Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thread Your Day

Where the heck has the time gone? I can't believe it's been since last Friday that I posted anything!
Regardless, onward and upward, I say.
When I saw this sentiment sitting on the clearance shelf at my local scrapbook store recently, I snatched it up as fast as I could. I just knew I could use it with my PTI Quilt Sampler set, which had an image of a spool of thread in it. For weeks I had been thinking of an unique way I could use the image, and this sentiment sparked my imagination even more. The wheels started turning, and the idea for this card was born. I took some embroidery thread and wrapped it around the spool so it looks like a real spool of thread!

I first stamped the spool image on a piece of white cardstock. Then I colored the top and bottom of the spool with a brown Copic so it looked like a wooden spool. I cut the spool image out, and wrapped the embroidery thread around the cut image until it looked like a real spool of thread! I totally love that my idea worked! Next, I stamped the image again on another piece of white cardstock, only this time I did it in a color matching the thread, so the thread coming off the spool in the image would match the real thread I had wound around the cut image. Then I stamped the needle in grey ink, cut it out, and glued it on top of the thread so it looked like the thread was going through the eye of the needle. So fun! I ended up making this card in a few different colors, with thread as vibrant as the pink in this card! I'll show you a different version tomorrow (I hope:)).
Well, I've got to skidaddle. There's bible study this morning to get ready for. Hopefully I'll stay warm today...a cold front moved in over the past few days and it's -4 degrees this morning! Just think....between here and TX, there's like a 90 degree difference in temperature! Criminy! Bring on spring!!!



  1. Love this card! I would have snatched that sentiment up too! It is wonderful! debb

  2. Minus four? Man, THAT's cold! I absolutely adore your embroidery floss wrapped around the spool. This is marvelous! You deserve an award for this. TFS. Stay warm!

  3. Lovely card. So creative. The colors are super.

  4. Oh I love your spool of thread Amy! Brilliant!
    Stay warm! We've had -40F but mostly in the -20F area...BUT warm weather is on the way!

  5. Very creative with the embroidery thread :0) Your card looks great, we are just coming out of a huge deep freeze up here. It's going to feel good to thaw out.......come on spring where are you?!?

  6. Very clever ... this is adorable.

  7. I absolutely love your card, Amy. I hope it warms up for you very soon.

  8. Love how you threaded the spool!!! Such a clever idea!!! I ADORE this card Amy!


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