Saturday, July 12, 2008

Simple Saturdays

I think I am going to try a new feature on Saturdays. I'm going to call it Simple Saturdays and I'm going to focus on really simple cards. I know it's been done before, but I've never done it! Once in a while I might throw in a simple sketch, you just never know.

This week, I found the layout for my card in the Feb 08 CARDS magazine. The designer is a woman named Angie Hagist. I don't know her, but I loved her card and thought I'd give it a try myself. If you know Angie, will you let her know I cased her today? Thanks!

Wow, could you imagine a more simple layout? One partial circle, some ribbon and you've got yourself an amazing card! I took a regular sentiment from CHF (Mona Lisa Moments) and cut it up into three separate pieces. You can do this to just about any sentiment you wanted to use, as long as the words are big enough to see (you certainly wouldn't want to use a sentiment with tiny script or your recipient would have to use a magnifying glass to read it!). The patterned paper I used is from K & C's Berry Sweet Collection. You haven't seen me use this for little while have you?

Last night, we had more severe thunderstorm warnings pass through the area. It was pitch dark again before 9p, it was so creepy. Confirmed tornados touched down in Wilmar, MN, but I haven't heard damage accounts yet. Saw some home videos on the news of the tornado forming and then touching down! (click on the link above and you can watch it....there's a 7 sec. commercial you have to watch first, but then you can see the video in it's entirety). Scarey! I'm sorry, if I was close enough to video a tornado, I am TOO close! I would be outta there people! Who the heck knows how fast that baby is moving and might be in your face in the next second???? No thanks. It's the basement for me. What do those of you with no basement do in severe weather? I know Texas has lots of you guys have basements like we in the upper midwest do? I know many, many, many states do NOT have basements.... I think they are mostly a midwestern thing (thank God). I was just curious to know how the rest of you stay safe in bad weather. Drop me a comment share with me!

It's time for me to start packing my bag for today's SCS Summer Fest activites! I've got my nametag all designed and ready to go for the name tag contest! I've got my swap cards all ready to go, and my gift exchange present ready to go. I think I'm set! Can't forget my camera so I can share the day's festivities with all of you tomorrow.

Have a great day, and please, stay safe!



  1. Very cute card, Amy! I always love your bright colors, but I never think to use them, myself!

  2. I love this! Simple is good

  3. Loving these bright colors, Amy! I live in Oklahoma -- aka Tornado Alley -- and no, we don't have basements! I'm originally from VA, where we did. So crazy to me that we don't have them here, but I've been told there's something about the soil that makes them really hard and/or expensive to put in. In bad weather, we have a 'fraidy hole' -- an area under the staircase that we go in. The general rule is to go in an interior room (one that isn't adjacent to an exterior wall), or if you can't do that, then get into the bathtub. So, if you're ever caught in a tornado w/o a basement (heaven forbid!) that's what you need to do!

  4. Hi Amy!

    Hope you have a fun day at your SC event! It sounds great! I'm glad you were kept safe during the recent storms. Here in Texas, where we have no basements, we just huddle together in an interior room with no windows (usually a bathroom -- yes, picture my family of five and a dog huddled together in our small half-bath), and pray, pray, pray. I've been told that we don't have basements here because of the clay soil we have -- too much shifting of the soil is bad for basement walls I suppose. A basement sounds like a much more pleasant retreat. However, I remember having to retreat to my grandparents' earth-walled cellar at their farmhouse in Kansas and being terrified of the dark and all of the spiders that I knew were down there. So safey aside, maybe my half-bath isn't so bad after all. Have a great weekend!

  5. Great card.....I love the colors!

  6. Fran M12:59 PM

    We are originally from Texas and have lived in Oklahoma for the last 32 years, so we have lived in Tornado Alley our entire lives. As children my husband and I were in a tornado in Waco, TX that killed over 100 people and injured over 500, so we have a real respect for tornados. We have had lots of near misses over the years. We don't have basements here, except for a few older houses. Our soil is bad and we have major problems with leaks. Years and years ago most people had storm cellars, but then even that got to be rare. Now they are getting more prevalent to be built in the floor of people's garages or safe rooms built or added. Most of us know tornado safety - we get in a room that is preferably in the center of the house or a part of the house with no windows and as many walls between us and the outside. We keep blankets, pillows, radios, flashlights, etc. ready to grab when we do go to that room. I grew up with several relatives who had cellars and spent a many a night in one. Our son's inlaws had a room in their garage turned into a safe room last year; a friend made a safe room of their master closet when they built their house several years ago; and some other friends put one in the floor of their garage a couple of years ago. Anyway, it's scary, but we learn to live with it and practice precaution.

  7. Love this card! It is so simple but it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

    My in-laws live up there in Minneapolis so we were watching the weather last night with them. She called after it had passed to say they were all fine. I'm here in Texas, and no, we don't have basements. There are tornados here (I'm near the DFW area) and we would just hide under the stairs if there was one coming. We could go into our smaller bathroom too, but it would be kinda crowded with 5 of us. Thankfully we haven't had to do it yet!! We've come close a few times. I miss a basement tho!!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Really pretty card! Yes, in TX we have lots of tornadoes, but we've been so blessed the last few years - seems like they've all moved up north! So weird! No, we can't have basements here. The ground shifts too much. But we do have storm cellars (a concrete room underground, usually somewhere near the back yard. Newer houses are built with a concrete, steel reinforced closet that can be used as a storm cellar if the need arises. Sorry you're having all that awful weather. It IS scary - we've had 2 tornadoes here in our town in the past that really did a LOT of damage, so we take the weather seriously!

  9. Hey Amy!!! I am glad you were all safe!! That video was so freaky!!!!

    Your card is so bright and cheerful!! FUN!!!

    Angie lives in FL and is friends with two of the CPS gals, Charity and Laura...I got her blog link from Laura's it will LOVE IT!

  10. Hi, Amy! I love all your stuff -- so glad you have a subscription service so I can get it every day that you post! (Well, the day after.)

    Another Texan with no basement here. I was always under the impression that here in Central Texas the ground was too HARD to build a basement in, that you'd have to blast it or whatever -- but then again, our next door neighbors put in an pool and all they had to do was jackhammer for two weeks (yes, it was pleasant -- NOT!!)

    So, like everyone else, we have a closet under our stairs designated as the "tornado closet". It's pretty tiny, and I can't two adults, a teenager and two angry cats in there, but hopefully if the need ever arose, it would work. My great-aunt and -uncle out in West Texas had a storm cellar put into their yard when I was a kid. It was nice to know it was there when we would go visit my grandparents (who lived a block over), but my granddad would always wait until the last minute to decide to go, and by then it was pouring rain and horrible weather, and we'd almost rather take our chances with the tornado!

    Y'all stay safe up there!!

  11. angie hagist10:28 AM

    Oh, how fantastic!! I love your take on the fun!! Beautiful job!

    Thanks for letting me know - you really made my day!

  12. I love the bright colors on your cards! This is so bright and uplifting!

  13. Beautiful card. I love the ribbon treatment. We don't really have really severe weather here. Most older houses have basements, but it's rare to find it in a newer house unless it's a daylight basement. We had a parially finished basement growing up and it was the scariest place in the world. I'm still frightened to go down into basements at people's houses.

  14. beautiful in its simplicity, my dear! love it all and am going to CASE it soon!


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