Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hopeful Hearts

Hey chicky's. What's up with all of you? I don't work until later today so I've got a little time to post something this morning!

Yesterday I actually got a FEW cards stamped, but nothing too exciting. And I certainly didn't have any time to photograph what I did make, so that's a bummer. But I did have this card to show you, which I stamped a few weeks back.

Don't you just love the brown and pink color combination? I'm trying to remember if I did this card based on a card sketch that I saw somewhere. I don't think so, but you just never know! The paper is from Sassafras, althought I'm not sure of the line. I carried the heart theme of the paper into the main images...hearts. The two hearts on either side of the center heart are from a SU set called Happy Hearts. One was stamped with Pretty In Pink, the other with Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Chestnut Roan. The center heart is actually a little felt heart I hand cut. The pink ribbon was threaded through the button holes and then the button was glued onto the felt heart. All three hearts were mounted on a piece of white cardstock that I first stamped with a musical notes image, just for a little bit of interest.

As far as an update on Ken goes, he's still in the hospital and probably will be for the weekend, although I'm not positive on that. There is still fluid draining from the chest catheters, so until that stops, he'll probably stay in the hospital. They seem to have his pain managed well, so that's wonderful! My FIL talked to him yesterday and he sounded like he was in good spirits given the situation. Your prayers for his comfort and pain are greatly appreciated.

There really isn't a whole lot more going on here. I love my job, although I'm still getting used to learning how to work outside the home again. No job for Doug yet, {{{sigh}}}. And the current economy looks grim, doesn't it? Can you believe all the massive layoffs? I got really bummed reading all the doom and gloom in the newspaper yesterday. I think maybe I just need to stick to reading the Variety section only from now on....

So what's happening with all of you? Have any of you been touched by all the recent layoffs? If you have, my heart goes out to is difficult, but we must fight to keep hopeful hearts for a better tomorrow!



  1. This is adorable, Amy!. I like putting buttons on hearts too. The job thing is discouraging - I'm glad you have a new job that you like.

  2. Oh yes, Amy, my husband was laid off in November and we now have our home for sale and at 60 years old are just not sure what is going to happen to us. I try to remain positive and have faith that all will be ok, but it is so difficult. I don't know how you have dealt with it. I have been waiting for an update from you on your DH's job situation. Any suggestions for us? I would appreciate it.

  3. HI Amy,
    I just love this card. It is simple, clean and so sweet. Not fussy like so many cards today. I love cards that are actually reproducible and this one fits that bill perfectly!! Thank you so much for the "heartfelt" inspiration.


  4. Beautiful card! LOVE those papers!!!
    I will say a prayer for Ken!!
    Not much new here. We are pretty nervous with the job situation. DH works for an airplane manufacturer. We need people to buy personal aircraft!! I guess there is a plan. We just rest as calmly as we can in that fact. If its time for us to move on, then God will move us. Its a good thing He gives us courage too, because I am saying that with a trembling heart! :)
    Did I tell you the LSS I work at is closing? Not too public knowledge yet. So, back to full-time SAHM for me.
    ((HUGS)) my friend!!

  5. Great card! Thank you for your words about layoffs ... "keep hopeful hearts" - you're so right! Here in Michigan it's hitting hard as many friends do work that's in line with the auto industry. I wanted you to know that Ken has been in my prayers too. (along with your entire family, I know this is a difficult journey that's for sure). Amy, you you lift my friend Ann in your prayers too? She was in a horrible accident and has suffered head trauma. She remains in ICU (in a coma) but I am fully believing in a miracle here. Thanks! Now on to read some of your previous posts that I missed the last 2 days. thanks for the great blog and eye candy!

  6. Amy your card is beautiful. I know that with all of the recent layoffs and everything else going on right now, life seems grim and very stressful. But I would like to say that when times seem the darkest, God is there holding our hands and whispering to us to close one door and to open another. With so many of us throughout the world that is having to go through this right now, I am hoping that in the end something miraculous is going to change us all forever.

  7. Good to hear Ken's pain in under control.
    These are hard times but maybe some good can come out of this.

    I hope your husband, Doug, is able to find work.

  8. This is beautiful. I love the hearts, especiallly over the music background.


  9. Hello My Dear Friend: I just wanted to stop by today to check in on you and see what beautiful creations you have been making. I especially love today's Valentine card that you made. The paper, the pink scallops, those beautiful hearts, the music background . . . Amy you hit this one out of the park. I love it. I do have one question though. I love felt . . . tell me how you adhered it to the card stock. It looks so beautiful.

    Keep up the good work! Congratulations on the job.

    Big stamping hugs.


  10. A lovely card. The felt heart is really neat and I love your DP. Hope is a good thing and I know your faith will see you through these tough times. Thanks for encouraging others as well to not lose faith or hope.

  11. This card is beeeeautiful!!!! My hubby is working, but he has been worried that work is volume is low....(He is in the transportation industry) Fortunately, I am a teacher and even though I don't make much, at least I have some job security. So for now, we are just keeping our fingers crossed......


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