Wednesday, December 31, 2008

God's Blessings

Yesterday it felt great getting back to the stamps.

I love the feeling of accomplishment I get holding a beautiful, just-completed card in my hand. It's sort of a high, isn't it? Some might call it crazy, but I call it a lot healthier than booze or drugs!

November and December, in all honesty, were a complete bust as far as creating goes. I got a few things stamped, but mostly I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to finish my freelance projects. I sort of never got that Christmasy feeling I usually do when the holidays roll around. I think I was just trying to keep my head above water as opposed to enjoying any of the festivities associated with Christmas. I'd have to say, it was my worst Christmas ever as far as shopping, decorating, and baking goes. I still haven't sent out our Christmas cards. I was telling someone yesterday that I have NEVER not sent cards out on time, in all our years of marriage. How sad is that?

Needless to say, I'm glad we are closing ranks on 2008 and I am looking forward to a much brighter 2009!

I am also sooooo glad to get back to making just "regular" cards, aren't you? It feels great just to sit there, holding a stamp in one hand, a piece of amazing designer paper in the other and just relishing the "here and now". Relishing the feeling I get doing what I love. Thanking God he gave me the talents he gave me. Thanking God he lets me do what I do and gain happiness from it to boot. Being thankful my husband supports me in what I love to do. How lucky can a girl get? Seriously, there are a lot of people that can't do what we do! Not everyone was born with the ability to create art. Just like not everyone was born with mathmatical aptitude (that'd be me) or musical abilities. I am so thankful I can do something that brings me such joy!

As 2008 winds down, sit still and think about what talents God blessed you with. Is it the gift of art? Is it the gift of gab? Is it the gift of compassion? Is it the gift of music? Whatever it is, start 2009 off giving thanks for those talents. Forget the resolutions...if you're like me, they typically don't last more than a week anyways. Instead, wake up New Years morning and say "thanks God, for blessing me with the gift of ______". You fill in the blank. And then, turn around and use those talents for the good of others. For God blessed us with these talents to help others, in His name.

God bless...and Happy New Year!


Stamps: Verve (Beautiful You)
Paper: Basic Gray (Urban Prairie)


  1. Great Card Amy! And I am loving your New Years idea. I've been having that talk with myself about how I never seem to stick to a resolution no matter how great or noble it may seem. But this idea is so fabulous I want to do it too; but with a slight twist. I already thank him each day for my gift of "creativity" and since I have many things to be thankful for and what better thing to do than to thanks and Praise our Lord for those things. Each morning I will say, "Lord thank you for today and thank you for _____."

    And just becuase that artist in me longs to do something creative perhaps I'll keep a plain journal by my bed and just jot down those things for which I am thankful each day.

    Amy YOU have totally inspired a wonderful thing. Thank you so much. I've been wanting to journal again (before kids I did it all the time and now it's been years). This is a perfect way to get back at it. What a joy!

  2. Your card is so pretty!! I love the colors!!

  3. So glad you found the time to create! IT turned out beautiful!!! HAppy New Year!

  4. Don't fret about Christmas. We all do the best we can...Have a wonderful 2009.

  5. beautiful card!! A very Happy New Year to you and yours!!!!!!

  6. I LOVE this card. I just love that flower. It's cheerful and beautiful and I really like it a lot. Amy, your have super talent and I love to see what you've got to share. Best wishes for a wonderful 2009.


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