Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Joe!!!

Last night we went to our friends the Newby's to celebrate Joe's (HI JOE!!!!) 55th birthday!!!!! That's Joe in the middle, with me and the Hubby flanking him on either side! Joe wanted desperately to be on my blog today because he's become a HUGE fan of it, even more than his wife Lue (my stampin' partner-in-crime)!!

Joe and Lue are amazing entertainers....their house is THE house (with their big pool) to gather at! Joe grilled chicken (the best) and brats, made diced fried potatoes, asparagus and Lue made pasta salad (which is a big feat for Lue because she doesn't like to cook)! I made my homemade bruchetta with garlic toast (Joe loves it), and some corn and black bean relish and tortilla chips. The other handsome faces in the picture are Big Rich, and Renee and Fred. Hi guys!!! You're famous now! Your faces are now plastered on the World Wide Web!!!
Couldn't resist sharing this shot with you too.....that's my Hubby sharing Joe's birthday cake with us. Gross! Happy Birthday Joe! I hope it was a happy one for you, and I wish you many, many more happy ones too!

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  1. Happy Birthday Joe! Yes, YOU are famous! Millions and Gozillions of people are gonna be staring at you! Hope your day was great!


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