Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oranges & Limes, Oh My.

Does everyone know who Lisa Johnson is? Her blog is called Poppy Paperie, and she has to be one of the most talented stampers out there these days.

The reason I ask is because my card today is a direct case of one of the cards she posted late last week. I loved it so much I decided to make one for myself. When my mojo isn't quite up to speed, I often look to other stampers for inspiration to get me going. Lisa is one of those people I look to time and time again for that inspiration. A few other stamper's I look to for inspiration? Hmmm, that's easy...Nichole Heady, Melissa Phillips (I LOVE her style, but who doesn't??), Dawn McVey, Michelle Wooderson, Beatrice Jennings, Alli Miles, and Heather Nichols, to name just a few. Seriously, I love these gals now, but my style changes more than the weather in MN, so there are many, many others, besides these women, that inspire me on a daily basis. Just look at my blog list on the right....each and everyone one of these blogs are ones that I frequent every day (yes, every day), and who inspire me as well.

Well, without further delay, here is the link to Lisa's card, the one I cased....and here is my take on that card.....
I can't tell you why I chose this color combination...lime green and orange. I guess I just loved it. It's so reminds me of a big bowl of limes and oranges! Yum! And is says spring like nothing else. The paper is from Creative Imaginations. It comes in a multitude of different colors, I think, but I grabbed just these two. The flowers, again, came from my SU daisy Sissix die (love it). The checkered ribbon is from Michael's.

This card is going in my stash to sell. Sure hope someone loves lime green and orange as much as I do(Candy?????), otherwise it will sit awhile, LOL!

So, do you remember last week when I briefly mentioned in one of my posts that things were looking up in the Westerman household? Well, I think I can share now exactly WHY things are looking up. The good news is, Doug got a job!!! The only thing is, for now it's just part-time. But it's in his field, and it's a foot in the perverbial door, shall we say. Where did he get a job? He got a part-time job at WCCO-AM radio, which is the big, heritage News/Talk station in the Minneapolis metro! He'll be sort of a freelance producer (no set hours), filling in shifts, running the board in the studio for shows, producing radio remotes, etc. Plus a whole lot of other stuff they need done. He is ecstatic, and I am getting there. It took a few days to adjust to the fact that it wasn't full-time, but eventually, I came around to the realization that this job is a blessing from God, and who am I to question God's reasons for why he does what he does? Whether it's full time or part time, God continues to provide for my family. He has been ever-faithful, and for that I am grateful. So, some good news for a change, uh? Woo-hoo!Glad that I could finally share it with you!




  1. Congrats to Doug! I'm so happy that he finally has SOMETHING!

    As a kid I used to spend a week on an Aunt & Uncle's farm where WCCO was ALWAYS on the radio in the kitchen. My main memory of it was something where a dog barked all through a song - weird! I don't know what it was all about, that's just what stuck with me!

    As I look to the days ahead and I fear the possibility of job loss, I often think that you and your family have blazed a trail of trusting God and His faithfulness through the tough times. A role I imagine you would rather not have had, but one that I'm sure will be helpful to many people. Thanks for sharing your journey!


  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Love the colors on that card. Congrats to Doug.


  4. Amy,
    That's GREAT news. Who knows maybe it will lead to full time in the future. Way to hang in there. Melanie

  5. WAHOO and WAHOO!! Yay to answered prayers!! :) Part-time is always the way in the door!!! :) ((HUGS)) and a happy dance for you!!!

    LOVE the card!! So bright and springy and it feels like it out today! :)

  6. Beautiful card Amy! Congrats on the good news....looks like that door has been opened! Best Wishes to Doug with his new job!

  7. Woo-Hoo is right!
    Just when we've about given up, God comes through again! Glad we can praise along with you!

  8. I love it Amy! The card is so bright!

  9. Tell your husband congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Hopefully it will become full time quickly.

  10. Pretty card. And congrats to Doug on his job!!

  11. I like Lisa Johnson's work too. I am so glad to hear that your DH has gotten a job. I knew God would be faithful to provide. Keep your eyes open and see all the good things He has and will do.

  12. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I LOVE it AMY! this is such a fantastic and cheerful color combination too! Um... I need lime pompoms now!

  13. i took time off from blogland, but i came back today and i'm THRILLED TO DEATH about your news of Doug's job!!!!!!!!! praise be to the Father for this gift!

    the card is FANTABULOUS too! love those pompons!


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