation season to make more generalized grad cards as opposed to color specific cards (ie school colors).

I figured todays card could be used for a guy, either
high school or college. I've had this stamp for a very long time (it's from Paper Bag Studios), and I thought it was perfect for a graduation card. I just added the word "graduate" and it was set to go. The paper I used was all from my scrap drawer, so I can't tell you who makes it.

Not a ton going on around here lately....but I did get a chance to get out with my camera over the weekend for a few minutes....

My husband found these little bunny babies underneath a bunch of dead leaves in the garden. There were 5 and most of them eventually scattered. They were TINY. I think something must have happened to mama bunny....

Snapped a few shots of the boys messing around outside with Eldest Son's girlfriend....

they had a chance to throw the football around for a few minutes too....

It's time for me to get moving, I've got to get Youngest Son to school for Early Bird. I am seriously thinking my wonderful blog is going to be biting the dust soon. Not enough time to stamp anymore, which means I really don't have time to blog either. No cards, no blog, right? I'll be thinking hard about it for a few days and then I'll let you know what I decided. Until then, have a great week.



  1. i have two reactions to your post today:

    WOW for the card--it's perfect!
    NO for your thinking that no cards means you have nothing to share!

    i love reading about your life and your husband and your boys. even if it's irregularly, please continue to post! you'd be sorely missed in blogland!

  2. I love this card! What stamp set/company did you use to create the word "Graduate"??
    I am amazed at your talent~

  3. Love the card and it is perfect for graduation! We would love to have it added to our new gallery:



  4. Hi Amy,
    I love this stamp. It is one of my favs from Paper Bag Studio. I would certainly miss you if you weren't blogging anymore, but I understand the tough decision. You need to do what God is leading you for your own life, not anyone else's. You would be missed in the cyber world, friend!

  5. Amy I love reading your blog, your wonderful cards and your georgous redheaded boys (yep I have two of those)You are sounding really down :( I do hope that you decide to take time off, instead of just disappear forever! I for one will miss you.


  6. I hope you never give up the blog Amy!! Even if you only get back to it every couple of weeks, and never do another card.....(like that would ever happen!).....but seriously, please don't give up!!

  7. You're right that stamp is perfect!! Love your card and thanks for sharing the pictures. The bunnies are adorable and the pictures of the kids are great!

  8. The card is perfect for a guy! Love the image!

  9. You would be really missed if you chose to stop blogging!!! But we would understand priorities.
    Wish I could send a pkg of encouragement about life in general! I love reading Psalms when I'm going through these kinds of struggles...

  10. I'm with the others who've asked you to please not stop blogging!

    Son's girlfriend looks like Miley Cyrus! I don't if that's a compliment or an insult to someone her age. I have a 7 year old daughter who would think it was the supreme compliment!


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