Monday, October 27, 2008

Scraps It Is

I made this card a few weeks ago for the SCS sketch challenge. It was a really hard one for me, as I tend to have difficulty sticking to a layout 100%. I usually like to alter the sketches a bit, lol.

Once again, I focused on using up scraps. I think that will be the theme for me this week....using up the scraps from the scrapdrawer. Just so you know that I'm not lying about my overflowing scrap drawer, I took some pictures of it so you could see for yourself that I need to get busy using these up instead of cutting into a new piece of paper....It really is a shame. I get myself into this problem by not using up a whole sheet of paper until it's gone. Typically I make 4 cards at a time (because I get bored) and then throw the leftover paper in my drawer.

I've done waaaayyyyy to much of that over the past few years and this is where it's gotten me.

So, scraps it is this week. I am going to force myself to reach into my scrap drawer for every card I make. What else could I possibly do with these scraps? Does anyone want some? If you do, email me and I'll mail a few to you. For free, lol.

We had a great weekend. Very relaxing and enjoyable. I even got to stamp yesterday with my friend Lue. We haven't stamped together in such a long time. I had a great time for the few hours we were together. Thanks Lue!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh I wish I come and stamp with you. How fun. Love your card. I don't like it when my scraps pile up either. Hope all is well. Big hugs

  2. Wow! Your scrap drawer is cool. Larger stash than my scrap box. Love the card. Reminds me of the sun rising.

  3. You do an awesome job with scraps, Amy. You always come up with something unique and fun when you pull stuff out of your scrap drawer. You amaze me, girl, you really do. You make patterned paper come to life in a beautiful way.

  4. LOVE the colors! The leaves are just a perfect touch coming out of the circle!! Fabulous!!!

  5. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Would love some of your scraps. I am so inspired by your scrap creations. Our tastes in paper are so different, it would be a challenge for me to incorporate some of your paper into my style of card. I am up for the challenge if you are serious. My e-mail is Email me and I'll give you my address.
    FYI, I have been following your blog for quite some time and have said a few prayers for your job situations. I also have some friends in the same position and have a time or two forwarded some of your entries to them for encouragement. You are such a blessing and very creative. Such a inspiration.

  6. Hi, do you know an art teacher?
    they might have a use for all those wonderfull looking scraps.

  7. So great!....good luck on the scrapping challenge you have created for yourself...I'm anxious to see what you come up with! I love the card, very creative and the colors say "fall"!

  8. I know your feelings on a scrap pile of paper! Mines not as large, but I have been picking away at it. I Love your card by the way... Smiles! Michelle :)

  9. Your card is awesome! I wish I could use my scraps as effectively as you do!

  10. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Oooh! I can't wait to see what you do with your scraps...I used to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your scrap stash Saturdays (they were the reason your blog ended up under by favorites!). I'm so thrilled that I can finally post here changed your settings!
    AND if you're serious about ditching some of your stash...I'd be more than happy to take some off your hands! HUGS!!

    Mary L.

  11. I'd also love some of your scraps but what about donating the scraps to the education dept. at your church. I know a new collection of scraps would boost the same old art supplies for Kid's Club or even for the Senior Citizen Group.

    I love your card too!

  12. I love your card. It's a great layout and you definitely put your scraps to good use with this one.

  13. Glad you did the sketch, because this is awesome. The colors and all the elements.

  14. I would love some of your scraps if willing to part with them!I just love looking at your blog for new best email is hope to hear from you! Thanks!

  15. I love working out of my scrap drawer, but I think I like yours better.....LOL

  16. Anonymous3:43 AM

    I used to enjoy your scrap stash saturdays so much. I have been recouping from surgery for the past few weeks so I took my mounds of cardstock and designer paper and spent two days and three cutter blades cutting it all into card bases, card fronts and inserts. Lot of work but now, it makes my creating such a breeze.

  17. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Please add me to your list of people interested in scraps. We dont have any SB stores where I live and I would love to lay my hands on small samples of PP. Maybe we could trade...I could send you something from here...I live in India btw and am a regular here. Also another SSS (scrap stash sat). Priya


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