Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Can Do All Things

I needed to step away from all the Christmas cards I've been making and make just a "normal" everyday type of card. As much as I've enjoyed making Christmas cards this year, I need to get my regular cards stocked up soon.

I'm happy to say every piece of paper on this card came from the scrap drawer {{{loud cheering}}}! Every stitch of it is from the new Basic Grey collection called Urban. I {{{heart}}} this paper! It makes me happy to look at it. Do you have any papers that make you feel that way?

Do you see that funny pink strip of paper with the leaf punched out of it? Even THAT was scrap paper. I saw it sitting in the drawer unloved and figured I could use it for something, as is, on one of my cards. I just whipped all the pieces of scrap together until I came up with a layout I could love. No serious thought went into the creation this card. It just all came together on it's own.

The bible verse is from Verve, Philippians 4:13, one of Julee's single stamps that she creates. I am in love with the font on this stamp...it's beautiful! And it is one of my very favorite verses from the bible. I've read it alot this past year. It's a good one to commit to memory so you can pull it out at any time when you're feeling vunerable and helpless. Our strength doesn't come from ourselves, it comes from Christ. Always has, always will. Memorizing this verse helps keep the power where it belongs.

Well, the Hubster is home from his interview. He strolled in about 1030p last night. Apparently, it went very well. He interviewed with a number of people, so it was a loooong day. It sounds like they hope to make a decision in a week or so. They have a few more people to interview though. I decided a while ago to just let this rest in God's hands instead of trying to "will" the outcome to be what I want it to be. Wherever he sends us, we will trust and obey. Have you ever heard that song that goes...."trust and obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey"....

Holiday Hugs,


  1. I LOVE this card!!! Probably because it's something I should be doing more of -- using up scraps!!! I like seeing how other people put them together before I try it myself. . .I'm wary that way. This is great. And thanks for the job update -- it's amazing how I think of your situation often and find myself specifically praying for someone I don't even know. Blogland is great for these kinds of connections, huh? Nice to "know" you.

  2. I absolutely love the card, Amy. The verse and song you shared today were a real encouragement to me. Thanks : )

  3. Gorgeous card! LOVE the verse and I am praying for you and DH!!

  4. Love the cards you make with your scraps!!Beeeeutiful!!! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for your hubby! That would be a great Christmas present!!! : )

  5. Great card. This is my favourite Bible verse!

  6. Although I am a subscriber, I came back to reread everything to see if I missed news of your husband finding work. I'm praying he is successful with his most recent interview!!




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