Monday, July 07, 2008

Nuts About You

Check out this new Hero Arts set I picked up a few weeks ago at Archivers (I'm fairly certain that's where I picked it up!!! I can't keep my stamps straight lately, LOL). I thought it would be a fun set to have and to color. You can see I made a cute little scene using most of the stamps in the set. All I had to do was add the little grass line and the scene was set.

I learned something really fun about this set on the Hero Arts website last week. I wasn't able to add my newfound knowledge to this card, but I will to the next ones I make. They showed me how to make an outline for the tree by using the BACK side of the tree stamp. How cool is that? I think I'm definitely going to give that a try!

I used my Copics to color the images. The sentiment running along the side of the card was so easy because this is a clear stamp set, and you know how easy stamp placement is with clear stamps! The one stamp I wish Hero Arts would have included in this set was a nut!!! They have the sentiment "nuts about you" but no nuts!!!! Sort of strange if you ask me.....

I think I'll have to email this little card in to Hero Arts to show them what I did with their little stamp set. I bet they like seeing what the world creates with their stamps, don't you?

Well, I've got to run. Eldest Son leaves for camp this morning. He'll be gone Monday to Monday. This week he'll be a counselor for 7th & 8th graders. He's a bit aprehensive that they are going to be mouthy and difficult, but I think everything will be ok. He'll do great! I'll miss him, though. It will be quiet here without him.

Have a super day, stay out of the heat if you're able to. It was miserable here yesterday, I think 93 was the high, plus the humidity was over 70%, so that must have put the "real" temp near 100. That might not seem like a lot for those of you living in hot places (Texas is the first thought that comes to mind), but it's hot for this neck of the woods! Praise God for air conditioning! Whoever was the pioneer for that invention needs a medal, don't you think?



  1. Congrats to the "other" Barb! LOL So sad it wasn't this Barb. ;)

    Have a happy day, Amy

    barb h.

  2. What a cute card! I love the tree, the squirrel and all the bright colors you used!

  3. Laurie in MN11:34 AM

    This is to late to tell your son but the 7th and 8th grade girls will have crushes on him. The boys love the possitive attention from the older counselors. And he will be more tired than the campers.

    My 13 yr old DD went to Woodlake and had a blast.

  4. This card is adorable!! I hope your son has a great time!


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