Monday, October 06, 2008


I've been a card-making dervish if you know what I mean. I've been cranking them out left and right. Now, have I taken any pictures of my new cards? No, I've got a pile sitting here needing to be photographed. I'm hoping to get to those soon.

In the meantime, here's a card I did manage to get photographed last week. The paper was my's by My Mind's Eye, from their Laundry Line collection. It's amazing.

I colored the flower stamp with my SU markers and then stamped it on a piece of Whisper White cardstock. Then I distressed the cardstock to make it creamier. The sentiment is from Silhouette Blossoms from CHF.

I haven't managed to get much of anything done today. I take that back...I've gotten some housecleaning done (much needed) and I had an interview. I found out about the job from one of my blog readers who is also my neighbor, who is also the mom of one of my son's friends (Hi Deb!). The job is for a receptionist at a life wellness center here in my neighborhood. It's a beautiful facility and the people seemed sooooo nice. I should hopefully hear back from the office manager sometime next week to see if she wants me to come in for a group interview. Say a prayer for me!

Here's are a few shots I wanted to share with you of my Youngest Son's football game last Friday. They are undefeated! I put the two photos together so you could see him in action. The first picture is of Youngest Son getting ready to wrangle the guy with the ball. The following picture is of my son hanging onto the ball carrier while he whips through the air around him! He didn't budge the guy, but my guy is so little he goes whipping around him!!!!! It looks like the ball carrier is looking at my son like he's a little mosquito!!! It's so fun when I get cool pictures like this!

Well, I'm gonna skedaddle. I want to try and get a few cards made today. I made some homemade applesauce a little while ago using the best apples in the world...Honeycrisp! I bought a small sack at the grocery store and I thought applesauce would go well with the pork chops I'm making for dinner tonight. Yummy....pork chops and applesauce! Did any of you grow up with pork chops and applesauce too?



  1. Love the card and yes I did grow up on pork with apple sauce and as a child I hated most meat except chicken so I drowned my pork in apple sauce to disguise it. Now I adore pork chops with apple sauce, roast lamb with redcurrant and roast chicken with cranberry, plus a good old roast beef cooked French style with mustard and red wine!

  2. Great card :) Definitely pork chops & apple sauce... also sweet n' sour ham!

  3. That card is wonderful. So was the ziti recipe. Many thanks. I tweaked it for my special diet needs and it turned out well. Next time I will splurge on sausage. Hope it freezes well as I had so much leftover.

  4. Your card is beautiful Amy. And I will continue to pray for a job for you!

  5. Mmmmm. Pork chops and WARM applesauce. Love it! I also love your paper - especially the diamond shaped paper at the bottom of the card.

    I used to eat at The Boundary Waters Restaurant (in Dayton's Southdale) and they served pork medallions with some warm apple mixture over it. It was to die for. I've tried unsuccessfully to find a similar recipe. I don't suppose that restaurant even exists anymore. If it did I would contact them to ask if they would share!

  6. Your card is lovely.I like the papers.
    We are an applesauce on pork chops family also. I love to make homemade chunky applesauce during apple season. I put apple pie spice in it and run it through the food mill. Ahh, maybe I'll make some over the weekend.

  7. That card is just gorgeous, Amy!


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