Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Thank you everyone for all the love and support you've showered on me over the last two days regarding my new job! It warmed my heart to read each and every one of your comments. How did I get so lucky to have such amazing, supportive blog readers? {{{Hugs}}} to you guys!

I am going in to the office this morning to sign some paperwork and get the office manual, etc. I will be a receptionist at the front desk, and will be working part-time. I am hoping today to find out my schedule. The good news is that I will be able to do my freelance buying as well. At this point, we need all the money we can get with Doug still not bringing home the bacon. Once I know all the details, I'll be sure to let you all know.

Many of you are worried I will stop blogging, but I really hope I can do it all. Maybe I won't blog so much, but I'll still be here many times throughout each week wowing you with my cards, LOL. So don't worry, you can't get rid of me that easily!

Since it's Halloween, I thought I'd share a couple of Halloween cards I made a while back for a friend of mine who ordered a bunch of them. As you can see, the Changito monkey is front and center in both of them! I just love all the Changito stamps, don't you? There are some cute ones out for the holidays, but I haven't purchased any yet. I just haven't purchased much of anything lately. Somehow, I'm thinking I have too much already. Am I I have a fever? Since when has that ever stopped me from buying more?

I think it's just that I'm bored with what my local stamp/scrap stores have in stock. Buying online is sooooo much better, as far as new products go. The stores around here are behind the 8-ball when it comes to hot new stamps and paper. Even Archivers. In fact, they are the worst, I think. They are sooo selective and booooring in their stamp collection and paper selection. I need to make a trip to the MOA, the Archivers there is a little better than the one by me, which is only a few miles from the MOA store. You'd think since the headquarters is here, the stock in all the stores in MN would rock, but I'm afraid it doesn't. I think it's time to call my friend who works at the Archiver's headquarters in their marketing department and give her tips on what her buyers need to be buying:), LOL. They are seriously stale. Maybe it's just that I go in there too much???????? Couldn't be.....

Well, I hope you all have a great day. I am not posting a recipe today because I've got something in the oven that I will share with you IF it turns out. If it does, I'll try and share the recipe tomorrow. I actually put it in the oven at 4am this morning. Do you all like beef brisket? That's what I've got cookin' here today! I can't wait to see how it turns out...

So why do I have a beef brisket in the oven at 4a you ask? Well, tonight our high school football team (Lakeville North) is playing our arch rival (Lakeville South), in a high school playoff game. Four years ago, we built a new high school two miles across town. The main school split in half and renamed itself to Lakeville North (that's where my boys go) and the new school was named Lakeville South. We haven't played them since the first year of the split, when we lost. Tonight is the big rematch to see who goes to state, and to decide who's the toughest team in Lakeville. We are tailgating before the game with our friends Joe and Lue, who have two kids that go to Lakeville South! I am really looking forward to the big game. The town is abuzz with excitement. I will be bringing sliced brisket for sandwhiches...we'll have chips and bars too. Unfortunately, I don't think there will be many people home passing out candy! I know we won't be!

Well, gotta run get the kiddies off to school. Thanks for all the cyber hugs!!!



  1. Hi Amy,

    I love that you'll be bringing "bars" to the game! Being a MN native myself, I make a lot of bars. My husband teases me about that - he thinks it's funny that I call everything a bar. (It's apparently right up there with "hot dish" on the list of strange names Minnesotan's give to food.)

    Sounds like lots of fun tonight - enjoy!


  2. My heart is so happy for you today! You are just floating on air-I love it!! :)
    I laughed at your Archiver's comment-I do the same thing when we come down to the Cities, gotta go to the MOA Archiver's! :)
    Love the cards too-he is cute!!

    Happy Halloween! Have a super weekend! And good luck to you son and his football team!!!

  3. Great cards today Amy! Have fun at the game and stay warm! ~chris

  4. A HUGE congrats on the job - wonderful, praiseworthy news!!

    Love your halloween cards too!

  5. So cute your cards! Love the details and colors... Happy Halloween to you to! Smiles on the new job... :) I'll keep poping in!

  6. Your cards are totally CUTE!!! I agree with you on the Archivers thing. I don't go that often anymore because they are very slow to get things now I online shop which is deadly!

  7. Oh, these are super cute, Amy! Love that mummy monkey image!

  8. Gee, lots going on here -- first of all, congrats on your new job!!! LOVE both of your Halloween cards, your beef brisket sounds wonderful, though I have never made it myself, and your tailgate party/game sounds fun!!! I chuckled at your first comment -- what's wrong with calling things *bars* and *hot dishes* -- LOL!! That's what we call them -- LOL!!! Have a great day!!!

  9. Congrats on your job!
    C U T E cards!


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