Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flowering Sweetness


Here's a really simple card for you to make today if you've got the amazing Sissix Daisy die from SU. This is an amazing die cut, I absolutely {heart} it!

Just cut two of each size flower (there are three sizes, a large, small and medium), glue each size together so the petals are off set from each other, and then glue all three sizes together to form one gigantic daisy. I just used scrap paper for my daisy, but you can really use any paper you want.

I had some scrap chipboard pieces laying around unused, so I used one of them with the word "sweet" on it for the center of the flower.

The stem is a piece of vintage rickrack I found at a flea market a few years ago. The leaves of the flower is a simple green satin bow.

I really love how it turned out and I plan on making some more of these today. This one was snatched out of my hand and bought the minute I made it, so it's time to make some more.

Well, I've got to run. I am teaching my youngest a lesson this morning by not waking him up for school. He's supposed to get up at 6am to leave the house at 640a for class (it's now 6:21), but he's been sleeping through his alarm and I've been having to wake him up more often than not lately. I'm not doing him any favors by waking him up every time. He's got to learn it on his own. He used to be so good at it, but for some reason, lately he's having trouble. Must be growing and needing the sleep. But, I'm still going to practice tough love on this one. He's got to learn to get up by himself, because Mom's not going to be around forever.....it's just something I really feel strongly about...I want them to be self sufficient and mommy holding their hand and doing everything for them is NOT doing them any favors.

So, here I go. I'm heading upstairs to see what's up. But I will NOT wake him up. He'll just have to take a tardy or not shower and eat breakfast to get there for his 7am class....wish me luck and strength....



  1. Good for you, Amy... I had to do this with our son too.
    Beautiful card!

  2. Good for you Amy! We do the same thing with our 11 year old daughter. With her, it only took one tardy for her to get the message. Problem solved. You realize of course you will need to edit and let us know what time he actually did awake from his slumber. BTW, I ADORE the daisy card!

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Love the card.

  4. Pretty card!

    Well, what time did your son finally get up? I'm really curious:)

  5. Great idea. I love it. No wonder it was snatched the minute you had it made.
    Good luck with the son. I can't imagine how school is going to work for me. I try to do the tough love stuff too but sometimes I just want to squeeze them and do it for them.

  6. love the card. I think I will have to purchase that diecut.

    Stick to your guns with your son. I know we want to do everything for them, but it comes a time......

  7. your card is delightful. I need to try using bright colors like you do. You are doing a great job as a mom!

  8. LUCK! :) Makes me think that dealing with two ear infections might be preferable to dealing with teenager problems!! :) (((HUGS))
    GORGEOUS card! LOVE the way you created the flower!!!

  9. LOVE this card, Amy!!! And, I LOVE the new daisy die from SU. Awesome new product!

    We raised two boys, Amy. I totally with you when it comes to letting them suffer consequences every now and then. My boys didn't like waking up in the am either, but I must admit that they inherited that quality from.....their mother. :(

    I'm prayin for ya, girl!


  10. Love the flower card!!! Aren't teenagers great??? Remember, he knows all!!!! At least that's how it was with my teenagers!

  11. Your card is beautiful! I hope that your strength held for you this morning :)

  12. What a gorgeous happy card!

  13. Your nephew learned to get up on time -- now he's almost obsessive about it! When he's snoozing in his ambulance, he sets his phone on his chest, turning it to vibrate. When the alarm goes off (assuming they haven't gotten an emergency call in the meantime), he's up and moving in moments. Does the same thing now when he's at home for a night! There's hope.

  14. Love your card. The flower turns out fabulous being made out of the designer papers.
    Good luck with the tough love thing. I tried that for a while with my youngest when she was in junior high school and turned out she didn't mind a bit missing a class or two! I don't miss that part of their growing up at all.


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