Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday Card

I made this card way back in September too. I just adore the layout and have to remind myself to use this layout again! It's perfect for using up those pesky little scraps (which you all know I have a problem with, which is why this week is Make It With Scraps Week here at Heartfelt Greetings!).

I hope all these cards I've made with scraps are inspiring you to use up your scraps too. It's such an economical thing to do, and I know you're ALL looking for ecomical things to do in this crazy economy.

Speaking of our economy, is anyone else as sick of recieving political telephone calls and political mail propaganda as I am? Ugh!!!! Leave. Me. Alone. I can't stand it anymore. I swear, the McCain camp calls our home 5 times a day! I honestly can say I don't think we've received 1 Obama call. And we've got a hotly contested senate race here as well (the man running against the incumbant Republican is Al Franken...yes, THE Al Franken, of Saturday Night Live fame). It is uglier than ugly between these two, and quite frankly, I've had it with them too. The Independent cleary has a strong shot in this race!

Ok, thanks for letting me vent. I can't stand presidential elections. Not only because of the mud-slinging campaigns most of them run, but because of what it does to the advertising schedules I place on theTV stations on behalf of my clients. Every commercial you see is a political ad these days, which means MY commercials are being bumped to make room for them! I know that means absolutely nothing to you since you all are not media buyers, but let me tell you, it makes my job a living you-know-what. I will be such a happy camper the minute the election is over. No more political ads every minute of every day!

Ok, I think that's enough time on the soapbox. It's time for me to get down and get ready for bible study. I hope you have a great day!


p.s. I saw The Secret Life of Bees yesterday! Oh my, what a fabulous film!!!! I absolutely loved every minute of it. Dakota Fanning is an amazing actress, and I always love watching Queen Latifah in movies. She's amazing too. I highly recommend you grab a girlfriend and head to the movie theatre soon to see this great movie!


  1. What a wonderful card!! LOVE it!
    I will also be happy when the election is over!

  2. I want to see this movie so badly. Thanks for the recommendation. I read the book and can't wait to see it! Love scrap week!!! You will definitely have to do this again and totally agree on the campaign garbage. ugh! lisa k in tx

  3. 1) You do amazing things with scraps!
    2)I feel like I'm watching children with the commercials. "You lied" "Nu uh, you're lying" "No, YOU!" "No, YOU!!")
    3) I totally agree about the movie. It's very moving! Take lots of tissues.

  4. I love your card layout! Those nasty scraps pile up and I too love ($) saving ideas... :) I just made a card last night that I plan to post on my blog Friday with a layout I seen in Archiver's Newsletter I received last week. So fun... Smiles! Michelle :)

  5. This is just beautiful, Amy!

  6. Love this too! I think I need to send you my scraps!


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